Sunday Leather Craft Custom Hobonichi Weeks Cover

While I was quite content with my SLC TN Wallet, there was still the fact that I carried my planner (Hobonichi Weeks) separately. I still felt that my setup could be improved, and it was either I changed my planner into a pocket sized insert or get a cover for the Hobonichi Weeks that could also function as wallet. Hobonichi Weeks was working quite well for me for a few months now, and I was unwilling to change it while it was still working. That left finding the right cover that could work with my Weeks. Unfortunately none of the existing Weeks covers were made to also be a wallet, or I didn’t feel like they would work for me. There was only one solution I could see: commission one!

Sunday Leather Craft was of course my favored leather artisan, and I felt that they could make me the perfect Hobonichi Weeks cover that I desired. I sent them a rough design, and emphasized that it was to be the cover for my Weeks, and waited for them to perform their magic. And my custom Hobonichi Weeks cover is born!


It is made of this luscious dark brown leather that looks almost black, and stitched with a lighter brown thread for contrast. The closing elastic is black. This is such a wonderfully professional looking package that went beyond my expectations!

And yes, one of my cats immediately made his/her mark on it. As I mentioned several times, I don’t actually mind this and I feel that those marks makes this piece really mine.


The cover is pretty big, much bigger than I expected. I was afraid I would immediately hate it because of that, as I do prefer smaller packages! The whole thing is just one awesome cover that I can’t help but fall in love with it!

Let’s take a look inside!


Card pockets galore!

One of the first requirements I had was that it needed to hold all the cards that I bring everyday. On the front flap there are four vertically-oriented card pockets and one ID pocket with a window. All the inside parts are made of a smooth brown leather that matches the interior of the dark brown cover.


Right underneath the card pockets is a secretarial pocket where I keep my bills. This can also be used to hold boarding passes when traveling. Under that is a full-length pocket that is quite roomy, and I currently use this to hold my miscellaneous papers (medicine prescriptions, the odd receipt, bandaids, promo cards and discount vouchers).


More card pockets!

Over on the back flap I have another seven card slots, now oriented horizontally, bringing my total to 11 card slots plus one ID pocket in my custom Hobonichi Weeks cover. By the by, each of these pockets is loose enough to hold two cards each. Under this row of card slots there is a full-length pocket which I slide in my Weeks. It fits perfectly!


And here’s the most amazing part: under that is a gusseted full-length pocket that can hold anything from a small book or my cellphone or even the actual Weeks! I don’t use this pocket most of the time, especially when I’m perusing the planner on a desk, but when out and about this is a great secure place to carry my phone. I don’t actually need to bring my purse on short errands with this around!


Here is the whole of the cover laid flat. Beautiful piece! I am in love!

This cover cannot be considered a traveler’s notebook, because the inner elastics are not present. I suppose I could have specified that feature to be added, but I specifically wanted this to be for my Weeks. Without the Weeks, this works quite well as a travel wallet. Perhaps the only thing I forgot to request is a penloop, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me. You could also point out that this does not have any way to store coins, but again it’s not really a deal-breaker since I don’t like carrying coins around anyway. In an emergency, the gusseted pocket can temporarily hold the coins. This is my most expensive SLC piece to date, and rightly so!

Kudos again to Sunday Leather Craft for a wonderful masterpiece!


Updated TN Wallet Setup

I’ve moved a lot from the last wallet setup, so I figured I’d do an update. My last TN wallets were the Midori Passport and a Macata TN. I am currently in the Sunday Leather Craft TN Wallet as I’ve mentioned and previewed here.


As I mentioned in the previous SLC TN Wallet post, I have nine cards in the eight card slots of the TN Wallet. Five of them are in the front. There is enough room to fit two cards per pocket, and the cards actually give a nice structure to the TN (where otherwise it would be quite soft and pliable). My insert of choice in this case is a Field Notes Snowblind edition, and you can see how grubby mine has become. I’ll show you what I use this insert for.


On the front cover I have two medium PostIt notes that hold my shopping lists. These are usually non-urgent items, and I like to put that here in my wallet for easy access. I used sticky notes because I like the ability to swap it out when I’ve used up a shopping list.


I have various random things in this insert mostly, since I do my planning in the Hobonichi Weeks. Samples of these random things are book recommendations and the most current updates to my diabetes numbers.


I also have some random recipes, tentative lists, some notes on a badminton racquet I was eyeing, and some random doodles by my daughter.


At the back cover of the Field Notes insert I attached a Leuchtturm pen loop to hold my pen. This pen loop is not as elastic as I had hoped, so I had to find a really thin pen to go with it. I was able to find this Pilot Birdie Ballpoint Pen which is super slim and light and writes smoothly enough. I do have a Pilot Birdie Fountain Pen which is just as slim but this insert is not friendly to fountain pens unfortunately.


The next insert I have is my standard wallet inserts: the Alunsina felt card holder and the Midori Refill 004. In the front of the card holder I have two cards (which I really have to move out of this wallet), and the zip pouch of the 004 are two packets of my favorite sugar substitutes. I used to hold my cash in this zip pouch but it is getting alarmingly damaged. I did buy a replacement refill but I now could not remember where I put it. >_<


The other side of the 004 and the back of the card holder holds my most used cards (five), while my cash now resides in the slip pocket at the inner portion of the 004.


Lastly I have four more cards at the back of the TN, and random papers in the full length pockets behind it.


Overall this makes for a relatively compact package, and I can theoretically be able to have everything I need with just this TN (and my phone). I like how rugged the leather is; it looks like it can take on any situation. Perhaps the only way this could be better is if I also had my planner in this TN, but as it is I’m quite happy about my current setup.



EDC TN: April 2016

Something completely different this month compared to February’s!

My Purse

Since I’ve received the SLC TN Wallet a few weeks ago, I immediately moved in and it became my wallet and portable notebook that I always keep in my purse. I also got myself a Hobonichi Weeks at around the same time, and moved into it as well as my planner. The thinness and almost weightlessness of this planner made it possible to keep it with me all the time in my purse, which is how I really prefer it.


My Work Bag

My pen case remains the same, but my TNs have changed. I’m now carrying the Chicsparrow Pocket Outlander in Jitney Red and my new Midori Passport in Camel, both of which are holding my active pocket notebooks.


I like how my EDC have changed. The variety of it keeps me entertained, and I get to rotate the TNs and give some of them a rest. I am certainly very pleased with the ones I am currently using.



Sunday Leather Craft Pocket TN Wallet

Since the time I got my first SLC piece, the 2″ Chunky TN, I already had plans to commission a new one. While the workmanship of the Chunky is superb, I ran into the issue of it being too big for my purse. I wanted something slimmer and more apt to being my TN Wallet. A fellow planner commissioned a beautiful standard (or personal) size TN that had built in credit card pockets in the inside of the front and back covers, and that was almost exactly what I was looking for! I asked for a similar configuration, but in a pocket size form.

Sunday Leather Craft now has quite the wait time, but it is definitely worth it! Meet my new Pocket TN Wallet!


I requested a leather that was as close to red as they could manage, and that it should be pliable and squishy. What I got is this gorgeous textured dark brown leather that has a lighter shade of brown for the stitching. I also requested a matching pen band that can hold my pens. SLC delivered just what I wanted and more! Without prompting, they personalized the pen band for me! The pen band has two slots, a smaller one which fits a Platinum Preppy quite comfortably, and a bigger one that can hold two Preppys. The band does not connect directly to the TN itself; it just wraps around it.


I mentioned card slots earlier, and card slots I got! There are four card slots in each side, and as you can see they fit my cards quite nicely. Each slot can even have two cards in it, although it’s a rather tight fit. There are two full-length pockets behind the card slots. The leather for the pockets, I was told, would have to be of a slightly lighter and thinner leather to keep the profile thin and manageable. I got four black inside elastics, although at the moment I am only using two.


Here’s a look at the full spread of leather. It’s gorgeous, squishy, and smells divine! It’s one of those creations that I can’t keep petting, and I think the leather will patina even more as time goes by. The leather keeps scratches, which does not bother me, and will add character to the piece.


I don’t carry around the pen band most of the time. I find that I prefer using a simple elastic band to keep the TN wallet closed, and to make it easier to open on the go. They provided me with a black elastic but I preferred to use a red one.


At the moment I have 9 cards slotted in the TN itself. My inserts include a Field Notes Snowblind Edition to serve as my on-the-go notebook and my two wallet inserts (Alunsina felt card insert, holding 4 more cards; Midori Passport Refill #004, holding 2 more cards and my cash in the zip pocket).


As usual, Sunday Leather Craft has met and definitely exceeded my expectations! The Pocket TN Wallet is absolutely phenomenal, and I feel incredibly chic and unique whenever I whip it out to pay for something.

PS: I hope SLC begins naming their pieces. I feel a little strange giving it my own just so I can distinguish between the ones I have.



Traveler’s Notebook Features: Border Stitching

The next traveler’s notebook feature we are focusing on is border stitching. This usually comes built in when a maker offers pockets with their TN. For example, this one from Speckled Fawns called Rustic Kodiak has lots of pockets and results in a nice border stitching that goes around the front and back covers as well as the spine.


We also have this one from Sunday Leather Craft that has the same type of border stitching. The thread used for the stitching would usually match the leather, although some makers would also offer stitching in a contrasting color.


Some makers offer standalone border stitching for an extra fee. This one from Chicsparrow has border stitching but as it is in their Classic line it does not come with pockets. The contrasting color (white) looks really great against the brown of the leather, and it is mostly for this aesthetic purpose that I prefer getting stitching for my TNs.



Traveler’s Notebook Features


Traveler’s Notebook Features: Pockets

One of the more interesting additions to a traveler’s notebook are pockets. It gives that little extra that will help us bring our random bits such as ephemera, stickers, sticky notes, and such. I currently have only three traveler’s notebooks with pockets.


The Sunday Leather Craft chunky TN has a full length pocket at the front, with a smaller slip pocket on top of it. At the back is what is called a secretarial pocket, and allows for quick slipping in of random bits of paper.


The Gav and Sav cat print TN has a full length pocket at the front, with three smaller pockets on top of it. At the back is a small upright pocket that is as good as a secretarial pocket in the ease of slipping in papers.


The Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak has full length pockets on both sides. In addition, it has two half-length pockets on top of the full length pocket on the back of the TN. It is the only one I have that also has a front pocket as seen below, and it is a full length pocket as well.


Pockets are really quite handy and convenient, and reduces the need for a separate folder insert or two. The only disadvantage to having pockets is that they do add bulk to the TN itself. It can really make things heavy especially for leather TNs, and TNs that are of the bigger sizes (standard, A5). Pockets are also sometimes quite important especially if you intend to use a TN as a wallet as well, since you will need places to slip in your cards and money. I don’t really have preference whether or not to have pockets on my TN; it really depends on the use and the need.

Traveler’s Notebook Features


Traveler’s Notebook Features: Reinforced Spine

Coming from the TNF: Inner Elastics post, we now come to another traveler’s notebook feature: the reinforced spine. This feature is usually present in TNs with a thick spine and/or many inside elastics.


I’m featuring here my two chunkiest TNs: the Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak with a 1.5″ spine and the Sunday Leather Craft with a 2″ spine. As you can see in the photo above, there’s a separate stitching going around the spine itself. The reason is that the spine itself is reinforced, usually by another strip of leather on the inside of the cover.

tnf-reinforcedspine5 tnf-reinforcedspine4

Here’s a closer look at the Speckled Fawns Rustic Kodiak. There are four holes that the inside elastics are threaded through, which results to six elastics to hold the notebooks.

tnf-reinforcedspine3 tnf-reinforcedspine2

And here’s for the Sunday Leather Craft chunky TN. Here there are six holes that the inner elastics are threaded through. It still results in six elastics for the notebooks, but the spacing of the holes make it more evenly distributed across the spine. If the notebooks are doubled up on each inside elastic, there’s space for all the extra notebooks given that this has a 2″ spine.


Here’s a closer look at the spines of the two TNs as seen from the top. Definitely the reinforced spine is correspondingly thicker than a regular spine, because there are two layers of leather. This is definitely needed for a chunky TN because it needs to have enough of a backbone to hold up the weight of six or more notebooks. If there is no extra reinforcements, you can expect that the top and bottom of the spine where the inner elastics are threaded will sag inwards.

Traveler’s Notebook Features


Sunday Leather Craft 2″ Chunky FN TN

Well, it appears I’m not quite done acquiring traveler’s notebooks. After Tintin posted yummy photos of her new A5 TN made by a local leathercrafter on an FB TN group, I could not resist ordering one of my own! Since my super-wide Macata seemed to be working for me, I requested a super chunky TN in the field notes size with stitching and pockets. Sunday Leather Craft took my custom order quite willingly, and outside of those specifications, I left all else to their decision, including the color and type of leather. Here is what I received.


Isn’t she gorgeous?? It has a reinforced 2″ spine with all the lovely stitching that I requested, plus a really nice thick sturdy elastic to hold it all closed. The leather turned out to be this beautiful caramel brown, almost yellow color which looks quite classy.

SLC-chunky3 SLC-chunky2

I had also requested six interior elastics, so that I can slot in a lot of inserts. I’m really enamored of the planner-wallet system, so the TN needs to be able to hold my wallet inserts, card inserts, as well as my planner inserts. This chunky goodness can take 8 inserts quite comfortably without any overhang, thanks to that humongous 2″ spine as well as a generous amount of extra leather on the side. In fact even with my pens there still aren’t any overhang. I currently have six inserts here, and there seems to be a lot more space for more!

SLC-chunky5 SLC-chunky6

The leather itself is quite thick, but not too stiff to become unmanageable. Not even the further thickening due to the pockets I requested made it too hard to handle. This pocket configuration is really quite intriguing and very useful.


In direct sunlight the yellow tint of the leather really shows! I’m quite pleased with this and Sunday Leather Craft was definitely able to produce the TN I was envisioning. Visit their Facebook page if you would like to get your own!