Swatch: Silk Naturals Mineral Eye Colors

One (well, three) of the things I received from Kira’s surprise christmas gift is this trio of Silk Naturals Mineral Eye Colors. They come in these cute screw-top tubs, and sealed when opened. The shade colors are printed on the lids.

holidayhaul06 holidayhaul07

Sonic is a white sparkly shade, which is a little sheer. Charmed is a nice metallic green that I immediately fell in love with. Thistle is a matte deep lavender which can make interesting smokey looks. Here are the swatches on my arm.


I can’t wait to try them out on my eyes!

Silk Naturals is available on their website, but unfortunately they no longer ship to the Philippines. You’ll have to use an intermediary (in the U.S.) and have it shipped here. Silk Naturals is cruelty-free.

4 thoughts to “Swatch: Silk Naturals Mineral Eye Colors”

  1. Thistle looks really pretty! But I have a Majolica Majorca Hummingbook with shades that look like Sonic and Charmed. It has an eyeshadow base that looks like Thistle and when I layer them all, super pretty! Please try a look using all 3 😀

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