Review: The Cream Factory Bath Cream in Goat’s Milk and Seaweed

One of the items I received in the Secret Santa Glamourbox is this bottle of The Cream Factory Bath Cream in Goat’s Milk and Seaweed.


It’s the smaller 221ml bottle, and is usually not available by itself. It comes in a variety 3-pack (Php799) and is available at the Glamourbox Boutique. It is also available in a huge 768ml bottle, and costs Php699. Here’s what the bottle looks like at the back.


And here’s the list of ingredients.


The product itself is a slightly runny milky substance. What I do is to put a swirl of it into a loofah or bath sponge and apply in circular motion all over the body. I like using this especially at the end of stressful days. The scent is wonderfully relaxing, and it is quite moisturizing as well.


I really love this! I am planning to get myself a 3-pack so I can try the other variants. The Cream Factory is cruelty-free.

Pros: luxurious and stress-relieving; wonderful scent; moisturizing; available in many supermarkets

Cons: a little expensive

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