Saturday Shorts Vol. 5

Welcome to the fifth volume of Saturday Shorts! This week we will talk about exfoliation.


1. Garnier Light Intensive Brightening Scrub


It’s pretty surprising to me that this product was used at all, given that my prior bad experience with Garnier Brightening Roll-On (eyes) turned me off the brand entirely. I got this Garnier Light Intensive Brightening Scrub in one of the best BDJ boxes released – the May Fun Fresh Fierce box. At the time I was actually looking for a face exfoliator, and decided to give this a chance since I received it in the box anyway. To my surprise and delight, it actually performed pretty well for me. It properly sloughed off the dead skin on my face, and didn’t leave any red marks. My sensitive skin didn’t react negatively to this treatment as well. As this is a gigantic tube and I only use it at most twice a week, it will take me some time to finish it. It’s rather reasonable at Php140 for this size tube, and is probably available in most supermarkets and drugstores. This will be a mainstay in my routine!

2. Cure Natural Aqua Gel


This is one of the items I received in the September BDJ box. As I’ve read tons of raves about this product, I naturally had high expectations. And since I’ve been using the Garnier exfoliator for a few months before that, I also have something to compare it to. My verdict: Cure Natural Aqua Gel works as advertised. It does slough off dead skin and turns it into white flakes. Over time, the amount of dead skin/white flakes that the gel creates lessens as the skin becomes renewed and rough patches are smoothed out. Again I only used this at most twice a week, and a sachet is worth about 2-3 uses. My only problem with this is the price. At Php1500 for a full 250ml bottle seems a little too steep, especially given that it’s only used very sparingly. And the fact that the Garnier exfoliator was already doing quite well for me means that I’ll probably skip on the full size of the Cure gel.

3. Glamworks Chin & Forehead Strips


While not quite an exfoliator, it claims to remove blackheads and unclogs the pores so I felt it belonged in this volume. Again I got the idea of this from The Beauty Junkee, and her review sold me on this product. For just Php99 you get ten strips, each individually wrapped and sealed in foil. You can use each strip either on the chin or the forehead (of course!). The trick is that the place you are applying the strip to should be damp so that the strip will stick to it. After about 15 minutes you can remove the strip and all the bad stuff will come off with it! I love how this feels and my chin/forehead feels so much smoother afterwards. I only use this whenever I feel extra clogged or dirty on my face and need some unwinding, so I have a lot of strips left. This is a definite rebuy, and makes me want to try Glamworks’ other strips. Awesome awesome product!

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