Review: Pink Paper Box Spring Summer Fling (April)

Heads up, there’s a new subscription box in town! This is Pink Paper Box, a planner and crafting oriented monthly subscription box, and it’s very new. This month’s box titled Spring Summer Fling is only the second, but I’m already quite hooked!


How does Pink Paper Box work? Sign ups happen over at the Pink Paper Box website (Facebook) and submitted through a google form. The subscriptions cost Php500 (1 month), Php1450 (3 months) or Php2850 (6 months), and this fee already includes the shipping. Owner and main girl Marrien is very hands-on and personal, and will keep in touch with you regarding your subscription.


Want to know what’s in this intriguing April box? Read on ahead! (Warning, a LOT of images ahead!)

There is of course the curation card very much reflecting the theme. The soft pinks and florals really reflect spring and summer quite well, and I like the handwritten effect of the font used. At the back is Marrien’s message this month, which again is very personal and sincere.

ppb-april17 ppb-april18

Let’s dive in to the items! Here they are in order of my favorites.


Strangely enough, my favorite items in this month’s box are the two pens. Now, I’m very particular about the pens I use, and the very first thing I check is how fine the tip/nib is. I highly prefer fine/thin nibs, and these definitely meet that criterion! The ink looks to be gel, and both are in black. I also actually like the butterfly designs, and I’m glad to have received a green body (I love green!). Orange is recently growing on me as well, so I am not unhappy to receive the same pen in orange (again, both inks are black) and is immediately installed in my office desk.

ppb-april06 ppb-april07

A close second favorite would be this set of three small notebooks. These are small enough to fit in my Alunsina traveler’s notebook, but a little too large for my Midori passport TN. The blue covered notebook is the thickest, has blank pages, and is stitch-bound. The one with the flowered cover has grid pages while the one with the green clouds (?) has a diary or journal type of pages, and both of these two are thin (20 pages each) and are staple-bound. I love all three of them, and will soon be seeing use in my Alunsina!

ppb-april14 ppb-april15

To go along with these refills, I got this set of sticky notes set in a very stiff folded plastic (like acetate, I think). The fold will actually allow me to use this whole thing as another insert for my traveler’s notebooks! I especially like those two narrow, double-ended sticky notes; very useful stuff!


There is also this pack of handmade stickers packaged in a clear plastic zip envelope. Now, I like stickers and I like green, so this is definitely a win! I really like how three of the items are in my favorite color (which Marrien asked at the start of my subscription, if I recall correctly). This zip envelope is also small enough to fit in my traveler’s notebooks if I so wanted it, and I’m sure I can craft this in a way that it will become a very useful insert.

ppb-april03 ppb-april04

This next item is a handmade felt owl paperclip. The handmade part is obvious, but I think it’s actually what makes this quite charming! This owl is quite cute, and she even has flower pins on her head! I inserted it in my Midori, and as you can see it really adds quite the character to it. The only problem I have with this owl paperclip is that I am afraid to damage it as my traveler’s notebooks handle pretty roughly (i.e. they just tumble around in my bag), so I’ll probably end up not using it on the TNs that I bring with me daily.

ppb-april10 ppb-april11

This next one is another handmade item, this one in collaboration with a crafter named Mrs. T. It’s a planner charm! I really love how colorful it is, and the fact that it’s not very heavy. Here I’ve tested it out on the Midori again, and it’s really quite cute! However I do want to keep my TNs relatively flat (hence my flat silver charms) so I instead attached this to my Filed pencase.

The other items that round out the box are a set of three small washi tape, a personalized paper pad (it has my name on it!), a sampler set of journaling/project life cards, and a sheet of puffy stickers.

There you have it! These are the contents of the second Pink Paper Box, assembled especially for traveler’s notebooks. Other subscribers have other types of planners (i.e. ringed planners, bound planners, etc) so they probably received different items or inserts, but the overall theme will be the same.


Is Pink Paper Box for you? I’d say if you are a planner/crafting enthusiast and appreciate handmade items, then the answer would be yes. This is a very small operation by a very small amount of people, so a lot of leeway should be given. In addition, it’s very hard to put monetary value on each item since most of them are handmade. Rest assured, I think the Php500 for this month’s box is totally worth it.

Pros: very personal touch; charming handmade items; planner specific

Cons: very limited boxes available

Next month, for the first time there will be a choice of theme! The choices are Cafe Mood, Sweets & Treats and Shabby Chic (guess what I chose? haha!). I think there are only a handful of boxes left, so if you’re interested, do sign up over at Pink Paper Box!

Want to know what was in the pioneer box (March)? I’ve created a slideshow for your perusal, with a small description of each item.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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    1. I tried out the grid notebook with my fountain pens, and they have no bleedthrough but there’s considerable showthrough such that you can probably only use the front of the pages but not the back. I assume the other two notebooks would perform similarly.

  1. Wow ang cute naman. Siguro I would love to have this back in high school ganun. I wonder what other products will also embrace the subscription box style.

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