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Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve always enjoyed sending and receiving snail mail. It was a little sad that the advent of the internet made it an outdated form of communication, but I always try to find a way to have some snail mail in my life. I have discovered some services that enable me to easily participate in snail mail activities, and I want to share them with you.


Swap-bot is a service that allows users to host and participate in swaps of different types. Perhaps the easiest types that are available are postcard swaps, where basically you swap postcards of a specific theme or write specific things on postcards with your randomly assigned partner/s generated from the participants of the swap. Other swaps that I usually join include crafting supplies, planner supplies, and letters or notecards. I’ve been swapping for just over a year, and I’ve received some amazing stuff through these swaps, such as this beautiful piece of mail art (aka decorated envelope). Do note that most of the time you will be sending to international recipients, so keep that in mind as postage fees might be steep for heavier packages. I just use the “ordinary” post at the Philippine Post Office. If you want to learn more about the site or if you’re interested in joining, check out their About page.



Postcrossing is a straight up postcard trading platform. The idea here though is that you will be the one sending first to a randomly assigned recipients and depending on how many you send, that unlocks postcards being sent to you in return. The more postcards you send, the more you are allowed to send at one time. I have just recently joined Postcrossing and I don’t have a lot of received postcards from that platform yet, but I am definitely enjoying it. There is even a local Postcrossing Facebook group for more community participation.


Letter Writers Alliance

Lastly, Letter Writers Alliance is more geared toward pen pals and letter writing. And the biggest hurdle to this is that it requires a membership (with a fee!) before you can request for a pen pal from the service, but the fee is quite reasonable and you get some neat things from it. This is the newest service I have tried, and thus far I’ve only requested for pen pals once and have yet to receive letters from them. The other interesting thing about LWA is that they have a pretty nifty members-only shop where they sell really nice snail mail supplies.

Do you know of any other snail mail services that I have not mentioned? I’d love to check them out, so kindly leave links in the comments below!


One thought to “Snail Mail Love”

  1. Wow! I luuurve Postcrossing! Yun lang , I can’t log in anymore huhu.

    I’m into crafting as of late, so I’m intrigued about swap-bot. Thanks for sharing your discoveries!

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