Setup of TN Wallet (September 2016)

I’m really enjoying using my Dark Brown Macata as a TN Wallet. I’ve moved in and have been using it for the past two weeks and so far it’s been going great! Here’s how I set it up.


The wallet part of the TN wallet is mostly the same as the one in my Blue Passport Macata. I’m going straight to the planner part.


My first insert is the weekly insert by CN Papercrafts. I decorated the front with alpha stickers and a cute little sticker by @kraftrina.


Right inside the planner I stuck a sheet of decorative paper and a motivational sticker on the front page. On the back of the cover I stuck a pocket from the Tiny Stickers that I found before, with a sheet of glitter stars in it. In front of it I stuck on a sticky note with my shopping list.


The bulk of the insert is of course the weekly planner, with the days of the week on one side situated horizontally, and grid paper on the opposite side. This is basically how the Hobonichi Weeks is laid out, so it’s not a huge adjustment to move here for me. The only thing the insert was missing was a monthly view, which was easily remedied with a simple print out of a calendar that I searched online. I tipped it in at the start of the month with some washi.


The back of the weekly planner holds my favorite Post Its, and another pocket that holds a small sheet of marker stickers. This is also where I installed a penloop substitute that holds my go-to pen of the moment (Pilot Prera).


The second insert is the 100gsm cream unlined insert by CN Papercrafts, and I assigned this to be my Bullet Journal. This is actually something new for me, and I am still trying to get used to it. Prior to moving to this TN Wallet, I had incorporated some sort of bullet journaling into my Hobonichi Weeks since I did have a lot of space in the grid area opposite the weekly layout. Since I am using a much reduced size, I needed to transfer the short-hand journaling to another form, and this is how I chose to try it.


I decorated the inside of the cover again with some nice decorative paper and another motivational sticker, and below that I have a sticky note with my current bullet journal bullet code. I started on the first page right away, and I find that I mostly use it to log events that happen that are not in my standard routine.


The back of the journal is currently blank except for another pocket that holds another small sheet of stickers, this time of cute little colorful flags.


Which brings us to the end of the TN Wallet. To summarize, I have my wallet inserts and two notebooks inside this TN Wallet, and it brings me to a nice, compact, chunky package that I can chuck into my purse easily.

I filmed a flip through of my TN Wallet, and it shows a bit more of the wallet inserts here in case you want to see it in detail.


Will I be staying with this setup? I sure hope so! I really do like the pocket size a lot, and I’m quite happy to be back to this size even though I really liked Hobonichi Weeks.


Unboxing the Dark Brown Macata by CN Papercrafts

One of the first local makers of traveler’s notebooks that I’ve tried is CN Papercrafts, and their Macata still remains one of my favorite brands. It’s been interesting to watch just how much they have grown in the year since I first got my first Macata, and I am happy to announce a blog collaboration with them! Nissan, a planner-passionate like me, and her supportive boyfriend Christian, set up their own two-person company to sell their handmade traveler’s notebooks and inserts. They specialize in good quality faux leather notebooks and inserts that are affordable. Shopping is now made easy with the launch of their new online store at, do check them out!

I have the honor to try out any product in their lineup, and I chose the Dark Brown in pocket size as that is something I haven’t tried yet. The notebook came wrapped in bubble packaging, and I have to say that I really like how neat and professional this looks! They have also updated their logo and business card, and I appreciate the little touch about the watercolor.


This is what the notebook looks like, unwrapped. Dark Brown Macata has interesting striations that suggest texture, and I could feel it when running my fingers across the surface. It is quite different from the other Macata notebooks that I have, which are smooth-surfaced. This one came with matching dark brown elastics, a small strip of dark brown faux leather for the closure, gold eyelets, and charms with gold hardware. Overall, it looks quite professional and classy.


Check out this beautiful piece of material. I still can’t believe it isn’t leather! The closing elastic originates from the spine as is standard. I love that my notebook’s corners are rounded! The faux leather is quite a bit more pliable than my other Macata notebooks, and seems to hug the inserts better.


The inside is some sort of felt-like material that reminds me of the linings of bags. It feels nice to the touch! The eyelets are installed expertly and securely. This notebook comes double-stringed, which ends up giving me four inner elastics to string my inserts on. The Macata holds four inserts quite comfortably without overhang, and looks like it may have room for up to six.


My notebook came with four inserts. Each have kraft covers and branded with the CN Papercrafts logo at the back. I like this so I can remember which maker made the inserts I am currently using.


Three of my inserts are a 70gsm white unlined insert (top), a 100gsm cream unlined insert (middle), and a 100gsm white dotted insert (bottom). Each are staple-bound and have 32 pages each and have square corners.


The fourth insert is a weekly insert with 100gsm white paper, also staple-bound and has 32 pages. This is the insert I’m really excited about, as it has the same format as my Weeks! The week is on the left side and the right is a grid area for notes. This and the dotted insert are CN Papercrafts’ own design, which is why they have their name printed discreetly at the bottom right corner.


My Dark Brown Macata also came with this cute little charm with a gold wing and a cream tassel. It goes really well with my notebook and gives personality to an otherwise very serious book.


The notebook stands up by itself when fully loaded. It’s a compact package that holds quite a lot!


I’m setting up this Dark Brown Macata to be my main planner and wallet for the next few weeks to give it the full trial, and I’ll be posting about the setup. Watch this space as I #WriteBeautifully with my Macata!

All items in the Macata package were sent free of charge as part of the collaboration.


EDC TN: March 2016

There’s only one change I made from my February EDC, and that is switching out my Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak to two non-chunky TNs.


These two are the Red Macata TN by CN Papercrafts and a red PocketJot by Jot respectively. Between them they hold my 8 active pocket inserts and an A6 photo album that serves as a repository for stickers and washi samplers. The reason I changed the setup is because I figured I only needed to bring one home all the time (the PocketJot) while the other can stay in the office most of the time. In the interest of my shoulders’ health, I wanted to lighten my load as much as possible and this is what I came up with.

I’m foreseeing a larger change come the April EDC report, as I’m feeling a bit of a need of change. Stay tuned for that post!


EDC TN: January 2016

I’m starting a new blog category called EDC, which is the acronym for “Everyday Carry”. It’s a very popular topic that discusses things like knives, wallets, pens, and things that are usually found in trouser pockets. My twist is of course, the traveler’s notebook version of EDC. Mine will be divided into the three areas where my current in-use TNs are: my purse, my work bag, and my office desk. I wanted a way to track the TNs (and accessories) that make it to my current rotation, and I intend to have an EDC post towards the end of every month.

My Purse

My purse currently only carries one TN: the PnJ TN in pocket size. It holds my usual wallet inserts, plus a thin passport size insert for random note-taking. My pen that goes with this TN is a white Parker Jotter that is engraved with my name, which was given to me for christmas by a friend. I like how light this makes my purse, and I don’t feel any strain on my shoulders even with long periods of carry.


My Work Bag

My work bag is a gigantic purple bag by Beabi (the exact model is the Birmingham). In it I carry the following: my craft case which holds various pens, stickers, and other small stationery items; my Red Macata, which holds my current pocket inserts; my Zenkraft Rustic Roadie A6, which holds my A6 Hobonichi 2016; and my Gav and Sav Clock Sewdori, which holds my daily journal. These are really heavy, which makes me glad that I have my purple Beabi Birmingham to hold it together.


My Office Desk

Lastly, these two TNs are left on my office desk as they don’t really need to travel with me everywhere. I know that it’s stretching the EDC definition by a bit, but I’d like this to be a place to share my current TNs in rotation as well. On my desk are the Blue Midori which I use for work notes, and the Gav and Sav Hearts TN in A5 which holds my work log.


Red Macata TN in Pocket Size

The Macata TN is still one of my favorite faux leather TNs, and I had really wanted to get a red one in pocket size. For some time the red faux leather was not available, but over the recent holidays it had restocked and I immediately ordered one. It arrived in the usual package, but with a cute little charm that is actually a functional TN in itself!


The material is as always the type of faux leather that I like. It’s stiff and holds its shape quite well. The shade of red is really strikingly bright, which is exactly what I want. It came with a strip of leather strung on the outside elastic, which in this instance I kept. I did swap out the red elastic for a black one, for contrast and visual interest, and also that black-and-red is one of my favorite color combinations.


As with all Macata TNs, this one has been made a little wide. It comfortably fits all the pocket inserts that I am currently using.


As you can see here, there’s actually space for maybe one or two more inserts.


The inside of the faux leather is still that smooth felt-like material, which is unfortunately prone to picking up stray bits of paper. This version of Macata TN also has non-rounded corners, which is really not a big deal for me either way.


I’m really very pleased with this Red Macata, and is the one currently holding all my pocket inserts. My red TN collection is building up quite nicely!

Review: Macata TN by CNPapercrafts

The Macata Traveler’s Notebook remains one of my favorite TNs. I first got hold of it last September (haul post) and had a glowing first impression of the notebooks. How does it hold up two months later?


Pretty good, I would say. I absolutely love how the faux leather feels. It is properly stiff and holds its form quite well. Macata TNs are also naturally wide, even if you don’t get the “wide” size. I can fit quite a lot of inserts inside without overhang; 6-8 inserts is not too many.


The eyelets are set quite well, and the hole in the spine for the outside elastic is holding up nicely. My favorite is actually this Navy Blue passport size. The rounded corners, the silver eyelets, and the blue of the faux leather go well together really well. If it were only in field notes size, it would be perfect! (As it is, I am waiting for CN Papercrafts to restock their red leatherette so that I can get it in FN size.)


The faux leather seems to take a lot of beating without looking grubby, and I am pretty rough with the handling of my notebooks! As you can see here, there’s a couple of indentations on the bottom right corner. I really don’t remember where it came from, but I feel that it does not mar the overall appearance of the notebook.


I actually took the tan Macata and altered it. I really wanted a wide FN size to test out the idea of a chunky TN. I cut down the regular size TN into an FN size, punched another spine hole for the outside elastic, and (inexpertly) applied new eyelets.

permanentalter1 permanentalter2

Here is the resulting chunky TN. I love it so much, that it became my daily carry since I altered it!

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Compound planner charms

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Do check out CN Papercrafts and check out their inventory and options!

Round Up: Traveler’s Notebook Haul

Over the past month or so I’ve been on a binge buying of most of the known local makers of traveler’s notebooks. Here is a round up of all of them in the order of acquisition, as well as a short comment on what I liked about each one. Clicking on the photos will take you to the individual haul posts with more photos of each TN.

Macata TN by CNPapercrafts


The faux leather that they use for the Macata is the closest in stiffness and general feel to the Midori. Most Macatas are made naturally wide, and can hold a ton of inserts. It is a great affordable alternative and a good entry into the world of traveler’s notebooks.


Scarlet Dailydori by Planners and Journals


The only maker offering true leather, and their leather is beautiful and soft. They come with first-rate inserts as well.


Dark Brown Notedori by NotedJournalPH


Another good entry into traveler’s notebooks. The main difference with Macata is that they have a felt inside lining while Macata is more cloth-like.


Rouge Polkas Shutterdori by


If leather or faux leather is not your cup of tea, then fabric might be the way to go. Shutterdori is the more affordable option, although the notebook is built to hold less inserts. They support a livelihood program for local women.


Clock Sewdori by Gav and Sav


Another fabric TN, unique in their defined spine and the way their elastics are stringed. It is very sturdy, and comes in a variety of delightful designs. They are a special education (SPED) advocate.


Words TN by Aireescreates


The only paper TN, but it is also such a work of art! Being paper makes it incredibly lightweight yet it is tear resistant. The TNs and the rest of Airees’ products are made with the help of artisans from Mindanao.


Quest Journal by Belle De Jour


Comes in a really nice pastel pink color, and is similar to Macata and Notedori in terms of build. It is quite possibly the only one that will be readily available in big box stores such as Fully Booked.

Planner-Wallet Setup

A lot of people are asking about how I set up my planner-wallet, and I would usually just direct them to my previous post about using the Midori passport as my wallet. I have to admit though that I am no longer using the Midori passport for that, as I have moved into my Macata TN (by CN Papercrafts) passport. This TN is a lot wider than the Midori one, which means I can stuff a lot more things in it.


This is what I lug around with me everywhere these days. She is super chunky, but I like the fact that I have everything I need in there. The setup is very similar to the old one, but with one crucial addition. Let me show you what I have in here.


The first insert is of course the Midori Refill 004, the zip pocket with some card slots, and this is the first half of what is inserted in the first elastic of the Macata TN. The zip pocket holds my cash, and I have a couple of cards in the card slots.


The second insert is the felt card holder from Alunsina, which I turned around so that I would still have the four card slots that are facing each other. The Alunsina felt card holder is the second half of what is inserted in the first elastic of the Macata. In here I have my credit cards (the ones covered with washi samplers) and my most used membership cards.


The Alunsina felt card holder is wrapped around what is the newest and most crucial addition to my planner-wallet: the Blank and Write 10-slot card holder. It is a Field Notes sized plastic holder that can hold, well, 10 cards (or more if you stuff it). This is very crucial since it really allows my planner-wallet to hold all the possible cards I will need on the go. I have in here my health cards, gym card, driver’s licence, and the rest of my often-used membership cards. As you can see, it’s taller than the actual size of the passport (Field Notes size is 0.5 inches taller than passport size) so there is some warping evident at the top of the card holder. The card holder is also narrow, which is actually great since it allows me to attach a penholder and actually securely hold my favorite Coleto.

Where did I get this awesome card holder? I bought it from Justin of Blank and Write, and shipped it all the way from Singapore! Get your own here: Blank and Write.


The back of the Alunsina felt card holder is the other two slots, which hold the last of my membership cards. You can also see the planner half of the planner-wallet, which is inserted in the second elastic of the Macata TN.


That yellow thing is of course my kraft folder from the Planners and Journals May Planner Kit, and this front part holds my doctor’s prescriptions, a portable magnifier, and several paperclips. The meat of the planner comes next, which is an unlined passport size insert that I personally made. For kicks I attached a hilarious photo of my daughter when she was just a baby on the cover.


The first thing you’ll see in the planner insert is a hand-drawn monthly layout for October. Here I only put my events and deadlines.


For my weekly layouts I basically just divide each page into four and each day is assigned to each quadrant. This is my task manager, where I list down the tasks I need to accomplish per day. As you can see, some days are pretty full while it is evident when I am not too busy.


Here is what a blank week looks like. I actually needed to rearrange the placement of the days, such that Monday to Thursday are all on the top row while Friday to Sunday and the notes box are at the bottom. I think it makes much more sense this way compared to the previous photo. The space for each day is really small, to be honest, and does not give a lot of room for any decoration.


The last two page spreads in my planner insert holds a bunch of sticky notes. At the very last page I tipped in my wishlist so I can bring it everywhere my wallet goes, which I think really helps me avoid unnecessary and unplanned purchases.

plannerwalletblue12 plannerwalletblue13

Lastly we have the back half of the PnJ kraft folder, which holds a plastic flexible ruler (with some page flags on it), some miscellaneous paper and coupons, and a few more paperclips.


When the planner-wallet is closed, it measures about 4 cm (~1.5 inches) in thickness. It can probably fit one more folder or notebook without causing any overhang. I’m really pleased with this setup right now, especially since having an unlined insert means I can also use the pages themselves to take notes with (as seen in my previous post about taking notes during a makeup workshop). The only things I am missing here are my planner decorations and my daily coffee tracker. I will probably still play around with the weekly layout to find my perfect setup, and might even dabble again into a page-per-day layout. I also feel that the passport size is not quite the correct size, given that both the Alunsina and the Blank and Write card holders are both Field Notes sized. I might switch into a field notes sized TN eventually.


I hope you enjoyed my current planner-wallet setup. Do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!


September Traveler’s Notebooks Setup

As September is coming to a close, I thought I’d do a quick share of how my traveler’s notebooks were set up for this month. Let’s start with my Macata personal in navy blue.

This TN holds my commonplace book and my weekly planner. It also holds various accessories such as pockets and sleeves for some journaling cards, stickers, and my car repair records. There is also a last tiny notebook that records my hobby expenses and my weight.

My second TN is the Midori Blue (regular size).

This TN holds three notebooks: a project planner, a monthly calendar to track my daughter’s school activities, and my daily journal. Accessories include two full-length pouches that hold a ton of stickers. Also included are a couple of writing boards.

Lastly, my newest TN is the Midori Black (regular size).

This one holds my blog planner, my washi tape catalogue, and my work log. It’s currently pretty thin as it has no accessories (no pouches, etc.). I actually like how thin it is!

This is how my traveler’s notebooks were set up for the month of September. Not shown is my current setup for my TN wallet, which is currently undergoing some changes. I will share a setup post once it’s done. I wanted to share this now because I will probably be changing this up for October. I mentioned briefly that I wasn’t exactly satisfied with my weekly planner, so that’s going to be adjusted at the start of the new month.

Haul: Macata Traveler’s Notebooks from CN Papercrafts

If you follow me on Instagram, you might already have seen these. A few weeks ago I took up an offer for a swap from one of the owners of CN Papercrafts. She wanted a set of pens and calligraphy supplies in return for a couple of their traveler’s notebooks, which they call Macata. The swap extended into more pens for even more Macata TNs, and now here we are! Meet my four new Macata traveler’s notebooks.


I got four TN covers in total: a Tan and a Bone in regular size, a Navy Blue in personal size, and a Navy Blue in passport size.


Read on for more photos of my TN haul!

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