Speckled Fawns Rustic Brown Kodiak 1.5″ FN Chunky

Another one of the foreign brands I was interested in is Speckled Fawns. The construction, feel, and overall tone of the Speckled Fawns traveler’s notebooks are similar to Zenkraft, but brings its own charm. It’s the kind of thing where you would recognize a Speckled Fawns TN anywhere.

I was able to snag one during a flash sale, and thanks to the generosity of Terri (maker of Speckled Fawns) I was able to receive this in just under a month. This is a Rustic Brown Kodiak FN 1.5″ Chunky. Quite a mouthful! It’s made of really thick, rugged, and stiff leather, and smells wonderfully leathery! The construction is very sturdy as I expected, and there is generous room to allow for overhangs.


A unique feature of this Kodiak is an outer pocket, and mine came with this interesting little indentation which is the natural edge of the raw leather that this piece came from. Quite a character it gives the TN! I decided this should be the front of my TN.


It has a 1.5″ reinforced spine, and has six interior elastics. I’ve inserted six FN sized inserts and it doesn’t even come close to filling it! And you can see the big allowance given on the edge so it’s impossible to get any overhang. In fact, there looks to be enough space to put in A6 inserts!


The inside front pocket (the one behind the outside pocket is a full-length side opening pocket.


The back pocket is the Speckled Fawns standard pocket configuration, where we have a full-length side opening pocket on the back, and two half-size pockets in front where you can presumably slot in some cards.


I wanted to look at the Kodiak and the Zenkraft Rustic Roadie side by side. Here’s a good shot of the spine, which really shows just how thick the 1.5″ spine is compared to the standard thickness of the Rustic Roadie.


And here it is looking from the top. I really think it’s possible to fit A6 inserts in the Kodiak (I haven’t tried it yet). Right now I’m quite pleased by how it is holding my six FN inserts.


Speckled Fawns is on Etsy, although right now there aren’t any listed. If you’d like your own Speckled Fawns TN, do check back frequently as these things go fast!