Unboxing the first BDJ Box Elite

BDJ released their first Elite BDJ Box (Summer Indulgence) about a couple of months ago. I didn’t sign up for it because I couldn’t afford it at the time. Fortunately, Martha (The Beauty Junkee) hosted a contest in instagram with an Elite box for a prize, and I won it!

Even if there are already lots of unboxing posts of it, I’m still going to post mine as well as my thoughts on each item.

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead!


The box is much bigger than the regular BDJ box, but it still has the distinctive BDJ logo and design.


That premium box feeling extends when you open it. Instead of the stiff paper sleeve you get a pink cloth sleeve. And instead of the standard welcome card, you get a pack of product cards that describe each item in detail.

bdjelite18 bdjelite17

Very elegant looking cards.


This is what you see upon opening the box. Lots of interesting items going on here! Let’s go left to right.


First up we see a familiar item. This is the 100ml version of Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil (whew!). As you well know I am a huge fan of Celeteque, so I am very glad to get this. According to its card it costs Php599, but on Celeteque’s website it costs only Php369.


Next we come to a pair of Davines hair products. This is the Nounou Shampoo which is made for color-treated hair. Unfortunately I don’t have colored hair, so I might not be able to use this. Or, maybe this means I should go out and have it colored! This item is a 75ml sample, which costs Php306.30 (full size 250ml, Php1020).


And we also get the matching Nounou Conditioner, still for color-treated hair. It’s again 75ml, Php325.83 cost (full size is 250ml, Php1085).

bdjelite14 bdjelite15

For the first time, I am not displeased on getting a perfume sample. This one is Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur. Check out that bottle! It looks pretty fancy, and the scent is very pleasant as well. This is a 5ml sample, which costs Php186.67 (full size 150ml, Php5600). Its corresponding product card carries a voucher that allows one to get a free Juicy Couture goody bag with Php4000 worth of items when purchasing 100ml/150ml of any JC fragrance at Rustan’s Makati. Unfortunately it only had 1 month validity and has expired last June 1.


This next one is a sample tube of Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer. I have heard a lot of good things about Ahava, and I am looking forward to trying this out. There were some Ahava samples released by Sample Room but I wasn’t able to catch any of it, so it’s great that BDJ has one in the elite box. This is a 15ml sample, which costs Php448.95 (full size 50ml, Php1495).

bdjelite04 bdjelite05

This one is the most controversial item in the box, as I’ve read in other blogs that this expires soon. This is ISkin New York Daily Sunshield SPF25. Of course I lost no time trying this out and used this as my main sunshield for a few days. Unfortunately my sensitive skin reacted to it and made my face itchy and red. I’ll give this to my mom as she has a more robust skin. This is a full sized tube of 57g, and costs Php2900.


This one is a full sized tube of Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF50. According to its product card this can be used for both the face and body. Too bad as we’re firmly into the rainy season these days, but I will definitely keep this for my next outings. This 88ml tube costs Php509.25.

bdjelite11 bdjelite12 bdjelite13

I’m quite happy that there is one makeup item in here, and it happens to be a lipstick! I got Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in 045 Supermodel. I am so pumped up about this! I’ve been seeing posters of Olivia Wilde wearing them and I wanted to try them out. Supermodel is a deep mauve shade. This lipstick costs Php575.


Lastly we get a SureSlim voucher, which we saw before. It’s basically the same thing except this time it’s only Php1500 off.

My impressions of the BDJ Elite Box Summer Indulgence: On the overall this is a very sulit box, with a pretty varied range of brands. In particular I love getting the Revlon lipstick, the Ahava moisturizer, and the JC fragrance. It’s just that the Davines hair products are not for my hair type, which is the secondary reason why I didn’t buy this box.

Value review: For some reason the printed costs on the card for the sample sized items were mostly incorrect, if basing the sample’s cost on the full sized item’s price. The sample prices I put here are the ones I calculated, not the ones on the product cards. The total value of the items are Php5046, which is more than twice the cost of the subscription (Php1950). Unfortunately, almost half that cost is in only one item (ISkin sunblock). The ones I was really interested in costs a total of only Php1210.62, which wouldn’t have justified the subscription price.

I’m quite lucky to have own this box, and got to try these items for free. Thank you so much, Martha!

Unboxing the June BDJBox

It’s that time of the month! BDJ Box time! The month of June is the month where we explore The Science of Beauty. Yes, this is the theme of the month, and I find it quite intriguing. Let’s check out this box!

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead. [You can click on each image to make it larger.]


This month’s theme (The Science of Beauty) basically concentrates on the key ingredients that target specific problems or issues. They claim that it took hours of research to develop these products. Here are two welcome cards included in the box. One is the standard welcome card that discusses the theme, while the second one concentrates on a brand I’ve never heard before: Kinerase. We’ll discuss that further on in the post.


This is how the box looked like upon opening. As you can see it’s pretty packed with products, although you might notice that the majority of it is the black-and-pink L’Oreal products.


The first three products are the three products in L’Oreal Paris’ new line: Fall Repair 3x. This line, as the name suggests, specifically targets and addresses hair fall through the use of Arginine. I would have been totally thrilled in getting these, if I hadn’t just bought the whole line recently (check out my latest haul post). The shampoo and conditioner are the 90ml small size ones (Full size 200ml, Php110 and Php119), which costs Php49.55 and Php53.60 respectively. The Leave-In Tonic is full sized, which costs Php259.

junebdj06 junebdj05 junebdj07

The next one is a full sized tube of Physiogel Intensive Cream (50ml). It is a moisturizer that claims to have a Derma Membrane Structure Technology, something that will work towards hydrating the skin. It can be both for the face and for targeting dry areas of the body like elbows and knees. Unfortunately, this already came out in a previous box, my first one: November BDJ Box. And to be honest I haven’t actually tried it yet. Maybe this time I’ll set aside a period to test this out. This 50ml tube costs Php574.50.


Next we have two makeup items, which made me really happy! The first one is a lipstick. Woo! It’s Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick in 400 Reviving Red. It looks like a pretty red lippie, and this would be my second red one (the first is from Flormar). I have big expectations of this lippie due to Liz’s review. This costs Php299.

junebdj10 junebdj11 junebdj12

The second item is an eyeliner but it doesn’t stop there. It’s a dual-ended eyeliner from Revlon! Talk about sulit! This one is called Revlon Photoready Kajal in Blue Nile. This eyeliner is an intense eyeliner (the blue end) and brightener (the white end) in one! I love that I got a blue shade. I like bold colors and I expect that I will love this one. This costs Php525.

junebdj13 junebdj14

One of the features of this month’s box is the introduction of the brand Kinerase. It specifically introduces the plant-based antioxidant Kinetin, which aims to improve the overall health of the skin. A more in-depth discussion can be found in the included booklet (below). Note the monthly inspirational sticker. “You are stronger than you seem; more beautiful than y ou think.”


Two Kinerase product samples are included in my box. These are the Gentle Daily Cleanser (5ml) and the C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment (5ml). The first is obviously meant to cleanse the face, while the second one sounds more like a serum to be applied after cleansing and toning. I am eager to try these out. These cost approximately Php70 and Php500 respectively (Full size: Cleanser 200ml, Php2800; Peptide 50ml, Php5000).


My impressions of the June BDJBox: On the overall I am not displeased by this box. It just so happened that I just purchased the three hair products before this and I do feel that the box made it a bit redundant. On the other hand I am quite pleased to receive the two makeup items, as well as the chance to try out the new skincare brand. I’d rate this month as good, but not great.

Value review: The total value of this box is Php2330.65, which is again way more than the subscription cost. [Note: The monthly subscription cost for BDJ Box is now Php580.] The only thing I don’t like about that is Php500 of this box value is in only 5ml of product (Kinerase Peptide Treatment). However, I really do like receiving the lipstick and the eyeliner.

Unboxing the May BDJBox

After quite a few months of missing the BDJBox subscriptions, I finally am able to snag myself a quarterly. And just in time, as the May box is three kinds of awesome as you can see in a bit.

Warning: Photo-intensive post ahead.

maybdj03The theme for this month is Fun Fresh Fierce, which is a clue to that three-fold awesomeness I was talking about. You see, it’s a three-brand exclusive box featuring Ralph Lauren (fun), Garnier (fresh), and Maybelline (fierce). I felt pretty lucky getting this box since I really regret missing the L’Oreal exclusive box (march). BDJ didn’t half-ass this one by just putting in one or two products per brand. No, it felt like I actually received three boxes this month! Check out the height of this box, they had to use a thicker sleeve to allow all products to fit.

maybdj04Of course we have the usual welcome card and stickers, but in addition we also have separate cards for each of the brands. I’ll not discuss any of those cards anymore, but instead I will just show you.

maybdj06 maybdj07 maybdj05 maybdj08 maybdj09 maybdj10I would just like to mention that there are several contests that can be joined this month because each brand card has a contest and the welcome card has three. Now, let’s take a look at the contents.

maybdj11Check out how packed that is!

Let’s check out the Fun factor. This consists of four fragrances from Ralph Lauren, Big Pony Women #1-4. You already know that I’m not really a big fan of fragrances, so I’ll probably just pass this on to my mom. Each sample is 1.5ml, which costs about Php64.50, so total cost for all of these is Php258.

Full size 100ml – Php4300 (each)

Next is the Fresh factor, which is six products from Garnier. To be honest I wasn’t that excited about this either since my last experience with Garnier broke me out (Brightening eye roll-on). However since I haven’t tried other Garnier products, I’m inclined to give it another shot.

First product is the biggest one in the May BDJBox: Garnier Light Intensive Brightening Scrub. It’s a facial exfoliator which I currently don’t have any, so I’m most excited in trying this out. It’s full sized, so the product value is the full Php140.

maybdj18Next we have Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream. I’m not really into whitening as I’m quite content with my complexion. I’m probably giving this away too, or save it for a future raffle. This is the full size product, so value is the full Php75.

maybdj19Next we have the Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream. Well hello again, I’ve seen you before in my first ever BDJBox (November). I didn’t use it then, and I will not use it now either (see reason regarding whitening above). It will probably meet the same fate as the other whitening cream. This is also a full sized product, so value is the full Php229.

maybdj21We have the first non-Light line from the brand, Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-on. It’s basically for spot-treating redness and dark spots which I think can be used for either face or body. This is interesting and I am quite willing to try this out, although I have a similar product in the SoTrue Lavender Skin Repair Balm. We’ll see how it performs compared to that. This full sized roll-on has a value of Php229.

maybdj22Finally we have a couple of masks from Garnier. An Oil Clear Self-Heating Mask which as the name suggests is an anti-oil treatment, and a Lightening Peel-Off Mask which is for treating dullness and removing impurities and dead skin cells, come in sets of two. I’m excited to try the lightening mask, but not very much about the self-heating mask. The last thing I want to do in summer is to heat any part of my body even further. Each of these is Php49, for a total value of Php98 for the masks.

maybdj25The Garnier set comes up to a product value of Php771. From this I already got back the value of the subscription, and I still have the last (and dare I say the best?) set to go through.

Last but definitely not the least let’s check out the Fierce factor. It’s Maybelline! I can’t express how happy that made me. I’ve only had a few encounters with Maybelline so far (Baby Skin Pore Eraser, Great Lash Mascara, and a powder foundie waaay back) and I’m quite excited that I have tried none of the products in the box yet!

First up we have the Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One Shine-Free Foundation (To Go), whew what a mouthful. A powder foundation, with SPF! I’m quite thrilled to get this as I’m just currently using either BB creams or tinted moisturizers. I got the shade Natural. This small compact costs Php199.

maybdj23Next we have Maybelline EyeStudio LuminEyes, an eyeshadow palette that has an included illuminating primer. The one I got is Bronze, which is composed of gold and bronze shades. I like that it’s very neutral and can be used on an everyday basis for office. This is again full sized, with a value of Php599.

maybdj16 maybdj17Next is a mascara! Yay! It’s Maybelline The HyperCurl VolumExpress Waterproof Mascara. I can never say no to mascaras, and I’ve been looking for other variants as I’ve already tried the Great Lash. This one is waterproof which is just excellent since I do sweat quite easily. The only thing I’m scared off is the wand (it’s huge!). I’ve been known to stab myself in the eye with large mascara wands before, so hopefully it won’t happen with this one. It’s full sized and valued at Php250.

maybdj12Next is perhaps my favorite item in the whole box, Maybelline Color Sensational Lasting Lipstick. I am recently addicted to lipsticks and this is quite exceptional. I got the Peachy Scene shade which is my MLBB. It’s also very hydrating and so far I’m really loving this. It’s definitely competing with my Snoe lippie for the favorite spot. It’s full sized and valued at Php399.

maybdj13 maybdj15 maybdj14Finally we have Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm, in Berry Crush. To be honest I’m not really looking for more lip balms (I have a long list of balms to try!) but this is actually one of the brands I wanted to try. It may look pretty dark red, but it applies on sheer and has a really yummy scent. This costs Php89.

maybdj24There we have it, a most awesome lineup for Maybelline. The product value is a whopping Php1536 which is about three times the value of the subscription. BDJ, you have outdone yourself!

And let’s not forget that there is still some vouchers included in the box, which is for Ralph Lauren.

maybdj26And since I am a quarterly subscriber, I got a bonus item which is unfortunately my nemesis in Garnier’s lineup. Yep, it’s the Brightening Eye Roll-On. I am still grateful for receiving a bonus product, I will probably pass this on to my mom. Check it out, I got a nice handwritten note! (I love handwritten notes!)

maybdj01 maybdj02My impressions of the May BDJBox: This is like a mini-exclusive, since we get 4-6 products per brand, but on steroids since we get three brands in one box! It’s absolutely mindboggling how amazing this box is. Never mind that the fragrances and about half the Garnier products are unusable to me, but BDJ is just so generous.

Value review: The total product value in this box comes up to an amazing Php2565! Even just taking the value of the Maybelline products makes this box one of the best ones released. Just a note though, BDJ has increased the cost of the subscription from Php480 to Php580. I don’t really mind this increase, since BDJ is consistently delivering premium boxes.

BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge: Final Conclusion

I’ve finally finished the BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge. I’ve been using the following products for six consecutive nights: Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener, Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Night Emulsion, and Shiseido White Lucent Spot Correcting Serum. You can read about the first half of the challenge here.

As a recap, here are the pictures from before the challenge and the first three days:

Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Here are the pictures from Day 4 to 6:

Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

For Day 7, I used the Shiseido White Lucent Mask. According to the instructions I was just supposed to keep the mask on for 10 minutes. However, the mask felt so wonderful on my face. It was very cooling and I can feel my skin being instantly hydrated. I didn’t want the feeling to stop too soon, so I confess I kept the mask on for 30 minutes! Here’s how my face looked like right after the mask treatment:

Day 7 – Right after mask

My face is still wet from the leftover essence from the mask, but you can see that my face is quite radiant and bright. When my face dried it looked like this:

Day 7 – Dry

For a closer comparison let’s put Days 0, 3, 6, and 7 side by side:


At first glance the overall tone of my face seem to have lightened and evened out. You’ll have to take my word for it, but the skin on my face feel generally softer and supple. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the dark circles around my eyes have visibly lessened and the pimple has all but disappeared. Some of the redness on my cheeks also has lessened a bit.

One thing I didn’t like about the products are the glass containers. While they make the line look very luxurious and high-class, it makes it difficult to dispense the right amount of product (especially the night emulsion) since you can’t squeeze the bottle.

My final conclusion: The Shiseido regimen truly works! I think I can now see why these products are all very expensive. The long and short of it is that it works with brightening up the face and it actually evens out the discolorations. I especially love the White Lucent mask, as it feels so good on the skin. At about Php533 per mask it’s worth having a relaxing time at home with this mask on.

BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge: Initial Impressions

As you may have read in my unboxing of the February BDJ Box, I’ve decided to take on the BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge. How does it work? Basically I have to use the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Night Emulsion and Balancing Softener and the Shiseido White Lucent Spot Correcting Serum for a straight 6 days, and the Shiseido White Lucent Mask on the 7th day. Sounds easy enough, and by doing this I can test out the entire set of skincare products in the BDJ Box. As an added benefit, I’ll get even and clear skin!


It took me a while to discover the proper order of these products. Basically first I have to cleanse my face with my preferred cleanser. Then I put the Balancing Softener onto a cotton pad and use all over my face. After that, I squeeze a bit of the Spot Correcting Serum and again spread all over my face (supposedly it’s only for discolored parts of the face, but I decided to use it all over). Lastly, spread the Night Emulsion all over my face.

For reference, this is how my face looked like before I started the challenge:


I will be taking pictures in the exact same spot (and approximately the same time) every day to see if I’m getting some progress. I’m actually done with my 3rd challenge day, and here are the pictures.

Day 1
Day 2

At this point I thought that the lighting was pretty bad, so I took another Day 2 picture in a brighter room.

Day 2 Reprise
Day 3

Here it is again, comparing the Day 0 and Day 3 pictures:


Initial impressions: It could possibly be the lighting, but I do feel that the overall skin tone of my face has lightened a bit. I do not have a lot of blemishes to begin with, so I am just looking for a clear and healthy looking skin instead of dull and tired. Even at Day 3 it looks like the regimen is working. I can’t wait to see the progress at the end of Day 7!

Unboxing the February BDJBox

This past weekend was a great one for me, for the much awaited February BDJ  Box has arrived. Their twitter account hyped it up pretty big by saying it’s going to be a “red hot surprise” and many people (including me!) were pumped! What arrived IS in fact, a RED, HOT, surprise! Check it out:


An exclusive box! Wow! This is the first time that BDJBox released an exclusive box, and what a box! It’s packed full of Shiseido goodies, with a few nice extras. Upon opening up the box you’ll see the usual welcome card, with this month’s theme being “In Light and Love”. The focus is on making us the most radiant and blooming in the month of love, and the included Shiseido skincare products will target just that. We also have the five stickers that we come to expect, and this month they command you to “Light up!”


Inside is a glittering array of Shiseido products. I don’t know what it is about this box, but I had the impression of silver sparkles when I opened this up.


Let’s talk about each product. The first and biggest product is the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener, which I take to be a kind of toner. It is housed in a small elegant glass bottle with a twist cap. It’s 25ml, which comes to about Php400 value (the full size, 150ml, costs Php2400). It’s meant to replenish moisture in the skin and helps protect from UVA and UVB damage. I tried it out the first night, and found that it’s a little hard to dispense as I can’t really squeeze a glass bottle.


The next product is Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Night Emulsion, which looks like a moisturizer. It’s in a similar glass bottle, although it comes in a smaller size of 15ml – a value of Php650 (full size 75ml at Php3250). This product focuses on reducing wrinkles and help keep skin smooth. Again it’s a little hard to dispense due to the bottle being made of glass.


We come to the next products, which is from Shiseido’s new line White Lucent, which targets spots and promotes a luminous glowing complexion. This is the main point of the theme, Light and Love. The first product is Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum. It’s in a small narrow tube with a pointed tip, and as it’s a serum it’s meant to be applied before moisturizer. This serum targets all types of hyperpigmentation and their causes. It’s a 5ml sample worth Php942 (full size is 30ml, Php5650).


The second product of this line is Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask. Nothing too strange about this product, I don’t think this is very much different from other face masks. This one aims to bring concentrated brightening and hydrating benefits to the skin in ten minutes. It contains only one mask, which has a value of Php533 (full size is 6 sheets for Php3200).


The last Shiseido product I received is supposed to have been a lipstick according to the welcome card. Strangely enough, I instead got this pack of Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Revitalizing Face Mask. It contains 20 rounds of dehydrated mask, but it didn’t come with the fluid. Once I open this up I’ll update this post for more details. I have no idea how much this is worth, as it is not included in the welcome card. [Update: Each mask is worth Php380. You’re supposed to use the Softener with the masks, just put enough on a dehydrated mask to unravel it and apply it on your face.]


The only non-Shiseido product in this month’s box is a very welcome Nippon 5-Minute Touch-Up Kit. It includes lip brushes, lip gloss applicators, eyeliner brushes, mascara wand brushes, dual cotton tips, and wedge sponges. It’s meant to be included in your travel kit or kikay kit. This is one of my favorites in the box, as I don’t really have a complete arsenal of makeup brushes yet, and any enhancement to my collection is very welcome. This is worth Php150.


As usual gift cards are included in the box. To round out the exclusive box, we get three Shiseido bonus gift cards: 1. Free Shiseido Makeover for a minimum Php2000 purchase; 2. Free Shiseido quick Facial for a minimum Php2000 purchase; and 3. 15% Discount for purchase of at least Php5000.


My impressions of the Feb box: This is a premium box, and I’d count it as one of the best boxes released by BDJ. Shiseido is a great skincare brand, and it’s great of BDJ to feature them in their first exclusive box. I just found it a little weird that I didn’t get the lipstick, as I would definitely have preferred that over the masks. I like that they included the touch-up kit as well. I am still pleased with the quality of BDJ box, and I still don’t have any reason to stop buying.

As a bonus, BDJ has a contest to receive a full sized item from the White Lucent line. Just use the two Benefiance products and the White Lucent spot serum for six days, and the White Lucent mask on the seventh day. It needs to be well documented, and at least two blog posts written about the experience. As I mentioned, I’ve already started on Day 1. I’m already happy with my first experience, and I will continue to document my experience in the hopes of winning.

Value Review: This BDJ Box contains products that are worth approximately Php2675, not including the face masks (not written in the welcome card) and the voucher value. I paid Php480 for the subscription. I’d say, as always, that BDJ has great value overall.

Review: Flormar Longwearing Lipstick

Another item from my Dec-Jan BDJ Box that’s used almost everyday is the Flormar Longwearing Lipstick in L35. Here’s the shot from my unboxing post:


As you can see, it comes in an attractive black plastic tube, with white lettering for the brand and lipstick name. You can’t see it much from these pictures but the bottom and top part of the tube is transparent. Here are a few more shots of the tube:


The lipstick itself is a sort of bright pink, or perhaps dark rose.



It may look pretty bright on the tube, but it comes on the lips as an acceptable shade of pink. It’s very wearable, and I’ve actually taken to using it on an everyday basis.

Here’s the swatch on my arm:


And here’s the product applied on my lips.

Lips with only lip balm on
With Flormar L35 on
With Flormar L35 on

How longwearing is it? Very. It pretty much stays on the lips until I eat or drink. What I found a little strange with this lipstick is that it requires me to put on lip balm first before application. If I didn’t, the lipstick would streak and settle into the lines of my lips. Not really a pretty sight. On the other hand, I almost never go without lip balm anyway, so it’s not really a big issue.

I heard that you can find Flormar products in SM Megamall. This particular lipstick costs Php349.

Pros: reasonably priced; shade suits me

Cons: fades when eating or drinking; requires lip balm underneath

Nails: Flormar Supershine Nail Enamel

One of my most anticipated products that I received in my Dec-Jan BDJ Box is the Flormar Supershine Nail Enamel (Php99). The shade I received is 320. I was finally able to find the time to swatch it. Here’s the bottle. I like that it has a grooved shape to make it easier to unscrew.


The brush is not bad.


Shade 320 is a lovely dark rose and can be considered office appropriate.


Here’s the swatch for the first layer:


Second layer:


Finally, this is the final appearance when the top coat is added:


Pros: inexpensive; office-appropriate; non-cylindrical cap makes it easy to unscrew; scent is not overwhelming

Cons: shade might not be considered “youthful”

Unboxing the Dec-Jan BDJBox

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the December-January BDJBox is here! According to their twitter account, there has been some delay in the processing of their boxes that is not of their doing. As they have been very forthcoming with information about the delay, I don’t really mind it. It’s just been hard to keep the excitement in check! They decided to call this the Dec-Jan box, because I assume this is supposed to have been sent as the December box, but was shipped out in January.

Now on to the unboxing!


The box of course is the same as my November BDJ box. The nice surprise of this package is the included BDJ Forget-Me-Not Ideas Journal, which is a good-quality notepad with dotted lines instead of the usual solid lines. This notepad is the BDJ team’s way of apologizing for the delay of the December box, which was a pretty nice touch and much appreciated. I would definitely be able to use this for work.


Upon opening the box, the usual welcome card will greet you. This box’s theme is “Beauty for the Better”. A set of five stickers is also included, each saying “I am beautiful in my own way.” It’s a pretty nice and empowering reminder, and I am definitely putting this next to my november sticker. The box itself holds an enticing bunch of products that I can’t wait to try. As a quick aside, this box feels a little less packed than the november box.

Full size – 250ml – Php259 (erratum on welcome card)

The first product that will leap out at you is this big bottle of Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water. It’s obviously full sized. It’s supposed to be similar to a leave-on conditioner wherein you apply this after your bath, and you leave the product on afterwards. I took a quick sniff and was pleased to find a nice scent. I am definitely looking forward to giving this a shot.

Full size – Php349

The next two items had me tickled. They are both from a brand called Flormar, which the welcome card says is a Turkish brand. This first one is Flormar Longwearing Lipstick, and it’s in a nice shade of delicious pink! I’m very glad they gave me a pink shade, as I’m more likely to go around with pink lips than with red ones. One of the bloggers I follow, Yette, received a red shade.

Full size – Php99

The second product from Flormar is this Supershine Nail Enamel. A nail polish! I get a nice lipstick, and a nail polish from the same brand! It looks like an appropriate shade of pinkish-red polish that I can wear to the office too. I am already liking this box a lot. Just a side note again, Yette received a blue polish.

Full size – Php149

I got a second lip product in this box in the form of Snoe Beauty Beso Balm. I’ve always wanted to try out the Snoe brand since I seem to see a lot of raves for it. What perfect timing! It also has very humorous warning for use: “Prolonged use may attract opposite gender and cause intense flirting.” I took an experimental sniff, and immediately liked the scent – a sort of pepperminty smell. Both this and the Flormar lipstick immediately found their way into my purse.

Sample size – 150ml – Php628 each in full size

After Php750 worth of full-sized products, we now come to the sample-sized ones. The first one to catch my attention is this Etude House Moistfull Collagen Trial Kit (Emulsion and Freshner). I was quite taken with the review of the Wonder Pore line from Liz of Project Vanity, but was never able to find the opportunity to see for myself. This seems to be a great way to try out a similar product, which also helps tighten pores according to the welcome card. I know it looks like a single pack, but it has two tubes inside it.

Sample size – 5ml – Php3640 for full size 200ml

Next is a Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser. I’ve heard good things about Pevonia, which is a premium brand judging from the price of the full sized product. Unfortunately I am still in the process of trying out the Shiseido facial cleanser from the november box, so it will probably take some time before I can test out this Pevonia cleanser.

Sample size – 1.2ml – Php3398 for full size 50ml

Lastly we have a sampler of Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance. To be honest I’m not really a fan of celebrity scents; I couldn’t see the point of it. This is in addition to not being a fan of perfume to start with, so I wasn’t really very thrilled to see this included in the box. The smell coming from the sample tube isn’t that bad though, so I should probably give it a chance.

Sample size – Php548 for full size 80g

But wait! There’s more! BDJ included bonus samplers (which they also did in the november box actually, but I wasn’t able to mention it in my unboxing). In this case both samplers are from Tony Moly, another Korean beauty brand. This first one is a couple of samples of Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack. I had wanted to see what a “massage pack” is, but the writing at the back of the samplers are in Hangul.

Sample size – 3g – Php478 for full size 200ml

The second Tony Moly sampler is Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream. Unfortunately it’s another facial cleansing cream, and I already have a long line of things to try. It looks pretty interesting though, being broccoli-based. I hope to find time to try this out.


A BDJ box is incomplete without the generous inclusion of vouchers: 1. L’Oreal X-tenso Moisturist (Php2000 off) and Inoa Hair Color Services (Php1000 off) redeemable at Azta Urban Salons, expires end of Feb; 2. Browhaus Php500 cash voucher; 3. Tony Moly 10% off Skin Care Voucher, expires end of Jan; 4. Etude House 10% off Skin Care Voucher, expires end of Jan. I can see myself using either the Tony Moly or the Etude House vouchers, since I really like playing with Korean beauty products.


My impressions of the Dec-Jan box: I am happy to see that even though they are running late, BDJ is still able to deliver a kick-ass box. There are no signs of decline in quality of products and brand choice. I’m hoping that this is just a snag caused by the holiday rush, and it’s not going to turn into a habit.

I’m also pleased to feel the degree of personalization in each box, which I am supposing came from the choices I picked in the BDJ quiz. Last month only the Yuka nail polish removers had variations, while this month the Flormar lipstick and nail polish shades vary depending on your choices.

I will definitely buy the succeeding boxes. I am impressed with the team’s choices of products, making me feel that they really put care and thought into the boxes.

Review: Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Day Cream

I received a 5-ml sample of Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Day Cream (what a mouthful!) in my November BDJ Box. Here’s the product from my unboxing article:


Here’s a shot of the sample tube only:


The price of the full-sized 50-ml product is Php3100. It’s definitely a premium product (it’s Shiseido!), so I’m quite happy to be able to try out this product.

This is a day cream. I usually put this on after my Celeteque moisturizer (yes I have a separate dedicated moisturizer; can’t have too much moisturizer at my age), which effectively makes it a redundant product except for the happy fact that it has SPF15.


As you can see, I squirted out a little too much product in this shot. It looks like any day cream, and has a pleasant mild scent. I concentrate applying this product in the areas where I would most likely develop wrinkles: temples and forehead. I also put  more on my cheeks for the SPF effect.

After roughly only three weeks of use, I have to admit I don’t see any big difference with using just the moisturizer. It’s hard to tell, since I’m probably a little too young to use an anti-wrinkle product. On the other hand, maybe in the long run it does resist the development of wrinkles and I just had too short a time to see the effects.

Will I buy? Probably not yet. I plan to start seriously considering anti-aging products when I hit 40.