Review: Stoneriver Crystal Jewelry

One of my guilty pleasures are crystal accessories, and one of my recent discoveries is a site selling one of the most beautiful crystal jewelry I’ve seen. Stoneriver sells a wide variety of handmade crystal jewelry that are quite affordable. What amazes me is that everything is designed and created by a single (super) lady: Kim Sabala.

Here are some recent collections that she released.

Photo credit: Stoneriver
Photo credit: Stoneriver

I fully admit that I have a pretty long wishlist for Stoneriver pieces, but I am quite happy with my first purchases. Unfortunately both of them are currently sold out! Let me show you them!

stoneriver1 stoneriver2

Charmed Moonstone Crystal Point

stoneriver5 stoneriver6

I really like the color and heft of the moonstone, and that pretty little moon charm adds dimension to the whole look. I upgraded to the stainless silver chain (add Php100 to price) because my skin is sensitive to metals. This necklace costs Php495. Here I am wearing it.


Caged Smokey Quartz

stoneriver3 stoneriver4

I wanted one of the “caged” crystals and the smokey quartz appealed to me the most. Unfortunately it kinda looks like a plain rock from afar, but I don’t regret getting this at all. This necklace costs Php325, but I added some extra length to the chain to make it dangle more down my chest. I’m not sure if there’s an option to upgrade the chain to a stainless version. Here I am wearing it.


Future pieces

Kim continuously comes up with new designs, and her pieces sell out fast! I’m eyeing a lot of her old designs, hopefully it gets stocked again sometime. Particularly, I would like to get something aventurine, tiger eye, and a colored quartz.

You can order Stoneriver pieces from a lot of avenues at this point. Kim of course has her own store, but you can also find her pieces at Zalora Marketplace c/o WastelandMNL. She also has some pieces on sale in physical stores such as Greenlane Shop and Fudgerock. I myself have ordered through her own store, got an SMS instruction for depositing through Metrobank, and received the package at my shipping address.

As this is a review, here are my final thoughts on Stoneriver:

Pros: beautiful and unique crystal jewelry designs; quality materials used; smooth transaction and delivery

Cons: pieces get sold out fast

Disclaimer: I bought both of these with my own money. I am pleased with both the products and the way the transaction went, which is why I wrote this post.

12 thoughts to “Review: Stoneriver Crystal Jewelry”

    1. The other crystal points are pretty as well! Ah too bad about the rose quartz, baka hindi match with your “vibes” or something. Check out the other stones maybe! 🙂

    1. Hi Mitch! Yes they are really so nice looking! I’m not sure if they have an FB account, I can’t find it anywhere on the Stoneriver site. 🙁

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