Beauty Recently: Biore and SkinWhite

Even though my blog has turned to paper, I did not completely swear off makeup and skincare. Especially now that the weather has turned a bit colder, I’ve started wearing more makeup again and felt more confident that it will not melt off five minutes after I put it on. Admittedly, I have not been using any skincare either beyond sunscreen and sunblock during the summer months (que horror!) but I’ve now started picking up where I left off. Here’s what excites me recently:


My go-to sunscreen in the colder months is Biore UV Aqua Rich Whitening Essence, SPF50+. I like the texture of this sunscreen, very smooth and silky and more importantly very light on the skin. It does not feel like I have something thick or heavy when I have this on, and I think it does not easily melt or sweat off. I could not comment on the whitening effects of this because I don’t really take note of that.


Biore is now available in the Philippines, distributed by Vibelle Corporation (also handles Jergens and Caronia). Biore products can be bought from Watsons, Landmark, and certain supermarkets! I’m very excited because I’ve seen Liz’s review of the Aqua Rich Watery Essence, which is something I’m keen on trying.

Biore Philippines on the net: Twitter Facebook Instagram


My go-to skin lotion is SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Lotion. It’s a nice moisturizing lotion for the body, and is quite nice smelling. It’s a little heavy for the summer months, but perfect for recent cooler times. It’s very easy to spread and feels great on the skin.

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SkinWhite on the net: Twitter Facebook Website

I’ll be featuring my recent beauty favorites in this section maybe every couple of weeks or so.

Disclaimer: Both of these products are samples sent by the companies. I am not required to write about them, and all opinions are my own.

What I Packed: Skincare (Caribbean 2015)

A continuation of the What I Packed series in my latest trip, this time for skincare. This is basically what I brought.


I packed some of these in the same Ellana makeup bag that I used as there were still some space, and the rest in a generic mesh zip pouch. What I have are, going from left to right top row first, then bottom:

Bifesta Eye and Lip Makeup Remover – big bottle, but very little product left. I figure it should not be a big deal to bring since it’s practically empty.

Olay Moisturizer – again a big bottle. For some reason I couldn’t find my travel sized Celeteque Hydration moisturizer so I brought this instead.

Marks & Spencer Body Powder – a big bottle yet again! I had a travel sized bottle of Johnson’s baby powder, but it was almost empty and I am a huge body powder user that I’m sure it would run out on me. I brought this one instead.

Jergens Ultra Healing Body Lotion – This is the smallest bottle I can find in my stash, which wasn’t so bad all things considered.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunblock – I didn’t have any other sunblock available, so this went in my bag.

Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer – is actually not much a moisturizer, but a facial sunblock. Again, no other option available, so into the bag it went.

Nivea Extra Whitening Deodorant – is the only deodorant I will use, so a fresh one went into my bag.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner – finally something travel sized! A no brainer toner that is an automatic bring.

Bifesta Agecare Cleansing Lotion – also in travel sized! I filled this up from my current big bottle, and is a great partner to the eye and lip makeup remover.

Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat – all of the Vitress bottles I have are small enough for travel, but this is the tiniest! Love this thing!

Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash – apparently this is the only surviving one from my Celeteque travel kit as I couldn’t find its toner and moisturizer partners.

Pure n’ Fresh Cologne in Tropical Fresh – I’m not such a huge perfume person so I didn’t really care what fragrance I brought as long as it was small, and smelled decent.

There we go! Thanks for reading! Next and last in this series will be my craft carry.

Rave: SkinWhite Face Cream Powder

About two weeks ago I attended the press event of SkinWhite’s #BetterMe Campaign as well as Batch 2 of their Captivate Council. I intend to write more in detail about these two, but today I wanted to discuss one of the items I received in the press kit.

This item is the SkinWhite Face Cream Powder, a little unassuming tube that looks like some pimple cream. Upon closer inspection it was actually what they claim to be an innovative moisturizer-turning-into-face-powder product that is unique in the market today. I was immediately intrigued, and put it to the test immediately.

skinwhitefacecream1 skinwhitefacecream2

The back says:

The first and only one in the market, SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Face Cream Powder uses a unique technology that amazingly transforms from a moisturizing cream into a light, matte powder when applied onto skin.

It uses an exclusive Advanced Tripower Technology that safely attacks the three stages of melanin production:

  1. Blocks UV rays from entering the innermost layer of the skin.
  2. Suppresses melanin production.
  3. Prevents release of melanin to the uppermost layer of the skin, preventing skin darkening.

It also has Vitanourish Formula that contains Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, and E, SPF12, for intense moisturization and protection from harmful UV rays.

This product uses Synchronized Whitening action through multiple actives to ensure you achieve your beautiful blush white skin.

Quite a lot of claims really, but I was most attracted by the idea that it’s a moisturizer and face powder in one. Lazy girl thinking at its best, there. I wasn’t too concerned about the whitening part, but I was hoping that this is really a good moisturizer/face base for everyday use.

It comes in a 20-gram tube, with the pink-and-white theme that SkinWhite uses. It ends in a spout, thankfully, which really controls the amount dispensed. It’s a very thick cream, but very spreadable. It took very little time for my skin to adjust to the product, with only a tiny amount of tingling at the beginning. Now it doesn’t react anymore. It spreads easily on the face and feels actually quite nice. I use it mostly as a moisturizer/base, and put on the rest of my makeup on top of it. It shortens my routine by a whole step since it combines the moisturizer and the face base. Sometimes I don’t even put on foundation or BB cream anymore as this suffices on most lazy days.

This 20-gram tube costs only a mere Php69! There is also a 7-gram version that goes for only Php19. The Face Cream Powder comes in four shades: White, Light Beige (my sample), Rose White, and Natural Beige. I’m highly impressed with this product, and I definitely will rebuy this once I run out (which is soon, at the rate I’m using it!).

You can know more about SkinWhite at their website, facebook, twitter, and instagram; just follow the links!

Review: H2O+ Night Oasis Oxygenating Rejuvenator

One of the recent releases by Sampleroom is a line of skincare samples from H2O+, a brand that focuses on marine materials as main ingredients in their line. This particular product, the Night Oasis Oxygenating Rejuvenator, is a night cream-gel dedicated to recharge dull skin and smoothens the appearance of fine lines. I was already sold on the idea of an overnight repair cream, as I really enjoyed my experience with the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I was expecting this to be a similar product, so I immediately got myself this sample. I posted about this previously in a haul.


The sample comes in a nice little blue tube with the H2O+ branding, with a gray cap. It seems a little heftier than usual sample tubes, so kudos to H2O+ for that! At the back you’ll see directions and other information about the company, but no ingredient list.


The product itself comes in a nice half-gel half-cream state. Not at all runny, but is translucent like a gel.


I’d need about five of this size blob to apply all over my face. It feels really nice when applied on, cool and refreshing. My face feels really moisturized by morning. On the first night that I applied it on, my face felt tight but cold. On the succeeding nights my skin has adjusted and did not have any bad reactions even after about a week of use. More importantly, I didn’t break out! I couldn’t yet comment on the fine lines aspect but I can see myself using this regularly during my night routine.


My 8ml sample costs 140 points at Sampleroom, and the full 50ml tube costs Php2660. This translates to the sample being at around Php425. H2O+ is cruelty-free.

Pros: feels great on application (cool and refreshing); available in most department stores; a little goes a long way; cruelty-free

Cons: a little expensive; full sized-product comes in a tub

Visit H2O+ at their social media accounts:

H2O+ Philippines
Instagram: @h2oplusph
Twitter: @h2oplusph