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Being a member of Facebook groups can be fun and informative, and many really give you a feeling of belonging. There are downsides too, especially in the informative area: you are constantly bombarded with pretty things that you absolutely must have! Bad for your pockets, and bad for your peace of mind!

One of theĀ things I fell for in this case from one of the TN groups are adorable charms by StudioThree14, particularly the mermaid charms. I had to get one for myself! Unfortunately when I visited the site, there were lots of other things that were just as cute and suddenly I found myself buying four! The nice thing about it though is that the items are very reasonably priced, so it didn’t feel so bad buying them. The shipping was just as nicely priced as well, and a happy bonus was that it shipped pretty fast! I got my international order in less than a week!


Here are the four charms I ordered, and they came very attractively packaged in cute cardstock with bows, which were protected in brown paper bags. The charms all came with matching lobster clasps, so I was able to immediately put the charms into use. I also got a nice handwritten note (I always love these!) and three really cute paperclips as a freebie. Carla, the owner/maker, is really nice and lovely to talk with!


Of course, the main point of this order is to get a mermaid charm and the one I chose is a pink ombre one. I thought it went well with my Licorice TN by Foxyfix.


I also got a couple of filigree cat charms, because cats! Both cat charms were copper, and I thought this cheeky cat went well with my Camel TN.


I didn’t know what to use the last two ones I got, which is a second filigree cat, and this other one which is a nice little tree bubble charm. I ended up putting them both into my Outlander Jitney Red TN.


The charms range between $5 to $10, and there’s a huge range of choices. I think you can even request for a custom designed charm. The store also offers bookmarks and jewelry using similar charms. Do visit StudioThree14 and check out the beautiful charms!


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