September Traveler’s Notebooks Setup

As September is coming to a close, I thought I’d do a quick share of how my traveler’s notebooks were set up for this month. Let’s start with my Macata personal in navy blue.

This TN holds my commonplace book and my weekly planner. It also holds various accessories such as pockets and sleeves for some journaling cards, stickers, and my car repair records. There is also a last tiny notebook that records my hobby expenses and my weight.

My second TN is the Midori Blue (regular size).

This TN holds three notebooks: a project planner, a monthly calendar to track my daughter’s school activities, and my daily journal. Accessories include two full-length pouches that hold a ton of stickers. Also included are a couple of writing boards.

Lastly, my newest TN is the Midori Black (regular size).

This one holds my blog planner, my washi tape catalogue, and my work log. It’s currently pretty thin as it has no accessories (no pouches, etc.). I actually like how thin it is!

This is how my traveler’s notebooks were set up for the month of September. Not shown is my current setup for my TN wallet, which is currently undergoing some changes. I will share a setup post once it’s done. I wanted to share this now because I will probably be changing this up for October. I mentioned briefly that I wasn’t exactly satisfied with my weekly planner, so that’s going to be adjusted at the start of the new month.

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