Gav and Sav Pouches

I’m a huge nut for any sort of containers, and that goes for anything that can hold anything else such as pen cases, desk caddies, shelving, pouches, bags, and the like. One of my favorite local TN artisans also make good quality pouches that are at the same time insanely cute. Gav and Sav knows that I love cats, so it was no wonder that I attempted to get all kinds of pouches that they have in this cat print I have in TN form. I’m very happy with my collection of three different pouches.


This first one is the biggest one, measuring around 10.25″ x  9.25″. It has a simple zip closure on the long side, and the inside fabric is just a plain baby pink one. The outside fabric, of course, is entirely made of the cat print fabric.


This pouch is quite versatile; the size allows it to hold a lot of small things such as pens and stationery items, or a large thing such as a traveler’s notebook or two. This size can hold even a standard size TN.


The second pouch I have is a smaller version of the first (7.75″ x 5.75″), with the cat print fabric outside but with a striped canvas fabric on the inside. It also has a simple zip closure, and the zipper came with this adorable pink ribbon.


I like using this pouch as quick access container for things such as coins. I’ve also once or twice use it as a holder of washi tape.


The last pouch is actually quite interesting as it is different from the other two. It is a drawstring type of pouch where you would have to pull the side straps to close it. The cat print is shown only on what I consider as the front of the pouch, where the zip pocket is located, and on the actual drawstring and piping. The size, by the way, is 9″ x 10.25″


This pouch is quite versatile, and can actually serve as a very small bag given its front and back pockets. The size is also quite generous, and can also fit a standard size TN.


The back of the pouch is a second pocket that has a single velcro closure, which is not as secure as the front zip pocket, but useful nonetheless. This is a great quick-access pocket.


I’m really quite happy that I was able to score these pouches. They match my cat print TN, and I really like having matching sets. Being made entirely of fabric, these pouches are also washable which is a bonus.

Check out Gav and Sav’s products through their Instagram.


My First Haul Post

My first haul post! I am so excited! I was finally able to get my shopping done this week, and I got the following:

Three San San nail polishes from HBC, Php37 each. Shades: Amethyst, Arctic Green, and Lavender Blush. I needed a purple polish to go with my cocktail dress that I wore to a wedding. I bought two shades of purple just to be safe. I’ll be putting up the swatches soon.


Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream from Lush, Php450; Lander Nail Polish Remover from Landmark, Php129.75; Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream from Landmark, Php164.75. As I have developed a rather serious hobby in nail painting, I decided I should be willing to invest in products that will help protect my nails. I’ve seen a lot of recommendations from other lacqueristas for Lemony Flutter, and I’m glad to have found some tubs in the Trinoma branch of Lush. I am also about to run out of my Caronia nail polish remover, so I grabbed this bottle of of Lander. I’ve also gotten raves about the Smoothy Cream, used as a moisturizer. I can’t wait to try this out.


Elf Brightening Eyeshadows, Php129.75; Fanny Serrano Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil, Php65; Artist Studio Concealer Brush, Php49.75; all from Landmark Trinoma. I wanted more neutral eyeshadow colors to play with, so I grabbed this neutral palette from the Elf counter. I also broke my Nichido eye pencil, so I decided to try out a new brand. Lastly, I’m trying to complete a set of makeup brushes, and I decided to get a concealer brush for now.


White plastic trays from Landmark Trinoma, 3 for Php49.75. I needed something to organize the small mess that is my makeup collection. These trays are cheap enough, and small enough to fit my dresser/shelf.


I can’t wait to try them all out! Hopefully I can get things properly documented so you can see some of these reviewed here.