Review: Pet Warehouse

I’ve mentioned my pets before, but basically I have two dogs, four cats, and a newly-rescued kitten as of present writing (as if I’m expecting more, haha!). You can imagine the sort of supplies I need on a regular basis to keep all of them warm, fed, and healthy. My go-to pet supply store had been Pet Express, that is, until Pet Warehouse.

The idea of Pet Warehouse is amazingly simple and brilliant: it is basically an online pet supply store. That delivers! A delivery service for pet supplies! I no longer need to make special trips to the mall just to get my week’s supply of dog and cat food and cat litter. The convenience of this cannot be understated.


I have made three orders from Pet Warehouse, all of them made through their website which is very convenient and helpful. They also accept Paypal! I have heard that most of their customers order through their Facebook page, and I am actually one of the outliers. One of their biggest strengths is their wonderful customer service. I have been kept updated constantly about the status of my orders, and there is a lovely personal touch to their communications.

Pet Warehouse is gaining popularity. While my most recent order took a day more, it is not something to be taken against them. They are a very young company and are still growing their staff, so the processing time for orders is now at 2-3 days, which is quite acceptable.


Do you have pets? I urge you to check them out! Their inventory and list of partner brands are growing, and there’s a pretty good chance that they are or will be carrying the brand or item you are looking for.

Pet Warehouse Website Facebook

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way nor asked by Pet Warehouse to write this post. I am just a very happy customer that wants to see their business succeed.

Can I Show You My Babies?

Let me be a proud mom for a moment and show off my beautiful babies to you. In order of “acquisition”:

Daughter T

bna pets8

The only human baby in the bunch! Who is honestly not really a baby anymore, and is turning into quite the young lady. I need not tell you how I “acquired” her, haha! Love this girl!


bna pets7

The first family pet. She has just turned 3. We got her specifically to be my daughter’s companion. She is supposedly a shih tzu-dachsund mix. We did see the shih tzu mom, but we couldn’t verify the dachsund part. She’s a hunter though, so maybe there’s truth in it! We bought her from a seller through what was once Sulit. We didn’t know about shelters back then!


bna pets2

My first rescue. The story is super long, but suffice to say for now that we saw her on the streets in our village wandering alone and decided to take her in before she gets run over. She came with an infected eye, which eventually had to be removed before it threatens her overall health. She is the one that taught me to love cats. She’s now approximately six months old, and is doing quite well for a one-eyed cat.


bna pets3

Second rescue, a mere two months after we took Katkat in. Found in the vicinity of the main street of the village, alone and with a discernible limp. We took him in for the same reason: rescue him before he gets run over. The limp is now gone. He’s definitely too cute, and he knows it! If he likes you he will try to dede on your earlobe. He’s approximately 4 months old.


bna pets1

A beautiful labrador mix that was promised to us since her conception by an aunt. She is the big dog I’ve been wanting to get (before I rescued the cats). Her arrival over the christmas holidays made things pretty crowded at home, but still manageable. She’s now a bit over 3 months old.

Shadow, Trike, and Snow

bna pets4
bna pets6
bna pets5


The latest rescues, found more or less together in the same general area where we found Lucky. No mother in sight, so I decided to take them in even if we’re already pretty crowded. They are tinier than Lucky was when we rescued him, which meant they were not yet weaned when we found them. There is really no discernible difference between the before and after photos, since we rescued them only a couple of weeks ago! They are now on the way to getting integrated with the rest of the family, and is slowly learning to eat solids.

Phew! I now have seven pets (and a daughter), which makes life pretty interesting these days. Follow me on Instagram to see more of these babies!

Meet my new baby, Katkat

Here’s a bit of a personal background: I never had a pet growing up. I have vague memories of a big fluffy white dog around the backyard of my parents’ house, but I also remember that it ran away. My next “pet” was a (slightly deranged) shihtzu given to me by a “friend”, but it basically became my mom’s because I was busy studying and didn’t really spend any time with the dog. However, I’ve always believed I am a dog person. Once we decided that my daughter is ready for a pet, my husband and I bought (!) and adopted a puppy off the old sulit site. I know, I know, I should’ve just gotten a rescue, but I didn’t know better back then.

catdog1 catdog2

This is Zelda, supposedly a dachsund-shihtzu hybrid. She’s been with my family for about 2.5 years now and is well integrated and well loved. I’ve been dreaming of getting more dogs, preferably the bigger breeds like labs because I love big dogs.

About three weeks ago, a stray kitten wandered into my in-laws’ house (in the same neighborhood) and decided to stay. It would have been a good arrangement, except my sister-in-law has a puppy that thinks that the kitten is a toy. The puppy would bite and maul the poor kitty like it would one of its toys. They were about the same size, so at least the kitten wasn’t too hurt. It was not going to end well though, if the kitty were to stay there, as the puppy would never take it as anything other than something to play with.

Soooooo yeah. That’s how we ended up taking the kitten and basically adopting it. We couldn’t bear the thought of just abandoning it somewhere and letting it..well, die, essentially. The difficult part is that basically none of us know how to take care of a kitten, so the internet will be my best friend for a while. I’m the primary caretaker of it, so I see it as my new baby. After several attempts of naming it, we settled on the quite unimaginative name Katkat.

Katkat on her first night with us

As you can see, one of her eyes is unusually large. We took it to our usual vet, and learned that Katkat has several health issues. The eye is basically infected, so she is now on an antibiotic course for a week. She also has worm issues so she got a shot for that. She is also underweight, probably because she’s been a stray for a while. The positive thing is that the vet estimated her age at around 2.5 months, so she’s no longer that delicate and is definitely weaned. She’s now also on a multivitamin course, and I am instructed to increase her diet to get her weight back on track. So far so good, although it’s a daily battle whenever I have to administer her antibiotic and multivitamin.

This is my best current photo of Katkat. Most of my other photos just feature a streak of black and white.

I thought I’m a dog person, I really did! But I can’t take my mind off my kitty, oftentimes daydreaming about her and her funny antics. And I even dreamt that I stumbled upon another stray, and consequently adopting that too! The vet was not any help either, saying that this is how it all starts, and related her own story of adopting strays that now amounted to a total of 16 cats! Frankly I’m still in denial that I actually have a cat. What I don’t deny is that I’ve fallen in love with her! <3