Swatch: Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipsticks

I’m very happy to finally be able to do a proper swatch post for my Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipsticks. I currently have four: Naked Peach, Bellissima, Headturner, and Queen Bee. Naked Peach and Queen Bee were ordered from Sampleroom directly, while I won Bellissima and Headturner from Maica of Pinay Beauty in a Budget (thanks again Maica!). Before I move on to the swatches, let me just show you how the box of Headturner looks like. All the boxes look like this, differing only in the shade name.

colourclippies01 colourclippies02 colourclippies03

Here are all four unboxed and side by side.

colourclippies04 colourclippies05

Naked Peach (my oldest) is a very light soft peach. Bellissima is a dark rose shade. Headturner is bright candy pink. Queen Bee is a dark red.


Here are the swatches on my arm. As you can see, Naked Peach is pretty sheer and is probably an MLBB shade on many people. Bellissima appears to lean on the peach side on my arm as well but it has more pigmentation to it. Headturner, as expected, is quite a bright pink shade, while Queen Bee is the dark red that is very pigmented. All four of them appear glossy here.

colourclippies07 colourclippies08

Here are the swatches on my lips. First let me show you my (quite dry) bare lips. No balm was applied before the swatches.


First up is Naked Peach. On the lips it applied quite patchily. I expect this might have something to do with both the sheerness of the lipstick as well as the dryness of my lips.


Next we have Bellissima, my second favorite of the four. It appears quite a juicy red on my lips and is such a fun shade of red. It is quite pigmented, and fortunately it didn’t apply quite as patchily as Naked Peach. This is a great everyday red shade.


Headturner here looks less of a loud pink than the arm swatch seemed to indicate. This is much more wearable even for the office. The patchiness is a little bit more apparent here, but I expect that a moisturized lip might solve this issue.


Finally we have Queen Bee. This is my favorite among the bunch! It is a bright red that really turns heads (like the Queen Bee it’s emulating), and it turns relatively matte too!


Here are all four lip swatches again.


There you have it! You can get these lipsticks from Sampleroom (except for Naked Peach), or from a Tupperware Brands dealer in your area. It costs Php350.

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