Saturday Shorts Vol. 3

Welcome to volume 3 of Saturday Shorts! This week we will talk soaps!

1. Zenutrients Baby Love Calendula and Milk Soap


This is my latest soap acquisition, and I was able to try it out through Sampleroom. I got a 50 g sample size for 30 points, but the full 150 g bar costs Php178. I’ve seen a Zenutrients stall at Landmark Trinoma, so I assume the full size can be bought there. This soap smells really good, almost good enough to eat. It feels great on the skin and it does leave my skin moisturized. I would definitely rebuy this, if not for my daughter’s objections. She inherited the sensitive nose from her dad and couldn’t tolerate the smell of this.

2. Droplets of Nature Beauty and Bright Anti-Ageing Serum Bar


I received this in my April Glamourbox, and this is the full 130g bar which costs Php94. I haven’t yet seen this in supermarkets and drugstores, but you can buy this from the Glamourbox Boutique. This is a serum bar, which is supposed to work on lightening the skin and keeping it moisturized. For some reason this doesn’t lather well, and it’s hard to tell if I’ve soaped all parts of my body already. I haven’t seen any difference in my skin in terms of lightening, but it does keep my skin well moisturized. The soap smells strongly of berry. Would I buy this again? I’m not yet sure, I haven’t seen any big effects on my skin and my daughter also objects to the scent of this.

3. Rose Fragrant Florals Soap


This was one of the products included in my Peachy Pink Sisters prize (upper left corner). I brought this with me on a trip abroad and used it for the entirety of those two weeks. It’s a nice little square soap, with a distinctive rose scent. It served me quite well to clean my body and kept my skin well moisturized. It lasted well enough that there was quite enough of the bar left but I forgot to pack it when I went home. I have no idea where to buy this or how much this costs.

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