February 2016 in Hobonichi

Let’s take a look at how my February was in my Hobonichi A6.


As always I put reminders for the month on the “Coming Up” section, and I also keep up with my quote commentary. I did try out a new coffee tracker stamp, but I think I like it less than the one I used for January. I ended up using the January coffee stamp for March.


I wanted to highlight this page because of two things. One is the demonstration of the powers of Tomoe River paper in the obvious sheen in the ink I used for my quote commentary. It really makes me appreciate writing with fountain pens and makes me seriously consider doing more journaling in this type of paper. The second one is the topic of the quote, which is cats. I burst into laughter the first time I saw this quote. I can always talk about cats, and I can wax passionate about the rescuing of said cats and only the limited space kept me from filling the whole page (and the next!) from simply droning on about cats.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I had fallen sick twice in February. These few pages do reflect that, as I barely even looked at my planner in the days I was sick. It was only afterwards that I wrote in that “SUPER SICK” comments just to remind me in the future of what happened in these pretty much blank pages.


I have also started using some washi tape in my Hobonichi. There really is no purpose other than decorative, and I had initially been resistant to using washi tape because of the inevitable thickening effect to the Hobonichi. It really looks great though, so I will be continuing to insert some washi strips here and there especially on blank-looking spreads.


Lastly, I wanted to show you my monthly spread, which is located in the front part of the Hobonichi. The highlight here is the presence of the blue dots, which indicates the days I was successful in not buying washi tape, pens, stickers, and stamps. I have put these items in my “ban list” because I have too much of those, and I am determined to first use up my supply before I add to it. I was relatively successful for February except for a day when I bought new Coleto barrels from one of my favorite online merchants, Crafty Lane.

This might be my last Hobonichi update for some time. I really don’t foresee myself doing anything differently in the near future, so I would probably do a quarterly update instead of a monthly update after this one.

December 2015 in Hobonichi

I had been really excited for December 16, for that marked the first available planning date in the 2016 Hobonichi. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was intending the Hobonichi to be my main planner for 2016, and it was such a great bonus that I could start using it for the last two weeks of December. Here’s a peek at my December pages.


The layout of the last two weeks of December is two-days-on-a-page. I like the fact that they decided to divide it vertically, which works very well with the way I do my planning (task-centered). My color coding is in full force, as well as my coffee intake tracking and restaurants visited. To a certain extent, I thought that this format was really well suited for me, and I wished that the rest of the planner was laid out this way.


There were several places where I didn’t really have a lot to write, especially since I went into a long vacation off work around this time. I used the extra space at the bottom for random things, such as book lists or crafting goals and other miscellaneous information. Washi tape comes in handy here for instant partitioning.


My daughter is a budding artist, and she made this drawing of one of our cats and allowed me to fussy cut it and stick it in my planner. There are also some random page flags that are used, but I couldn’t bear to throw them out after using them. Maybe I’ll reuse them at some point in the future. Even though I was on vacation, we had a lot of social appointments and I didn’t have a lot of time to try adding some decorations. I had been planning to decorate for Christmas day, but as you can see I only have my page flag reminding me to decorate!


This bit where I was trying out some new decotape runners I got for cheap irks me a bit. The quality reflected the price, which is why this looks really messy. I am just consoling myself that these are marks of use and I should not be ashamed.

All in all I really enjoyed using the Hobonichi for the last two weeks of December. I am now well into the day-per-page format and I can say that so far it seems to be working, and I don’t feel daunted having twice the amount of writing space. I can foresee myself going through with Hobonichi planning for the whole year, but also this early I can say that maybe the Avec would have been better.

Planner Picks for 2016

Mid-November is a good time to decide which planner I am using for 2016, and I think most people are also making their own picks. I want to share mine to give my readers some ideas for their own choices.

For daily planning: Hobonichi A6

Image credits: Hobonichi official store www.1101.com
Image credits: Hobonichi official store www.1101.com

As seen by my back to basics planning challenge, I am doing quite well with the day-per-page format of planning. This convinces me that investing in a Hobonichi A6 is not a bad idea, and it will definitely not go to waste as this kind of planning works for me. A Hobonichi A6 planner goes for about Php1.8k at Scribe Writing Essentials. Definitely not an easy decision, but I really wanted to try out the system and the fabled paper quality and I have made enough research to justify the expense.

For blog planning: Traveler’s notebook – my own layout, or a monthly layout with notes pages


My current layout with my blog planner seems to work well for me. I have enough space to plan until January 2016 in my current insert. I might just continue with the same format which is not a bad idea since I have a lot of unlined inserts stocked. Or I could go with a monthly planner that has some weekly pages in between, or better yet, one that has notes pages in between months. I think there are quite a bit of options for this, and some might even be free!

For daily gratitude journaling: BDJ Petit Planner


I really liked how the Petit Planner is very similar to how the Hobonichi looks. The weekly layout gives just enough space for a daily gratitude list, which is something I wanted to try doing and 2016 seemed like a good place to start.

Runners up: CBTL Giving Journal, Filed Scribble or Doodle Planner, Midori Pouch Planner, Leuchtturm Planner

These planners are all on my wishlist for some time, and each of them have their own strengths. I will probably not get any of them (well, maybe one or two? haha) since to be honest the day-per-page system of the Hobonichi should be enough for my daily needs.

Which planner/s are you using for 2016?