Saturday Shorts Vol. 6

After a long long hiatus, Saturday Shorts is back! Well actually, that means I’ve finally started to use up enough products to have concrete opinions about them. So, welcome to volume six, bath products!


1. Organix Awapuhi Ginger Repairing Conditioner


This is one that I chose among Eula’s recommendations from Organix. I thought that Awapuhi Ginger smelled the best, and the scent really appealed to me. I use this at most twice a week; I wanted to avoid making my hair too used to it. My hair always smells fresh and lovely right after I take a bath with it. It feels super soft and silky too, but that goes away after a day or two. I’m wondering if I’m using it a little too infrequently. This is available in department stores (I bought mine in Landmark), and probably also in supermarkets as well. It costed me Php499 for the 385ml bottle. This is a huge bottle btw, and I feel like I haven’t made a significant dent yet.

2. Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash


Ah Dove, a very classic household name. This body wash though is something I’ve never tried before, but through Sampleroom I was able to get a full sized sample and try it out. I’ve already finished the sample and already bought a few bottles for further use, I’m that satisfied with it. It’s a very gentle cream that I just lather all over my body using only my hands (my derma forbid the use of abrasives like loofas), and I feel very cleansed. My sensitive skin loves this stuff, and has never reacted badly yet. It has become my current mainstay, and my daughter uses it too. This 200ml bottle costs Php90 (very reasonable!), and a bigger version, 400ml, costs Php175.

3. Bare Naturals The Mane Event


Lastly we have this hair mask from one of my previous Glamourboxes. I really like how this performs on my hair; it’s almost as good as the Organix conditioner. This is what I use in between the days I use the Organix one. I like the spatula that comes with it, as well as a built-in tray to hold the spatula, although of course by that time my hands are too wet and slippery that it’s still quite hard to manage. My hair feels nice and soft and smells fantastic after use. Unfortunately my husband does not like the scent of coconut (we didn’t realize that previously! quite the discovery) so I have stopped using this. The full sized version of this (130g) costs Php380.

2 thoughts to “Saturday Shorts Vol. 6”

  1. I think I’ll get the Organix Conditioner when I drop by a department store. Been seeing many good reviews on it. I think the Bare Naturals one seems interesting. I do like SOME coconut scents but I’ll have to check that first before I try it out. I’m on a look out for good hair care stuff kasi. 🙂

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