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As soon as I’ve heard from Monika of Mom Gone Vain, I knew I wanted to try these out for myself. These are newly released lipsticks from Ever Bilena, the ubiquitous Filipino drugstore cosmetics brand. They don’t seem to have a proper name right now, so I’m going to follow Monika’s lead and call them Shade Lipsticks (you’ll see why later). There are a lot of shades of this, and here you see I’ve swatched about ten of them. I ended up choosing two: Red Vixen and Flaring Cranberry.


Both of these have a moisturizing center, very reminiscent of the Avon Shine Attract Lipsticks but reversed. Red Vixen has a white center while Flaring Cranberry has a dark one. I could still not tell the difference between those centers beyond the colors. Red Vixen also has the “Shade Lipstick” marking on its tube, while Flaring Cranberry only has a plain white tube. Red Vixen has 3.9 grams of product, while Flaring Cranberry has 3.7 grams. Here is the amazing part: both are Php95 each!

ebshade1 ebshade2 ebshade3

Red Vixen is a semi-matte bright red shade. Flaring Cranberry is a very dark pink, almost red, with some shimmer. It leans more on the shiny side compared to Red Vixen. Here is the swatch on my arm.


Here is Red Vixen on my lips. It’s a very red shade, and looks really matte up close. It has a tendency to settle into the lines. It also smells much like every other EB lipstick – that synthetic lipstick scent.

ebshade4 ebshade6

Here is Flaring Cranberry on my lips. It appears almost red, but it’s actually a really deep pink. The shimmers are quite apparent, especially in person. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have that traditional lipstick scent. It smells very fruity, and reminds me strongly of those “Kiss” scent beads when we were kids (90s kids in the house! fistbump!).

ebshade5 ebshade7

What do you think? Not a bad set of lipsticks! Never mind the really cheap packaging, this is really a worthwhile buy for Php95. I’m thinking of collecting the rest of the collection!

I don’t have information on Ever Bilena’s animal testing policies. You can learn more about their products here.

6 thoughts to “Swatches: Ever Bilena Shade Lipstick”

  1. Mare maganda pictures mo dito! Mas malinaw and color-accurate. Anyway, I wish FS got more adventurous with color selection. I want to try purples and oranges but it’d be better to check with inexpensive brands first before I splurge on the luxury counterparts 😛

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