Planners and Journals October Planner Kit (Insertless)

It’s been a while since I subscribed to a monthly planner kit, and the reason for that is more of my having too much stuff than I can use. I had stopped subscribing for nearly a year. What made me interested again was Planners and Journals releasing their “insertless” kits! Don’t mistake me though; PnJ makes really awesome inserts, but as of yet they do not make pocket size inserts for their kits. Insertless kits are the next best thing, and at Php100 less than the usual kit price it seemed pretty reasonable. Knowing PnJ’s quality, I did not hesitate to sign up for three months.



The first month that had the insertless option was October, and October’s theme is Tea Party. Score! I love tea themes, and the overall color scheme of this kit is just awesome. I immediately filmed an unboxing in my Instagram Stories (follow me!) even though the lighting wasn’t that great. I finally got the chance to take photos for a closer look at the items in the kit. Without further ado, here are everything I got in the October Tea Party Planner Kit!


For some reason, I focused on a big-to-small sequence. The first things that caught my eye are the papers included. PnJ, if you recall from my previous kit shares, always includes two or three sheets of cardstock that they designed for the kit. This month’s papers are stunning! I am loving the pastel blue and green color scheme with accents of rose pink and blueberry purple. Delicious!


I’m also very happy when I saw three sheets of matching planner stickers. These are lovely designs, and I can’t wait to stick them into my planner (and journals, actually!). What I really like about these stickers are the size profile – it fits perfectly in my Hobonichi Weeks as if it’s made for that!


Next in the kit comes two sets of beautifully designed note paper, measuring 9×11.5cm. There are ten sheets for each of the two designs, and the paper feels pretty good as per PnJ’s standards. The only problem I am facing with these is that it’s too cute to use! I must fight the tendency to hoard!


The kit also gave a set of six journaling cards in the same theme, and boy are they triggering my hoarding tendencies too!


Next we have a gigantic cupcake made of thick acrylic (below right), and at first I had no clue what this thing was supposed to be. It was too big and heavy to mount on a paperclip. I figured it’s probably meant to be a sort of drink coaster. I also received a cute little handmade paperclip with a gold-and-pink bow, which is always a nice touch. Perhaps my only issue with the bow clip is that it feels a little out of theme.


Lastly we have a set of cute little ephemera in the same theme. There’s a good variety of designs, but again there’s the idea that it’s too cute to use! My favorite here are the stacked cups, super cute!


I am very happy to have subscribed with PnJ again. I feel that Php550 per month is a very reasonable price for what I am getting, even without inserts. Check out Planners and Journals’ Instagram account for more info if you want your own kits!


Traveler’s Notebook Features: Inside Elastic

Welcome to Traveler’s Notebook Features. Here I intend to show the basic options that traveler’s notebooks come in. For this installment, let’s take a look at the inside elastic.


There are several ways that the inside elastics are configured for different traveler’s notebooks. The earliest ones are similar to the one pictured above. This is the Midori-style inside elastic, where there is technically only one elastic to hold notebooks. The elastic is threaded through two holes on the top and bottom, and the holes are arranged in a vertical manner. The TN above is from Planners and Journals.


Another configuration is having those two holes arranged in a horizontal manner, such as the one pictured above. This allows for that same elastic to be threaded in such a way that there are now “two” elastics that can be used to hold notebooks. One of the caveats of this configuration is that the material should not be too soft. The arrangement of the elastic will cause humps to form on the spine near the holes if the material is not sturdy enough. The TN pictured above is from CN Papercrafts.


The two-elastic configuration can be further extended into a four-elastic one, using the same hole configuration. One can either take a very long elastic and string it twice through the holes, or take two elastics of the same length and thread them the same manner through the holes. The end result is four elastics that can be used to hold notebooks. The TN pictured above is by Jot.


The creation of more holes in the spine allows for even more varied inside elastic configurations, and end up with a greater number of elastics to hold notebooks. The caveat here of course is that the more holes you put in the spine, the stiffer the spine needs to be to hold all that tension. The TN pictured above by Speckled Fawns has a reinforced spine to be able to accommodate six elastics.

It really depends on how you are using your traveler’s notebook, to determine how many inside elastics you will need. Fortunately there are a lot of resources online to find examples of the specific TNs you are eyeing to see how they would look with the notebooks installed, so that you have a better idea of how it is going to look in use. Check out TN-specific Facebook groups for such photos!

Traveler’s Notebook Features



EDC TN: January 2016

I’m starting a new blog category called EDC, which is the acronym for “Everyday Carry”. It’s a very popular topic that discusses things like knives, wallets, pens, and things that are usually found in trouser pockets. My twist is of course, the traveler’s notebook version of EDC. Mine will be divided into the three areas where my current in-use TNs are: my purse, my work bag, and my office desk. I wanted a way to track the TNs (and accessories) that make it to my current rotation, and I intend to have an EDC post towards the end of every month.

My Purse

My purse currently only carries one TN: the PnJ TN in pocket size. It holds my usual wallet inserts, plus a thin passport size insert for random note-taking. My pen that goes with this TN is a white Parker Jotter that is engraved with my name, which was given to me for christmas by a friend. I like how light this makes my purse, and I don’t feel any strain on my shoulders even with long periods of carry.


My Work Bag

My work bag is a gigantic purple bag by Beabi (the exact model is the Birmingham). In it I carry the following: my craft case which holds various pens, stickers, and other small stationery items; my Red Macata, which holds my current pocket inserts; my Zenkraft Rustic Roadie A6, which holds my A6 Hobonichi 2016; and my Gav and Sav Clock Sewdori, which holds my daily journal. These are really heavy, which makes me glad that I have my purple Beabi Birmingham to hold it together.


My Office Desk

Lastly, these two TNs are left on my office desk as they don’t really need to travel with me everywhere. I know that it’s stretching the EDC definition by a bit, but I’d like this to be a place to share my current TNs in rotation as well. On my desk are the Blue Midori which I use for work notes, and the Gav and Sav Hearts TN in A5 which holds my work log.


Planners and Journals Pocket Sized Traveler’s Notebook

The latest addition to my collection is a new traveler’s notebook by Planners and Journals. They have recently started offering new sizes beyond their standard and passport sizes, and of course I had to try their field notes size (which, incidentally, I will be calling “pocket size” from now on, due to possible copyright issues).

I had won a free trial month subscription to their planner box at the Planner Party I attended last October. When Summer of PnJ learned I was moving away from the standard size, she offered to send me a pocket sized TN instead of the December planner box if I so wished, which of course I did. The TN had arrived over the weekend, and here she is.


The most striking thing about this TN is how similar it outwardly looks to a brown Midori. The way that the leather looks and feels, and the way that the inner elastics are stringed are quite Midori-like. The difference is in the lack of the metal clasp for the inner elastics, the lack of slits on the spine, and the enclosing elastic originating from the spine instead of the back.


The leather is surprisingly thick, and I think this is a new type of leather that Planners and Journals started using. I am a huge fan of this leather! It smells fantastic and feels squishy.


The cover when spread out looks like this. As you can see there are a lot of striations and microfolds in the leather, which I think is a natural feature. The elastic used is nice and thick.


The inside of the leather has this really rough, felt-like feel to it. It sheds, which might bother some people. I like it though, and it doesn’t bother me at all.


The TN came with a couple of pocket notebooks, which I’m excited about since I know how good the paper that PnJ uses. Both are blank, and covered with thick kraft paper.


I immediately moved into it, and it will be my wallet for the near future. I feel that it fits the function quite well and it feels and looks very classy. I put my favorite wallet charm on the spine elastic.


My wallet inserts remain the same: a Midori Refill 004, the zip pocket holding my cash, and the card holders for, well, my cards; an Alunsina felt card holder, again for more cards; and a Blank and Write card holder for even more cards. As you can see, there’s enough width to hold more inserts without overhang.

Take note of the thickness of the leather. It’s about 2-3mm which I quite like, yet it remains squishy but not floppy. My type of leather, most definely!

As I got this as a prize, I have no idea how much this would cost, and PnJ does not yet have pricing. Do watch their Instagram feed for updates!

Planners and Journals November Planner Kit

The end of every month is always an exciting time, for it is the time when the Planners and Journals Planner Kits arrive! I signed up for the November kit, which has a flamingo theme. Pink-and-green, oh yes!


The Planner Kit arrived in its usual glassine bag, which is inside its usual kraft box. Here are all the contents! Doesn’t it look amazing?


The usuals of the Planner Kit (cardstock, journal cards, and inserts) look really scrumptious. I’m not really a huge fan of flamingos to be honest, but florals, pink, and green are themes that I generally like. In addition to this, Planners and Journals has included a Simbalion Watercolor set! I’ve heard some very nice feedback about Simbalion watercolors, and was pretty excited to try it out. There’s also a set of cute postcard-sized art designed by @lagartixashop that you can color in with the watercolors.


Another thing that excited me was this hand-carved flamingo stamp. It is made by @craftavenueph, and looks really nice and sturdy.


We also get another set of glossy stickers designed by @theworldoffraffee in matching theme. My favorites are the hex stickers!


Finally we have this really cute button paperclip with a flamingo head. It is made by @iprints, and the paperclip is really nice and sturdy!


There we have it! I really love November’s kit, and I’m so far enjoying the watercolor experience!

Round Up: Traveler’s Notebook Haul

Over the past month or so I’ve been on a binge buying of most of the known local makers of traveler’s notebooks. Here is a round up of all of them in the order of acquisition, as well as a short comment on what I liked about each one. Clicking on the photos will take you to the individual haul posts with more photos of each TN.

Macata TN by CNPapercrafts


The faux leather that they use for the Macata is the closest in stiffness and general feel to the Midori. Most Macatas are made naturally wide, and can hold a ton of inserts. It is a great affordable alternative and a good entry into the world of traveler’s notebooks.


Scarlet Dailydori by Planners and Journals


The only maker offering true leather, and their leather is beautiful and soft. They come with first-rate inserts as well.


Dark Brown Notedori by NotedJournalPH


Another good entry into traveler’s notebooks. The main difference with Macata is that they have a felt inside lining while Macata is more cloth-like.


Rouge Polkas Shutterdori by


If leather or faux leather is not your cup of tea, then fabric might be the way to go. Shutterdori is the more affordable option, although the notebook is built to hold less inserts. They support a livelihood program for local women.


Clock Sewdori by Gav and Sav


Another fabric TN, unique in their defined spine and the way their elastics are stringed. It is very sturdy, and comes in a variety of delightful designs. They are a special education (SPED) advocate.


Words TN by Aireescreates


The only paper TN, but it is also such a work of art! Being paper makes it incredibly lightweight yet it is tear resistant. The TNs and the rest of Airees’ products are made with the help of artisans from Mindanao.


Quest Journal by Belle De Jour


Comes in a really nice pastel pink color, and is similar to Macata and Notedori in terms of build. It is quite possibly the only one that will be readily available in big box stores such as Fully Booked.

Traveler’s Notebook Haul: Planners and Journals Scarlet Dailydori

I have always wanted to try one of Planners and Journals’ traveler’s notebooks, but I haven’t gotten around to getting one. That is, until they released the Scarlet version, I knew I had to get it! Red is one of my favorite colors, and the PnJ Scarlet is such a rich and luscious red!


The one I bought is the regular size, which is equivalent to that of Midori regular size. Each order of a PnJ Dailydori comes with your choice of two inserts from their line, and this set costs Php950 for most variants. This is real leather and therefore comes with that distinctive leather scent. I had this shipped with my October Planner Kit, and I could smell the leather before even opening the box!


It is also not a thick kind of leather. It’s very soft and flowy, and hugs the inserts right off the bat. It’s not at all similar to Midori’s leather.


The inside of the cover is rough and uneven. I think this is how it really looks cut out of the hide. It does not bother me, and in fact I think it adds a unique character to my notebook.


The inserts that I chose are a standard graph, and a weekly graph layout. As per my usual experience with their inserts, the paper is of very good quality and can take most media.

pnjscarlet2 pnjscarlet3

My current setup for the PnJ Scarlet Dailydori is just two books. The one on the left is my blog planner, and the one on the right is my work log. This results in a thin and very neat profile.


I will definitely post a more in-depth review once I have put this through a lot of use. So far I’m very pleased, and as always the leather scent is just wonderful!

Planner-Wallet Setup

A lot of people are asking about how I set up my planner-wallet, and I would usually just direct them to my previous post about using the Midori passport as my wallet. I have to admit though that I am no longer using the Midori passport for that, as I have moved into my Macata TN (by CN Papercrafts) passport. This TN is a lot wider than the Midori one, which means I can stuff a lot more things in it.


This is what I lug around with me everywhere these days. She is super chunky, but I like the fact that I have everything I need in there. The setup is very similar to the old one, but with one crucial addition. Let me show you what I have in here.


The first insert is of course the Midori Refill 004, the zip pocket with some card slots, and this is the first half of what is inserted in the first elastic of the Macata TN. The zip pocket holds my cash, and I have a couple of cards in the card slots.


The second insert is the felt card holder from Alunsina, which I turned around so that I would still have the four card slots that are facing each other. The Alunsina felt card holder is the second half of what is inserted in the first elastic of the Macata. In here I have my credit cards (the ones covered with washi samplers) and my most used membership cards.


The Alunsina felt card holder is wrapped around what is the newest and most crucial addition to my planner-wallet: the Blank and Write 10-slot card holder. It is a Field Notes sized plastic holder that can hold, well, 10 cards (or more if you stuff it). This is very crucial since it really allows my planner-wallet to hold all the possible cards I will need on the go. I have in here my health cards, gym card, driver’s licence, and the rest of my often-used membership cards. As you can see, it’s taller than the actual size of the passport (Field Notes size is 0.5 inches taller than passport size) so there is some warping evident at the top of the card holder. The card holder is also narrow, which is actually great since it allows me to attach a penholder and actually securely hold my favorite Coleto.

Where did I get this awesome card holder? I bought it from Justin of Blank and Write, and shipped it all the way from Singapore! Get your own here: Blank and Write.


The back of the Alunsina felt card holder is the other two slots, which hold the last of my membership cards. You can also see the planner half of the planner-wallet, which is inserted in the second elastic of the Macata TN.


That yellow thing is of course my kraft folder from the Planners and Journals May Planner Kit, and this front part holds my doctor’s prescriptions, a portable magnifier, and several paperclips. The meat of the planner comes next, which is an unlined passport size insert that I personally made. For kicks I attached a hilarious photo of my daughter when she was just a baby on the cover.


The first thing you’ll see in the planner insert is a hand-drawn monthly layout for October. Here I only put my events and deadlines.


For my weekly layouts I basically just divide each page into four and each day is assigned to each quadrant. This is my task manager, where I list down the tasks I need to accomplish per day. As you can see, some days are pretty full while it is evident when I am not too busy.


Here is what a blank week looks like. I actually needed to rearrange the placement of the days, such that Monday to Thursday are all on the top row while Friday to Sunday and the notes box are at the bottom. I think it makes much more sense this way compared to the previous photo. The space for each day is really small, to be honest, and does not give a lot of room for any decoration.


The last two page spreads in my planner insert holds a bunch of sticky notes. At the very last page I tipped in my wishlist so I can bring it everywhere my wallet goes, which I think really helps me avoid unnecessary and unplanned purchases.

plannerwalletblue12 plannerwalletblue13

Lastly we have the back half of the PnJ kraft folder, which holds a plastic flexible ruler (with some page flags on it), some miscellaneous paper and coupons, and a few more paperclips.


When the planner-wallet is closed, it measures about 4 cm (~1.5 inches) in thickness. It can probably fit one more folder or notebook without causing any overhang. I’m really pleased with this setup right now, especially since having an unlined insert means I can also use the pages themselves to take notes with (as seen in my previous post about taking notes during a makeup workshop). The only things I am missing here are my planner decorations and my daily coffee tracker. I will probably still play around with the weekly layout to find my perfect setup, and might even dabble again into a page-per-day layout. I also feel that the passport size is not quite the correct size, given that both the Alunsina and the Blank and Write card holders are both Field Notes sized. I might switch into a field notes sized TN eventually.


I hope you enjoyed my current planner-wallet setup. Do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!


Planners and Journals July Planner Kit

It’s that time of the month! I received my PnJ July Planner Kit just in the nick of time, on the last day of June. It gave me just enough time to set up my planner for July. These are the contents of the July Planner Kit.


July’s theme is Japanese, which I absolutely love. I’m a huge fan of anything Japanese. This month’s kit came in the usual kraft box, and the kit contents are neatly wrapped in this wax paper bag sealed with a washi tape. I like that the PnJ kits are starting to be similarly packaged as the popular international planner kits that I’ve been seeing around the internet.


Inside that big wax bag are these. Some of the contents are wrapped in smaller wax bags, which are a nice touch.


Here are the contents, in no particular order. First we have a duo of products from the instagram shop @dolcesonline: a Pilot Juice 0.5 pen in Baby Pink and an MT slim washi tape. It’s my first experience with a Juice pen, and I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedback about this pen so I’m very happy to get to try one. I’m also a huge fan of MT brand washi tape, and also of slim washi in general, so this MT slim washi tape just hits the spot!


Next we have a super cute planner charm from @genndesigns. It’s a tiny wooden kokeshi doll decorated with a few beads. I love kokeshi dolls and this was immediately attached to my Midori Blue.


Next we have a handmade bookmark from @bookmarks.planners, who is a paper recycling advocate. This ningyogami (Japanese paper dolls) bookmark is absolutely stunning, and made with different paper products.


I just also wanted to show the back of the bookmark. The detail work is just awesome, as you can see that her hair goes all the way down her back, and still shows the back of her kimono. I’m a little afraid to use this because it’s just so beautiful!


The next ones are a couple of cardstocks designed by the PnJ team. I always appreciate the cardstocks as I can always use them for all sorts of things such as pencil boards and bookmarks. This month we have origami designs on pale backgrounds.


There is of course the insert. This month I got the regular sized insert for my Midori Blue (as opposed to the previous months’ passport sized inserts). The cover is a beautiful blue wave design with a cute kokeshi doll in the corner. That writing on the side is actually my name written in katakana, such a great touch!


What was interesting about this month’s insert is that it’s printed! It has an undated day-on-two-pages layout, which is similar to my June insert layout. I love the overall Japanese aesthetics, and the boxes all seem to be things I can use and there are still enough space to add my own decorations.


It also included a flyleaf filled with kokeshi themed transparent stickers! Stickers are of course always welcome, and I really love the theme here!


Lastly we have the contents of the second small wax bag, which is from Planners and Journals themselves. It has a couple of nicely designed pockets that can be used for various purposes such as project life or even for planners. One is a pink floral square pocket with a string closure mechanism and the other is a blue and white wave pattern pocket. Pictured with these are a pack of cute printed origami sheets that can be used for many things as well, and a Fullmark Japanese gluey tape (!!!).  I love this glue tape to bits! I have a few backups of this already, and am quite happy to add one more to my stash!


There we have it! I can see myself using all of the items in this box, and in fact I have already settled myself in the July insert. I’ll show you my July setup in a separate post. Here again are all the contents of the July kit.


I paid a total of Php830 for my box, which is broken down as follows: Php700 (standard TN size, trial subscription) + Php80 shipping fee + Php50 Paypal fee. I really feel that this box is super worth it with all the cute contents, and the theme is absolutely lovely. You can check out more about Planners and Journals and their products at their Facebook page.

Planner Tour: Midori in May

Let me bring you on a tour around my Midori passport setup this May.


Let’s start with the cover. This right here is a planner bag that I ordered from Pink Paper Box, and it’s customized to my specifications. I asked for a bag for a passport-sized planner with a 1-inch thickness, and I got to choose the fabric. I’m very happy with this planner bag in general as it’s very sturdily built and holds my very-full Midori very well. My silver charms that are actually on the elastic that normally goes around the Midori are peaking out at the bottom.


As you can see, it doesn’t lay flat anymore when opened up. It only has three notebooks in it! I have a Muji multipen in those pen loops that I sewed myself, as the planner bag didn’t come with any. The second loop is loose enough for a fountain pen.


At the very front of the Midori is an A7 clear card file that I made into an insert (I’ll show you what’s on the other side of it in a bit). Inside this card file is a cute anime bookmark that I got from Landmark. I have a bunch of different designs so I can swap it out anytime, but I especially like this one because she reminds me so much of myself and how I used to dress a few years ago.


Right behind my mascot is the first book, which is a Planners and Journals insert from the May Planner Kit. This notebook serves as my brain dump and catch all.


Behind my brain dump notebook is a Midori Refill 004, which is a zip pocket on one side and a card holder on the other. This is the zip pocket side and it holds an ID card and some money, which is basically an attempt of incorporating my wallet into my Midori. I’m not quite sure yet if I’ll continue with this idea. You can see the yellow file folder insert, again from the Planners and Journals May Planner Kit, behind this zip pocket. The front is undecorated as of this writing, as I’m not yet sure what I want to put on it.


The front part of the yellow file folder holds some medical papers that I need with me all of the time. The other side is the front of the second book, which is a Midori Refill 003 (unlined) and serves as my week-on-two-pages planner. The front cover holds some sticky notes.


I just wanted to show you quickly what’s inside the inside of the front cover. It’s Pichu! I “commissioned” this from my daughter. I basically cut out a small piece of paper that I know will fit the cover, and asked her to draw me a Pichu.


Here we have the back cover of the planner book, and the back pocket of the yellow file folder, both of which hold even more stick notes. Inside the actual pocket is my portable ruler with translucent sticky flags (bought from Daiso).


Finally here we have the other side of the Midori Refill 004 which is the card holder. It holds my health card and a spare sim card sealed in with washi tape. There are some miscellaneous paper in the pocket behind the card holders. The opposite page is the front of yet another clear card case insert that I made. This is B7 sized, but I had to trim a bit on the top and side so it would fit so instead of a side-opening slip it now is some sort of secretarial pocket. I have in here a Midori passport pencil board.


We have now arrived at the third and final book in my Midori, which is the second insert from the Planners and Journals May Planner Kit. This is my #listersgottalist book, which I’m pretty sure will be enough for both May and June challenges.


At the back of the third book is the included bookmark/charm of the planner bag itself. I chose this teacup design, which I thought is apt for a coffeeholic like me. The opposite side is the other half of the B7 card case, which holds my May goals list.


Behind that is my period tracker, and the other half of the A7 card case (which held the anime bookmark). Inside this A7 card case is a couple of cute cardstock that I cut down to the correct size, and in between that is a couple of band aids (because I always seem to have issues with my cuticles recently).


In the inside of the back cover of the planner bag is a pack of Muji multipen refills, because I’m almost out of one of them and I want to make sure I have extras with me. There is also a brief glimpse of the Midori bookmark, which is that thin piece of cord. And there we have it! The very very full setup of my Midori this May.