Review: Platinum Preppy

One of my first fountain pens is the Platinum Preppy. This is touted to be a good pen for fountain pen beginners, because it is rather cheap yet it works quite well. There are three nib sizes available, which are designated by numbers found on the barrel: 05 which is maybe a broad or medium, 03 which is medium to fine, and 02 which is the extra fine. It comes in an array of colors, and it comes with a cartridge with ink in a matching color as the pen. These are the three I bought at Scribe Writing Essentials. The 03 and 05 are both Php195, and the 02 costs Php275. Extra cartridges are also available.


The Preppy is made mostly of lightweight plastic. The cap is a snap-on, with a springy feature at the end to keep the nib protected. The clip is serviceable enough. I have heard some reports that the plastic can be quite easily cracked, although mine seems to have avoided that fate. The Preppy is also usually the first to be suggested when one wants to try out the eyedropper FPs, since the barrel is made entirely of plastic and does not have holes.


The nibs of the 03 and 05 are colored to match the barrel, while the 02 nibs are just left bare. For some time I could not really appreciate the Preppy when I only had the 03 and 05 at first. It felt like it was too leaky and wet for my taste; I was firmly on the fine/extra fine camp. I was ecstatic when the 02 finally became available, and it really writes such a fine line that it can work even with inferior paper. The 02 in particular is my Hobonichi mainstay, because it really works well with the paper and the ink dries fast.


At some point, I started to appreciate the fatter nibs especially when I got a few ink samplers from Everything Calligraphy. Wider nibs actually show the ink’s shading properties a lot more than the fine and extra fine ones, and that was when I started to use the 03 and 05 more. I’m very happy with how all three of them write, and the price point is really hard to beat.


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