Craft Case Update + Companion

About a month and a half ago I shared my the contents of my craft case. I want to update you on what changed.


Actually not a lot. Mostly just the pens (I switched out my blue body Coleto for the clear body, and added the Pilot Petit1 FP) and added a new set of washi samples.


The main change is in the additions to the outer pocket. I put the older washi sample card here, and replaced my single magnetic cat bookmark with two other magnetic bookmarks and two metallic paperclips. Not a lot of changes, really. But what I really wanted to show you is my newest acquisition: this companion craft case of the same pattern! I now have matching craft cases!


This bigger craft case is of the A5 size, and has a velcro closure instead of a zipper.


It’s a trifold, and has four zipped clear pockets inside. As it’s a velcro-closure case, it has some leeway to insert some things outside of the actual clear pockets.


I have decided on this very nondescript A5 notebook by Ilycraft, which is thin and has nice cream paper. I use it as an art notebook of sorts, where I practice my lettering, brush calligraphy, and watercolor. Prior to this I actually had a small coloring book (and the accompanying plain colored pencils) but this piece by Liz made me realize that I can make my own, so here we are!


The contents of the actual pockets vary, but this is a good representation of what’s usually in there. On the rightmost biggest pocket I have a handpicked selection of my Faber-Castelle watercolor pencils. In the three smaller ones I have a pack of Target page flags, three Stabilo fineliners, a small paintbrush, a Sakura Micron marker, a small craft scissors, a paperclip, a pack of sticker flakes, and a strip of leather that goes with my Macata traveler’s notebooks.


I really like the combination of this and the smaller craft case. I don’t, however, bring both of them along everywhere I go as they can be heavy and bulky. If I knew I would just be doing planning and/or journaling, I would bring only the smaller case. If I knew I would have time to practice, I would bring the bigger case. If I knew I would have a good amount of time and the space to spread my stuff (such as my office) I would bring both!

For my local readers, I found both of these in National Bookstore. For everyone, I will be giving out one of the smaller craft case through my Instagram soon, so watch out for that!

What’s in my craft case?

Lately I’ve realized that I have been lugging around such a huge and heavy bag everyday because of all my planning and crafting supplies. I even had two completely filled pencil cases, and the travel craft box! I really didn’t need to be bringing everything all the time, so I decided to downsize and consolidate my planning and crafting supplies to a single case too keep the weight down. Here is the case I chose.


I like the fact that it’s very compact and small, which forced me to really consider what I think are the essentials. It is made of some thick linen-type cloth, and has a zipper that goes all the way around so it opens like a book. I think it really goes well with my Blue. I also like the fact that it’s slightly smaller than my travelers notebook.


It measures 195x100mm when closed, and is currently around 35mm thick. (That’s about 7.75×4″, 1.25″ thick.) Let’s take a look at what I was able to fit in this case.


First there is an expandable zipped pocket on the back. I tend to not use this and only put really flat items to keep it, well, flat. I have only this magnetic cat bookmark in here at the moment. Here is the case when fully opened:


There are four elastic pen loops on the left side. At the moment I carry only three: a pink Pilot Petit3 brush pen, a 3-barrel Pilot Coleto, and a Pilot Metropolitan (ahem, Pilot fan). Only the Metro is fully inserted in the loops; the other two hang from the loops by their clips. On the right side of the case, there are four card slots. In the bottom slot I have a washi sample card full of my favorite slim washi and a portable box cutter which is again hanging on the pocket by its clip.


The other three slots have the following: a Post-It Full Adhesive sticky note in the second pocket, a set of sticky tabs and some DIY stickers in the third pocket, and more stickers and page flags in the fourth pocket.


The left side of the case actually has an expandable pocket under the pen loops. In there I was able to fit quite a bit of stickers and a set of sticky notes.


The right side also has a pocket under the four slots, and in there are… more stickers. I really love stickers. These are the slightly larger sheets that I have.

There we go! I am really pleased with my craft case at the moment, and I feel that I do have the essentials all in there. There are a lot of options for cases (check out passport cases, travel wallets, and pencil cases), but I particularly like this one because it’s small but can still pack a lot.

I’m interested to see what’s inside your craft case! Leave a link to your post/photo in the comments below!