Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout Remarquable

I swear, I have the best mother in law in the world! As a belated christmas gift, she took us girls makeup shopping. How awesome is that! One of the things I got is a matte lipstick from Revlon called Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade 250 Standout Remarquable. It comes in the popular form of twist-up crayon, and I can see why. It’s very portable and chic!

standout1 standout2 standout3

It is a very deep red and is very pigmented. One swipe is enough to get the shade you’d want on your lips. Check out how it looks on my arm.


And here it is worn on the lips. I really like how nice it looks, and it really does make my teeth appear whiter (although you can’t see that here).


This lip crayon costs Php575, and we bought it at Watsons/SM Beauty section. It surprised me that it only has 2.7 grams of product! Most lipsticks have 4 grams. Oh well..

Revlon tests on animals when required by law.

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