Sunday Leather Craft Pocket TN Wallet

Since the time I got my first SLC piece, the 2″ Chunky TN, I already had plans to commission a new one. While the workmanship of the Chunky is superb, I ran into the issue of it being too big for my purse. I wanted something slimmer and more apt to being my TN Wallet. A fellow planner commissioned a beautiful standard (or personal) size TN that had built in credit card pockets in the inside of the front and back covers, and that was almost exactly what I was looking for! I asked for a similar configuration, but in a pocket size form.

Sunday Leather Craft now has quite the wait time, but it is definitely worth it! Meet my new Pocket TN Wallet!


I requested a leather that was as close to red as they could manage, and that it should be pliable and squishy. What I got is this gorgeous textured dark brown leather that has a lighter shade of brown for the stitching. I also requested a matching pen band that can hold my pens. SLC delivered just what I wanted and more! Without prompting, they personalized the pen band for me! The pen band has two slots, a smaller one which fits a Platinum Preppy quite comfortably, and a bigger one that can hold two Preppys. The band does not connect directly to the TN itself; it just wraps around it.


I mentioned card slots earlier, and card slots I got! There are four card slots in each side, and as you can see they fit my cards quite nicely. Each slot can even have two cards in it, although it’s a rather tight fit. There are two full-length pockets behind the card slots. The leather for the pockets, I was told, would have to be of a slightly lighter and thinner leather to keep the profile thin and manageable. I got four black inside elastics, although at the moment I am only using two.


Here’s a look at the full spread of leather. It’s gorgeous, squishy, and smells divine! It’s one of those creations that I can’t keep petting, and I think the leather will patina even more as time goes by. The leather keeps scratches, which does not bother me, and will add character to the piece.


I don’t carry around the pen band most of the time. I find that I prefer using a simple elastic band to keep the TN wallet closed, and to make it easier to open on the go. They provided me with a black elastic but I preferred to use a red one.


At the moment I have 9 cards slotted in the TN itself. My inserts include a Field Notes Snowblind Edition to serve as my on-the-go notebook and my two wallet inserts (Alunsina felt card insert, holding 4 more cards; Midori Passport Refill #004, holding 2 more cards and my cash in the zip pocket).


As usual, Sunday Leather Craft has met and definitely exceeded my expectations! The Pocket TN Wallet is absolutely phenomenal, and I feel incredibly chic and unique whenever I whip it out to pay for something.

PS: I hope SLC begins naming their pieces. I feel a little strange giving it my own just so I can distinguish between the ones I have.



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