Review: Snoe Mauve Movement

Today I want to share with you my review of my first ever Snoe (pronounced “snowy”) lippie. It’s in one of the newest shades, Mauve Movement. This is also my first non-pink lipstick. When you purchase the lipstick it comes in this cardboard box with the signature Snoe format and prints. This costs Php399 and is available in Snoe stalls and in their online shop.


My shade is X19, Mauve Movement.


One of the nice things about Snoe lipsticks is the bullet. It comes in a nice baby pink plastic tube with the Snoe logo, with gold leaf embossing on the lid. Very classy!


Pardon the blurry photo. This is the product itself, when exposed from the tube. You can already see the nice rich mauve color. How does it perform when applied?


Here is the swatch on my arm. This is just one swipe, and you can see that the color is already pretty rich and vibrant. It’s certainly buildable, and you can achieve an even deeper color with more layers.


And here is the swatch on my lips. The above photo is my lips with only a transparent lipbalm (Celeteque) and the bottom shows Mauve Movement on top of the lipbalm. It comes off as a nice bright pinkish purple on my dark lips, which I like very much. It is also very moisturizing as well, and has an acceptable lasting power (about 4 hours without eating).

Pros: Classy looking bullet; Very accessible; Affordable price; Moisturizing

Cons: Nothing really, I like this very much!

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    1. Yeah? How come? Some of their shades are pretty tame and rather common, but they do have lots of other shades that are exciting.

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