Review: Pilot Petit3 Brush Pen

One of my not-so-recent pen purchases included this cute little brush pen called Pilot Petit3. Yes, it is the sister pen to my previously featured Pilot Petit1 Fountain Pen (here) and in fact was bought at the same time as it. I chose a nice bright shade called Baby Pink.


It’s really on the short side, and is meant to be super portable. It measures a mere 11cm (~4.25″). Here it looks cradled in my hand.


The cap posts securely, and lends stability to the pen which is required for something this short. I find that it’s harder to use unposted.


The brush tip is short and a bit stiff. I like it because it works well with my heavy hand, and I don’t have any issues with making the thin upstrokes and the thick downstrokes of brush calligraphy.


The cartridge is of course pretty short as well. Pilot sells refills of this kind that can be used by both Petit1 and Petit3 (and presumably whatever Petit2 is; I think it’s either a ballpoint or a rollerball). Here I’ve used about half of the cartridge so far.


Here’s a sample of my brush calligraphy using this brush pen. You can see more of my work at my IG (here).


Actually, another thing that I use this brush pen for is as a highlighter of sorts. Here in one of the planner layouts I shared recently (here), I used the Pilot Petit3 to color in the bullet points on the right side of the spread for the tasks that I have already completed. I also used it to color in the stars to reflect how many cups of coffee I have drunk for each day. This is yet another reason why I like toting this pen along. Not only do I have a super portable brush pen for those impromptu calligraphy practice, but I also have a cute little highlighter to go with my planner!

Do you have this brush pen? What do you think of it?

I brought this pen at a consignment of CreateCraftsPH. It (and refills!) is also available at their online store here.