Colourpop Haul and Swatches

The brand Colourpop has been recently taking the beauty world by storm. With 5-dollar products it’s really hard to say no. I jumped in the bandwagon and got myself a couple of lipsticks and three eyeshadows. I ordered from Nicolette Makeup (IG) at Php350 each (+shipping fee) and my package has just arrived. Let me show you what I got!


Read on for what shades I got and the swatches.

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Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Duo Palette in Icon & Illusion

First of all a big thanks to Liz for gifting me this for Christmas! I love Ellana and I’m very happy for the chance to try out their cream blush.

ellanaduo1 ellanaduo2

As the product name says, this is a Lip & Cheek Duo Palette: they can be used as a cream blush or a lip color (or both!). It comes in Ellana’s standard cardboard case and their really nice cover art, but now the inside is now also patterned. I think it helps a lot in keeping the appearance of the palette clean, as opposed to a plain white which will show smudges more readily. The palette, as you can see below, comes with a good-sized mirror.

ellanaduo3 ellanaduo4

Icon (poppy pink, right, I think) and Illusion (coral peach, left) is a very safe and everyday-type of palette. Nothing so out-of-the-ordinary here, and perfect for any event. I can safely use either shade for my usual office look. These are of the cream variety, so I usually just use clean fingers to apply on the cheeks (or lips, but I don’t usually use it for that). For the swatches below I used two swipes for the ones on the left, and one swipe for the blended. It is very pigmented, and a little definitely goes a long way! I try to limit myself to a maximum of three dots per cheek, otherwise it would be too bright for my taste.


Here is the look I did using Illusion (coral peach) on the cheeks.


And here is the one (pretty grainy, sorry!) using Icon, still cheeks.


Verdict: I really like this palette! This is what I reach for most days, especially when I’m feeling lazy. I just put a couple of dots, blend it around a little, and I’m set!

You can get this palette from the Ellana website. It costs Php460, and comes in other shade combinations.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes in Petal Pusher and Walking on Eggshells

As an eyeshadow enthusiast, I find it a little embarrassing that I have not yet tried Wet n Wild eyeshadows. I have heard a lot of good things about their formula, and they are super cheap and cruelty-free as well! That is why I specifically asked WnW eyeshadows as a pasalubong from my mom when she went to the states late last year. These are the palettes she was able to snag for me.


Walking on Eggshells is a very popular palette because it is neutral. I like how light it is, and that it comes conveniently stamped with where on the lid the shades are supposed to go. One is of course not required to place it where suggested, but for the lazy girl this is a boon. Being a tiny palette also means it’s quite portable.

wnweyeshadows04 wnweyeshadows05

The browbone shade is a pearl/frosty white shade that sheers down when blended. The crease shade is a nice golden brown that looks shimmery on the arm but quite matte on the lid. The eyelid shade is a shimmery metallic pink that also sheers down when blended, but the shimmer is still quite visible even on the lid.


In this look I’ve followed the recommended way of application. I’m in love with the crease shade! It’s a really great crease color and will go well with neutral shadows from other palettes. I suspect it can even be worn alone as an all-over-color. This palette is definitely a hit!

wnweyeshadows08 wnweyeshadows09 wnweyeshadows10

Petal Pusher is something that is a bit out of my comfort zone. It is made up of darker plummy colors that may not be quite office appropriate, but we shall see. It is composed of eight shades, also stamped with the suggested lid locations. I gather that the shades in each column are supposed to go together, but they can also be mixed around.


Let’s take a look first at the left column. The browbone shade looks white in the pan, but leans more dusty matte cream on the arm. The eyelid shade is a matte light lilac. The crease shade is a deep matte eggplant, and looks really lovely! I had to google what a definer is, and yahoo answers gives me: “can be used as an eyeliner or out-corner color”. Well in this case, the definer is a shimmery cornflower blue that really goes well with the crease color.


Looking at the right column now, the browbone shade strangely look pink on the pan, but is actually a very light metallic lilac. The eyelid shade looks like a brownish mauve, while the crease shade is a nice matte dark brown. The definer looks like something basic black, but has a tiny bit of glitter. The glitter isn’t really all that visible on the eye, unfortunately (used here as eyeliner).


I have not tried most of Petal Pusher on the lids yet, since I cannot wear such dark colors in the office. I’m planning to try out individual colors with my neutrals at some point, but I expect the turn out to be just as good as Walking on Eggshells. I’m really digging that deep eggplant and the cornflower blue and I can’t wait to see how they look on my lids!

And by the way did I mention the arm swatches are made without primer? The hype is verified, these shadows really perform! I’m out to get some more palettes (because why not), specifically Comfort Zone (8-pan) and The Naked Truth (5-pan).

Have you tried out WnW eyeshadows? What are your favorites?

Pixi Mesmerizing Palette in Rich Gold and Plum Quartz Swatches

Two of my most recent acquisitions are the two latest releases from Pixi Philippines: the new Mesmerizing Palettes in Rich Gold and Plum Quartz. I’ve finally been able to swatch them for you today!

Two new Pixi Mesmerizing Palettes!
Two new Pixi Mesmerizing Palettes!
The back of the palettes showing their shade names.
The back of the palettes showing their shade names.

First let me show you some product pictures. First we have Rich Gold.

As the name suggests, it is comprised of gold and sparkly shades as this is their holiday palette. The first shade (counting from the one closest to the hinge) is almost invisible on me. The second shade is a sparkly rose gold. The third is the star of the show, very foily gold. The fourth is a metallic brown. The fifth is metallic silvery gray. The last shade is a very dark gray with gold flecks. Check out the arm swatches below.

pixipalettes11n pixipalettes12n


Then we go to the Plum Quartz, which I believe is part of their fall release.

Plum Quartz is a more balanced palette in terms of finish. The first shade and second shades are pearl white and pink respectively. The third is a matte dusty purple, which leans very brown. The fourth is a shimmery copper, very close to the last shade in the Copper Peach palette. The fifth one is the star of the show, a vivid dark plum. The last shade is a somewhat matte dark gray. Check out the arm swatches below.

pixipalettes13n pixipalettes14n


I can’t wait to try these out! In particular I’m eager to see the stars of the show (Rich Gold #3 and Plum Quartz #5) in action. These are actually my second and third Mesmerizing Palettes. You can check out my first, Copper Peach, here. Expect to see some FOTDs and also a comparison swatch with all three palettes. Each of these costs Php620 and is available at Glamourbox. Pixi is cruelty-free.

FS Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow and Matte Lipstick

There has been a lot of raves online about the FS Cosmetics local brand, specifically their single eyeshadow system. I’ve been meaning to give the brand a try, and was only recently able to visit one of their counters. They have a nice welcoming counter at the newly reopened and renovated SM Beauty at Makati. The Pink Blush highly recommends the Diamond Champagne shade of the Single Eyeshadow and so I specifically wanted to get that. I also was interested to try their lipstick range, as I saw they had great matte shades. I ended up walking away with these two.


These are Single Eyeshadow in Diamond Champagne as planned, and Luscious Lipstick in Matte Fuchsia. Let’s take a look first at the eyeshadow.

fscosmetics03 fscosmetics04

All FS Single Eyeshadows cost only Php150 each. Very affordable, for such a large pan (4 grams)! It comes in a very basic plastic compact, which does not have either mirror or brush. It’s not really a big deal, considering it’s only Php150. The packaging also looks like this because it is meant to be depotted and transferred into their empty 4-pan palettes which can be bought separately (for Php150 I think?).


The compact opens up simply, and the eyeshadow pan is revealed immediately. Diamond Champagne is a very shimmery and bronzy dark copper, but it leans a little lighter here on the pan. Or perhaps it’s just the lighting.

fscosmetics06 fscosmetics07

In a different angle there seems to be a bit of rose tint to it. Check out the arm swatch at the end of this post.


I also bought myself a matte lipstick from FS Cosmetics. It costs Php299, which is quite affordable. I couldn’t find how much product is in this bullet, but I expect it’s around 3.5 to 4 grams which is standard. The bullet is made entirely of plastic, of course, but the design is very classy. The theme is gold-and-black: black cap and gold bullet.

fscosmetics09 fscosmetics10

It feels quite flimsy to be honest, but it certainly doesn’t look it. I can see where the inspiration came from (read: Chanel). The shade name and manufacture details are at the bottom.


When the lipstick is revealed, there is a nice embossing of the brand logo on the tip. The location is unfortunate because it means it’ll be the first to go as it is used up. The product itself seems a little loose in the bullet as well, but I haven’t used it enough to tell if this is normal.


Here is my arm swatch, Diamond Champagne on the left and Matte Fuchsia on the right. The eyeshadow blew me away. That swatch is just one swipe, without primer! Talk about awesome pigmentation! I can’t wait to see it on my lids! The matte lipstick on the other hand came out a little sheerer than expected. This is two swipes. I took another photo with flash below.


The lipstick is at least matte as it promised, but again I can see that it really is pretty sheer. I hope it translates better on the lips. Look out for a full review of both of these on the blog soon!

Have you tried any FS Cosmetics? Let me know if you have recommendations!

FS Cosmetics can be found in many department stores and online on their website and Facebook.

Catrice Mini Haul and Swatches

Ever since I got my Catrice Matt Mouse Makeup, I wanted to try more products from this cruelty-free drugstore brand. Nikki of Girl Behind the Glasses reviewed a couple of eyeshadows and I knew what my next Catrice products would be. There were a dizzying amount of eyeshadows to choose from, as evidenced by this swatching frenzy I did when I visited the Catrice booth at Watsons The Block, SM North.

It was really difficult to choose, you guys. Everything is so pretty! In the end I decided to get these two.


These are the Catrice Absolute Eye Color in 070 Mud Spencer and Coralle Hill (Php339) and Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base (Php299).


Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base is an eye primer that costs only Php299. Since my HG primer is running out, I thought I’d try this one from Catrice to see how it stacks up. It comes in a standard plastic pot that contains 4 grams of product.


The product itself is pretty yellow. And, unfortunately, the product is also quite stiff and draggy.


Here it is on the back of my hand, two layers. It was really hard to swipe it from the pot, which I am hoping is only because it’s pretty new. Hopefully it spreads better on the eyes.


The other product I bought is an eyeshadow quad called Absolute Eye Color in 070 Mud Spencer and Coralle Hill.


It is an eyeshadow quad housed in a really pretty acrylic palette. Only the brand name is stamped on the cover, giving us a clear view of the actual eyeshadows.


At the back you will see the name of the product and the amount in the individual pans (2.5g for the big pans and 1.5g for the smalls). Those really ugly white streaks came from the tag price which was really difficult to remove. Too bad the slots for the pans are not standardized to the eyeshadow singles that they sell. I could see the potential for getting your desired colors and setting up your own palette.


Here is what the palette looks like, opened. Even though it’s made of plastic,the palette itself feels sturdy.


And here is a close up on the eyeshadow pans. I don’t have information on the names of the individual shades, so I’ll just call them pink, silver, black, and bronze (clockwise from the top left). Here are the arm swatches, with and without primer, using of course the Catrice primer I also bought.


I really really like how pigmented they look here, although I did use three light swipes each. The color scheme of the palette looks pretty spot on, and the shades do seem to go together regardless of the combination that you choose. The pink and bronze, in particular, are my two top favorites here. At Php339 for this palette, it seemed like a good deal to try four shades already. (And besides, I’m a palette addict!)

I can’t wait to use them! I’m also quite convinced to get more eyeshadows (hahaha…er..) and maybe try their other products. The blushes look good, and maybe I’ll have a go at a lipstick or two. Unfortunately they don’t have matte lipsticks, otherwise I would have bought one already.

Have you tried anything Catrice lately?

Review: Ofra Lipstick #205

One of my recent makeup kit mainstays is Ofra Lipstick #205. This is the other option to receive from the Beauty SOS Glamourbox last year. I got my #202 (red) from that, and this #205 I bought from Shayne.



It is what I would describe as orchid pink, although it leans a lot more violet on the tube. There is a small window on the bottom that lets you see the shade.


As I said, on the tube it looks a lot like purplish pink.


Here is the arm swatch. See what I mean about orchid pink? It’s actually quite dainty and lighter than what the color in the tube looks like.


One of the things I really like about this lipstick is that it looks different depending on whether you blotted the lipstick or not. Check out the lip swatches here.


Here’s a face shot with the non-blotted version. You can really see the sheen of the lipstick here.


And here is another shot, this time blotted. The sheen is now much more muted, and it looks almost matte.


I really like that I can choose to go either matte or shiny with this lipstick. It also smells like vanilla, which I really like. It lasts relatively long, about 4 hours, without drinking or eating. Unfortunately it has a tendency to transfer, so be careful about that. This looks like a standard 4g or 3.5g lipstick, and costs Php650.

Ofra is cruelty-free.

Pros: beautiful orchid pink shade; relatively long lasting; cruelty-free

Cons: price; transfers

Ofra Lipstick #205 is available through the Glamourbox Boutique, as well as selected Snoe outlets and Glamourbox stalls.

Review: Daiso Japan Eyebrow Pencil

I’m definitely obsessed with eyebrows recently, and I’m trying very hard not to accumulate too many eyebrow products as I only have two brows! One of my recent acquisitions in one of my moments of weakness is this Daiso Japan Eyebrow Pencil. Actually, I’m not quite sure if that is the brand of this pencil, as for some reason I threw away its packaging. Absent-minded blogger moment there.


It’s a very simple product really. It’s an eyebrow pencil in a brown shade basically. The pencil is pink with brown dots, and it has a silver cap. I really like the tiny rose detail. It reflects what I usually associate with Japanese products, the cuteness.


At the back is some stuff written in Japanese. The interesting part here is that this pencil has 1.7 grams of product (which may or may not include the actual wood of the pencil itself), and that it’s made in Korea.


The pencil tip itself looks like any regular writing pencil. It has a hard “lead” that works pretty well with brows. It’s not an automatic pencil, which means it has to be sharpened with a sharpener when it loses that nice pointy tip.


This arm swatch doesn’t give it justice, I think. Here it looks like it’s yet another light brown shade, which will probably not suit the brows of someone with undyed hair.


On my brows though it’s another matter. It looks pretty dark and actually matches my hair color. It’s quite easy to use as well, and scratches the lazy girl itch handily. Good eyebrow pencils can draw and complete the brow the fastest (compared to eyebrow powders and mascaras). On a lazy day I’ll just draw a hasty brow and put on a lip balm and I’m out the door in five minutes! Quite convenient really.

This pencil set me back by just Php85.

Pros: convenient; very affordable; matches my hair color

Cons: needs to be sharpened; unknown brand

Daiso Japan has many branches! The one I’m most familiar with are Glorietta 3, Robinson’s Galleria, and Trinoma. Connect with them at their Facebook page and Twitter.

Review: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara in Natural Brown

One of the recent things I’ve been testing is K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara in Natural Brown. I got this in reaction to Maybelline Fashion Brow Brow Mascara – I thought its brush was too big for my brows. I got interested in this product by reading fellow bloggers’ reviews, and the reviews were mainly positive. This costs Php595 and is available at Beauty Bar.


The tube is short and squat and clear, showing the actual shade of the product. The cap is a nondescript black that holds the wand. The name of the product is clearly printed in gold.


The shade number is printed on the opposite side. 102 here refers to the darker of the two available shades: Natural Brown.


Here’s a close up of the wand. This is the main reason I got this. It has a very small oval brush.


Here’s a profile shot of the wand tip. You can see that the bristles are pretty short. They are also quite stiff, and is perfect to apply the mascara onto the brows.


Here’s an arm swatch. The left is a single swipe while the right is kind of smudged, the kind I imagine it would look like on the brows.


And here it is on my brows. As you can see it seems to keep my brow hairs firmly in place and look really well groomed. I am wearing the K-Palette Brow Mascara over In2It Eyebrow Powder.


Upon closer inspection, Natural Brown actually still is quite too light for me.



In conclusion: I really like this product, even if it’s a bit too light on me. I am hoping that K-Palette releases a darker shade soon!

Pros: keeps brow hairs in place; correctly-sized brush; cruelty-free

Cons: shade still too light

K-Palette is cruelty-free, and is available at Beauty Bar.



Review: Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in The Morning After

Things have been rather hectic at work for me recently and I’ve not been able to find the time to take photos for reviews. Thankfully I’m able to squeeze this review in. I got this Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie from the birthday haul from my MIL last month. I chose the shade The Morning After because 1) I wanted to explore more nude shades 2) It seemed pretty popular with bloggers (bad reason to buy!) and 3) It was limited edition (even worse reason to buy!). If I recall correctly, this costs Php549 and I got it from the Beauty Bar branch at Eastwood.


First of all I would like to comment that I really like the look of this tube. It is of course of the twist-up crayon type but I am quite attracted to the pink-and-silver theme. It’s slightly longer than most lipstick tubes though, so it’s a little less portable because of that. The cap also has a slight feel of it-might-come-off-in-your-bag, although I never had that actually happen.


Let’s talk about the shade. The Morning After is described as pink-mauve with a hint of beige, mauvey-rose, and mauvey-brown by three of my favorite bloggers. It basically points to an MLBB (my lips but better) shade, and my at-the-counter-swatch showed that it would suit me. Check out my arm swatch below.


As you can see, it comes out as pretty reddish on my arm. I think this is because my arm is a lot fairer (and yellower, I think) than my face, and pulls out a lot of red. This is two swipes of The Morning After. It’s pretty pigmented and the finish looks satiny.


On my lips it’s a different matter. It really comes out as being pretty much pinkish mauve, and the finish leans more matte. It does accentuate some of my dry patches (upper lip).


Other items on face: Catrice Matt Mousse Make Up in Light Beige, In2It Eyebrow PowderEllana Minerals Mesmer-Eyes Eyeshadow Quad, Pixy Waterproof Mascara, Canmake Cheek&Cheek in 07 Orange Bouquet

The formula itself is pretty good. According to the write up on their website, SUaKM Lippies have shea butter and collagen to keep lips well hydrated. Even if it is practically matte on me, I find that it doesn’t dry out my lips or exacerbate my dry patches. It lasts pretty much until you have to drink (and definitely eat), after which you will probably need to reapply.

Pros: great MLBB shade; easily available

Neutral: price

Cons: not very long-lasting; limited edition

Happy Skin is available in Beauty Bar, Plains & Prints, and Rustan’s The Beauty Source, and at their website. I have no information on Happy Skin’s stance on animal testing.