Review: Pilot Coleto

One of my favorite pens recently is the Pilot Coleto multipen. It is called a multipen because it has the ability to carry more than one color of ink, or even carrying a pencil inside the same pen. There are several options for the Coleto barrel: how many “slots” it has, and the overall look of the barrel itself. Over the last few months I have accumulated a total of six Coleto barrels, although I only use at most two at a time. The two on the leftmost have three slots and the rest have four.


The two leftmost barrels in the photos are my first two. They are plain, clear barrels with flat tops and a rubberized grip section. These are readily available in National Bookstore, which is how I first got into Pilot Coletos in the first place. At some point, though, I decided I wanted more colors in my Coletos, and I wanted something more fun than just plain barrels. I got my next two Coletos (middle two) separately, the one with the black flowers (from the Mary Quant collection) from DolcesOnline and the breakfast print one (from an older collection) from DavaoArts, and as you can see they are both printed with fun things. At some point I was taking my Coletos everywhere, including formal work situations, and I thought that I needed something more formal looking. This is when I decided to get the last two, from CraftyLane. The black one is just a plain N4 barrel, while the rightmost is a Coleto Lumio, which is probably the most premium Coleto barrel type available since it is made of metal rather than plastic.


Taking a closer look at the tops of the Coletos, the caps are differently shaped depending on the model. This is where the inks are loaded, inserted into each of the slots where the springs are located. As you can see here, only the rightmost two barrels have inks in them.


Looking now at the bottom of the barrels, you can see that there is a significant difference in the barrel thickness between the 3-slot ones and the 4-slot ones (not including the Lumio). This is of course because of the added slot. Interestingly enough, only the plain clear barrels have that rubberized grip. The Lumio is special in that its grip section is quite thinner than the other 4-slot barrels, which is one of the reasons why it’s premium.


Here is a closer view of the tops of the barrels.


The plain clear barrels go for around Php120 if I’m not mistaken. The Mary Quant barrel (black flowers print) was Php220, the breakfast barrel was Php180, the N4 black barrel was Php120, and the Lumio was Php580.

I really like Pilot Coleto, even though there have been some negative feedback online about how fast the ink runs out. I am personally not bothered by it, and I really like how fine the 0.3 tip writes. There are two other tip sizes available: 0.4 and 0.5. The most common colors (black, red, blue, green, purple, orange) are readily available at National Bookstore for Php43.50, so it’s not going to be hard finding refills. I think this will remain my mainstay non-fountain pen for the near future.



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