Gav and Sav Pouches

I’m a huge nut for any sort of containers, and that goes for anything that can hold anything else such as pen cases, desk caddies, shelving, pouches, bags, and the like. One of my favorite local TN artisans also make good quality pouches that are at the same time insanely cute. Gav and Sav knows that I love cats, so it was no wonder that I attempted to get all kinds of pouches that they have in this cat print I have in TN form. I’m very happy with my collection of three different pouches.


This first one is the biggest one, measuring around 10.25″ x  9.25″. It has a simple zip closure on the long side, and the inside fabric is just a plain baby pink one. The outside fabric, of course, is entirely made of the cat print fabric.


This pouch is quite versatile; the size allows it to hold a lot of small things such as pens and stationery items, or a large thing such as a traveler’s notebook or two. This size can hold even a standard size TN.


The second pouch I have is a smaller version of the first (7.75″ x 5.75″), with the cat print fabric outside but with a striped canvas fabric on the inside. It also has a simple zip closure, and the zipper came with this adorable pink ribbon.


I like using this pouch as quick access container for things such as coins. I’ve also once or twice use it as a holder of washi tape.


The last pouch is actually quite interesting as it is different from the other two. It is a drawstring type of pouch where you would have to pull the side straps to close it. The cat print is shown only on what I consider as the front of the pouch, where the zip pocket is located, and on the actual drawstring and piping. The size, by the way, is 9″ x 10.25″


This pouch is quite versatile, and can actually serve as a very small bag given its front and back pockets. The size is also quite generous, and can also fit a standard size TN.


The back of the pouch is a second pocket that has a single velcro closure, which is not as secure as the front zip pocket, but useful nonetheless. This is a great quick-access pocket.


I’m really quite happy that I was able to score these pouches. They match my cat print TN, and I really like having matching sets. Being made entirely of fabric, these pouches are also washable which is a bonus.

Check out Gav and Sav’s products through their Instagram.


Traveler’s Notebook Features: Pockets

One of the more interesting additions to a traveler’s notebook are pockets. It gives that little extra that will help us bring our random bits such as ephemera, stickers, sticky notes, and such. I currently have only three traveler’s notebooks with pockets.


The Sunday Leather Craft chunky TN has a full length pocket at the front, with a smaller slip pocket on top of it. At the back is what is called a secretarial pocket, and allows for quick slipping in of random bits of paper.


The Gav and Sav cat print TN has a full length pocket at the front, with three smaller pockets on top of it. At the back is a small upright pocket that is as good as a secretarial pocket in the ease of slipping in papers.


The Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak has full length pockets on both sides. In addition, it has two half-length pockets on top of the full length pocket on the back of the TN. It is the only one I have that also has a front pocket as seen below, and it is a full length pocket as well.


Pockets are really quite handy and convenient, and reduces the need for a separate folder insert or two. The only disadvantage to having pockets is that they do add bulk to the TN itself. It can really make things heavy especially for leather TNs, and TNs that are of the bigger sizes (standard, A5). Pockets are also sometimes quite important especially if you intend to use a TN as a wallet as well, since you will need places to slip in your cards and money. I don’t really have preference whether or not to have pockets on my TN; it really depends on the use and the need.

Traveler’s Notebook Features


EDC TN: February 2016

There are of course still that urge to try something new, or to revisit something that one hasn’t used in a while. This results in differing EDCs, and here is what I used for most of February.

My Purse

From just a single TN last month, I’ve moved to a two-TN carry for my purse. I use my Gav and Sav Pocket TN in Cat Print as my wallet and my Zenkraft Red Zebra Micro TN as my portable notebook. To be honest, I suppose I could have used just the pocket TN and threw in a pocket notebook but I wanted to see if the micro TN is something that works for me. I paired the micro TN with a Pilot Petit fountain pen, in red of course, and it fits just right into the edge of the notebook.


My Work Bag

I had finally finished the last pages of my standard sized daily journal insert, and moved into a new insert but this time pocket sized. That allowed me to consolidate all of my currently used inserts into one pocket TN – the one I chose for this month is the Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak TN. I’m also still using the Hobonichi as my daily planner, but I decided to give the Zenkraft A6 cover a rest and got myself a Hobonichi brand cover from CraftyLane. I wasn’t sure I would like it, but so far it’s working for me. To keep the cover closed I used my Coleto pen, which I also got from CraftyLane. I will be sure to write about the Hobonichi cover and the Coleto pen in separate posts.


I also changed my craft case! I found that my biggest and fattest pen, the Lamy Al-Star Blue Green, does not fit comfortably in my old case and I really wanted to use this FP again. Luckily I was able to find a new pen case in National Bookstore that has bigger slots for pens. I stuffed everything in here and it seems to be working well for me. Again, I’ll write a separate post showing you all about this pen case.


My Office Desk

There is not really a lot of difference in the TNs I use in the office, except I switched out the blue Midori cover for the black. The black is newer, and I wanted to get a bit more use out of it.


Gav and Sav Sewdori Pocket Size in Cat Print

If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen this already. Ever since my first Gav and Sav purchase, I’ve always wanted a traveler’s notebook in the same cat print as the rest of my order. Unfortunately at that time, they had run out of the fabric and could not make me a TN. It turns out to be fortuitous, for if I had gotten the TN in this cat print at that time it would have been in the standard size. It is only towards the end of 2015 that I figured out my preferred TN size, which is pocket. When they let me know that they found some left over fabric that would be enough to make a small TN, I immediately ordered one in pocket size.


It was just as I had been hoping for, and it came with so much more! It came with a contrasting black elastics for both inside and outside. I of course could not wait and immediately set it up to become my wallet. I added this appropriate charm that goes so well with the print.


The spine looks really cute, and I love how the print looks super centered. The elastic closure comes out from two eyelets, which is something slightly different than most traveler’s notebooks. I also love how thick and substantial the elastic is. Take note of that tiny little metal cat peeking out from the bottom. That’s one of the two bookmarks that came included with the TN.


Check out the full glory of that cat print!


The biggest and most important addition to this TN are the inside pockets. That’s right! This Gav and Sav sewdori comes with a lot of pockets that is always a welcome addition to any TN. In the inside elastics are my standard wallet inserts that I have discussed previously here, but without the planner part.


Here’s a closer look of the front pockets. Since this is a pocket sized TN, there’s not really enough room for a lot of card slots. Unfortunately none of these three slots in front can fit a standard card. I was aware of this before it arrived, though, so it did not come as a surprise. I think having two slots instead of three would be better in this case, so there is still an option to put credit or rewards cards.


There’s a second, full-length pocket under the three-slot one. I like having full-length pockets like this for bigger pieces of paper or ephemera.


Here’s now the back pocket looks like. It’s an upright pocket where you can just slip things in like what I did here.


Overall I’m really quite happy with this pocket sized TN. There is a lot of room for customization, and if I didn’t mention before this TN comes with four inside elastics to easily hold four inserts. The spine is about 0.75″ which is not that thick but thick enough to hold those four inserts quite comfortably. I feel like this one will stay in rotation for quite some time.

Check out Gav and Sav’s Instagram account for their other offerings!

EDC TN: January 2016

I’m starting a new blog category called EDC, which is the acronym for “Everyday Carry”. It’s a very popular topic that discusses things like knives, wallets, pens, and things that are usually found in trouser pockets. My twist is of course, the traveler’s notebook version of EDC. Mine will be divided into the three areas where my current in-use TNs are: my purse, my work bag, and my office desk. I wanted a way to track the TNs (and accessories) that make it to my current rotation, and I intend to have an EDC post towards the end of every month.

My Purse

My purse currently only carries one TN: the PnJ TN in pocket size. It holds my usual wallet inserts, plus a thin passport size insert for random note-taking. My pen that goes with this TN is a white Parker Jotter that is engraved with my name, which was given to me for christmas by a friend. I like how light this makes my purse, and I don’t feel any strain on my shoulders even with long periods of carry.


My Work Bag

My work bag is a gigantic purple bag by Beabi (the exact model is the Birmingham). In it I carry the following: my craft case which holds various pens, stickers, and other small stationery items; my Red Macata, which holds my current pocket inserts; my Zenkraft Rustic Roadie A6, which holds my A6 Hobonichi 2016; and my Gav and Sav Clock Sewdori, which holds my daily journal. These are really heavy, which makes me glad that I have my purple Beabi Birmingham to hold it together.


My Office Desk

Lastly, these two TNs are left on my office desk as they don’t really need to travel with me everywhere. I know that it’s stretching the EDC definition by a bit, but I’d like this to be a place to share my current TNs in rotation as well. On my desk are the Blue Midori which I use for work notes, and the Gav and Sav Hearts TN in A5 which holds my work log.


Gav and Sav A5 Sewdori in Hearts

With the infinite kindness of Lara of Gav and Sav, I received this beautiful A5 Sewdori in the design Hearts as a christmas present. This is my first and only traveler’s notebook in the A5 size, and remains to be the biggest one that I have.


As I have already mentioned, my preferred size tends to be on the smaller end of the spectrum, so I was a little concerned that I would not have any use for this and would regrettably be shelved. And for a while, it had. 2016 rolled around and with it came new planners. That was when I finally figured out what I will be using this beautiful TN for.


As with my other Gav and Sav Sewdori, this one is made of fabric and stiff interfacing, and holds its shape quite well. It has a defined spine and an elastic closure. The elastic closure in this A5 TN is quite different, as it is strung vertically instead of the usual horizontal. I quite like the thick elastic used here, and additionally it can be used as a page holder when in use!


The inside fabric is a nice bright orange and is made of something more textured than the outside fabric. The blue stitching contrasts quite well with the orange. I currently have two books in this TN, the first being this Ilycraft A5 sketchbook with cream paper. I use this for practicing lettering or watercolor.


The second book appears almost too large for the A5 TN, and this is because this is a hacked planner from Fully Booked. I got this as a freebie with a huge book haul over the holidays, and it was a ringbound planner with nice thick card paper for the insides. While it works pretty well on its own, I really didn’t like the rings. I ended up de-ringing it, removing the extra advertisement pages, trimming it down to the barest minimum to fit the A5 TN, and bound it simply with white glue. Now it lives inside my Gav and Sav A5 TN and is my 2016 work planner and work log. This whole setup remains on my office desk.


There’s actually four inside elastics provided, to hold at least four inserts. The thickness of the work planner and the sketchbook is actually enough to fill the whole TN already, so there are extra elastics here that are empty. The TN also came with two built-in elastic bookmarks like my other Gav and Sav TN. There are a couple of cute little butterfly charms attached at the end of it, which I thought was a great finishing touch!

Check out other Gav and Sav items on their Instagram!

Disclaimer: This A5 TN was given to me as a gift, and I am not expected to write anything in return. All opinions are my own.

Round Up: Traveler’s Notebook Haul

Over the past month or so I’ve been on a binge buying of most of the known local makers of traveler’s notebooks. Here is a round up of all of them in the order of acquisition, as well as a short comment on what I liked about each one. Clicking on the photos will take you to the individual haul posts with more photos of each TN.

Macata TN by CNPapercrafts


The faux leather that they use for the Macata is the closest in stiffness and general feel to the Midori. Most Macatas are made naturally wide, and can hold a ton of inserts. It is a great affordable alternative and a good entry into the world of traveler’s notebooks.


Scarlet Dailydori by Planners and Journals


The only maker offering true leather, and their leather is beautiful and soft. They come with first-rate inserts as well.


Dark Brown Notedori by NotedJournalPH


Another good entry into traveler’s notebooks. The main difference with Macata is that they have a felt inside lining while Macata is more cloth-like.


Rouge Polkas Shutterdori by


If leather or faux leather is not your cup of tea, then fabric might be the way to go. Shutterdori is the more affordable option, although the notebook is built to hold less inserts. They support a livelihood program for local women.


Clock Sewdori by Gav and Sav


Another fabric TN, unique in their defined spine and the way their elastics are stringed. It is very sturdy, and comes in a variety of delightful designs. They are a special education (SPED) advocate.


Words TN by Aireescreates


The only paper TN, but it is also such a work of art! Being paper makes it incredibly lightweight yet it is tear resistant. The TNs and the rest of Airees’ products are made with the help of artisans from Mindanao.


Quest Journal by Belle De Jour


Comes in a really nice pastel pink color, and is similar to Macata and Notedori in terms of build. It is quite possibly the only one that will be readily available in big box stores such as Fully Booked.

Traveler’s Notebook Haul: Clock Sewdori by Gav and Sav

In yet another installment of this crazy series of traveler’s notebook buying, I present to you my second fabric TN. This one is made by Gav and Sav.


This is a regular sized traveler’s notebook, and is unique among those I have because of the pronounced spine. To be honest, at first I thought I wouldn’t like having a spine, but now that I’m actually using it I feel like it’s quite natural! When the notebook is completely full, it feels just like having a book!


This traveler’s notebook is constructed uniquely in several ways. The first one is of course the pronounced and sectioned spine. The second is the way the elastic closure is arranged.


Unlike most traveler’s notebooks, the Gav and Sav sewdori uses two flat elastics anchored in the front cover. There is an eyelet punched through here, where the elastics are threaded and where the key charm is attached. This way, the elastics actually go around the notebook front-to-back, instead of side-to-side (spine closures) or back-to-front (Midori style closures).


Here is a view of the inside fabric. It is a beautiful green shade. I neglected to mention that both the front and the back fabrics feel really heavy duty, and there is some stiff interfacing sandwiched between them so that the form of the notebook is intact. It is stiff, pliable, but I think not foldable or rollable (today is invent-a-word day, did you know?). Here you will see the back part of the elastic closure, where the eyelet is quite visible. There is also a view of the spine eyelets, arranged in the Midori fashion. However, since there is also two elastics here, there are automatically two elastics on which to install inserts without needing extra elastics.


Lastly, the notebook comes with two bookmarks that end in cute little charms. Going with the front charm, I chose lock and key charms for the bookmarks. They are super adorable!

Gav and Sav does not only sell traveler’s notebooks. As you can see, my order was actually a massive one! I got myself a big tote bag, two pouches, a passport holder (not a traveler’s notebook), and a pen roll, all in that same adorable cat print. #catlady in the house, yo. Unfortunately Lara (my wonderful and lovely Gav and Sav contact, and I suspect the maker of these items!) had run out of this fabric and could not make me a matching traveler’s notebook. I am first in line though once she restocks!

Overall I am very very happy with my Clock Sewdori, even if it’s not my first choice of fabric print. I love clocks and this has a nice vintage-y feel to it, and the charms are really adorable! This is a good choice of traveler’s notebook especially for vegans, since this is fabric and not leather. It feels very durable, and can take rough handling (which is my default!). This TN costs Php850 with three inserts.

Would you like to check out Gav and Sav’s traveler’s notebooks and other items? Head on over to their Instagram!