Whimsical: My daughter’s makeup palette

I would just like to share with you this whimsical palette that my daugher received from our relatives abroad. It’s an eyeshadow and lip gloss palette for kids, from the brand Expressions. It’s called Expressions Girl My First Make-up Collection. Check it out!


It has 39 (!!!) eyeshadow colors and 3 lip gloss shades. It comes in a brightly pink box, and the palette itself is plastic. It seems to be sturdy plastic though, and doesn’t seem like it will break easily (except when dropped!). It has a small window so that you can see inside the palette to each of those shades.

expressionspalette2 expressionspalette3

When you open it up, the lip glosses and eyeshadows are clearly labeled, so you won’t mistake one for the other. It also comes with its own little mirror, two eyeshadow applicators (sponge tips) and a tiny lip brush.


Check out all these delicious shades! Believe it when I say I was soooo jealous of my daughter when I saw this. I don’t have this much eyeshadow! All the shades seem shimmery, and also a little powdery. They are made with safe ingredients, and won’t make my daughter’s skin react.


Inggit ako! Maybe I need to get myself a big ass eyeshadow palette as well!