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I’m a compulsive journal writer. I love writing about what happened to me for that day, my thoughts and feelings about certain things, anything! This is why I have several types of journals that I try to maintain, but as you can very well imagine, I really don’t have enough time to regularly update those. In this post I want to list down the various journals I have, and what state are they currently in.

Daily Journal [pocket blank insert by Planners and Journals] – This is probably my most updated journal. In this journal I try to write about what happened to my day. Sometimes if I’m too busy or tired, I skip some days and I just try to catch up on the next available day. I also like writing with this journal because I get to use the various fountain pens and inks.


Prompted Journal [pocket blank Tomoe River paper, DIY] – This is where I journal about specific topics, usually from prompts that I find from Instagram or blogs or the Paperblanks Journal app. I don’t get to write here as often as I like, primarily because I am very choosy about the prompts I use.


Letters to My Daughter [pocket BenCab blank notebook] – As I mentioned before, this is where I write letters to my daughter with the idea that she’ll read this when she’s much older. I make sure to write only about positive things, so that she will find this to be a comforting read. I also consider this as a journal because I do write about particular events here.


Gratitude Journal [A6 BDJ Petit Planner, weekly] – This is one of the “failed” journals that I have. I got this weekly planner around December, and started writing down three things I’m grateful for at the end of the day. I got things going well for the first few weeks, but fell off the wagon hard when I encountered a tiring and difficult couple of days where I could not really come up with things I’m grateful for. I honestly got depressed about it and was not able to get the inspiration to continue even if my days did get better eventually.

Memory Keeper [standard blank insert by CN Papercrafts] – I started this around October of last year, and was really pleased by how it turned out. It was very nice to look at when completed, and I was able to get maybe three completed months before I ran into a roadblock. The biggest difficulty I found with this memory keeper is the amount of time I have to dedicate into choosing and editing the photos that go into the layouts. The other thing is that for the most part, the photos I take most frequently are the ones connected to my hobbies, so eventually the overall look of the layouts are rather single-minded. I do hope that I can still update this journal because I really like how it looks.


Creative Journal [A5 CBTL planner, weekly] – I’m really a big fan of creative journals, which is one of the reasons I did the memory keeper. However, as soon as I realized I cannot regularly work on the memory keeper, I wanted to try a non-photo-centric type of creative journaling. I decided to use the CBTL planner which was in a weekly horizontal format, with a notes page on the opposite side. I thought this is a great way to make things as I wish. Unfortunately the paper wasn’t that good, so I could not use fountain pens or brush pens, which defeated a lot of the reasons I wanted to creative journal. The space was also much too big that I ran out of ideas of what to write or stick on the pages, and since I could not do brush calligraphy a lot of the space was left sadly blank. I stopped doing this after a couple of weeks of the mostly-blank layouts.


Moving forward, I still want to have some form of creative journaling because I think that the daily journaling is not really the place for all the bells and whistles that I wanted to try. I had already purchased a pocket sized printable from Growing Up Goddess in Etsy, and I have printed it on my choice of paper which based on previous experience is pretty friendly to fountain pens and brush pens. I’ll be starting on it next week!


As for the gratitude journal, I am thinking of incorporating it somehow into my Hobonichi planner. There are still quite a lot of space left over in a lot of my daily pages, so there might be a way to put in a line or two of gratitude journaling there.

Do you do any journaling?

2 thoughts to “State of the Journals”

  1. Hey Patricia,
    I really admire the way that you are organized and how you do things. For me I have two journals, one if for general life and the other one is for some of those confidential stuffs 🙂
    Anyways I admire your style and might adopt it in future. Thanks for the share.


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