Becoming Sleek 2016 Year In Review

Becoming Sleek has become (sleek?) a fully fledged planner and stationery blog in 2016, which is just the way I wanted it. It’s time to take a look back at the year that has been.

Monthly Highlights

January saw me acquire my second Zenkraft, snagged during the holiday sale. February continued the acquisition trend, and I finally got my long-awaited pocket TN in my favorite Gav and Sav cat print, and in March I got a Hobonichi branded cover in Framboise Chocolat. April saw me getting my first Hobonichi Weeks which turned out to be my ideal planner. May was very eventful blogwise, for it was then that I got the Midori Camel passport and mini as well as my first Chicsparrow, and I finally finished my blog series on traveler’s notebook features. I went on a beach vacation in June and of course I brought along my planner stuff. More acquisition in July, this time a custom cover for the Weeks by Sunday Leather Craft. August is when I started considerably posting less due to an increased workload, but I was able to talk about a pen loop substitute for planners and journals. In September I was seriously considering which planner system to use for 2017, which I ended up deciding in favor of the Weeks in November when I realized I had achieved planner peace with it. And finally in December, I rounded out a year of acquisitions with my most extravagant purchase of a matched pair of Weeks cover and pocket TN by Jaquie Ang.

Blog Statistics

Overall this is awesome growth for my little planner blog! While the yearly post count is practically the same, I received twice the amount of pageviews both in total and in average per day, all thanks to you my wonderful readers!

What’s Coming in 2017?

2015 has been quite a year of acquisition and the trend sadly continued all throughout 2016, and honestly there are still a few more packages that are coming in from purchases in the last few weeks of the year. I am determined to streamline my collection and keep only those that really makes me happy. One of my goals is to use what I have, not only in terms of traveler’s notebooks but in all things hobby related, so expect more review posts for stationery and a lot of Hobonichi Weeks planner posts.

Becoming Sleek 2015 Year In Review

Becoming Sleek 2015 YiR small

2015 has been such an eventful year for Becoming Sleek as a blog. It was the year I decided to move from being a beauty blogger to a purely stationery/traveler’s notebook blogger, and it’s a decision I am very happy I had made. Makeup and skincare will continue to be part of my everyday life, but my obsessive thoughts are now on stationery and traveler’s notebooks. What is a blog but a reflection of the mind?

Monthly Highlights

January was definitely still in beauty blogging mode, but it was also when I posted about how I used my then-planner, a Moleskine. February was probably the turning point of when I was deciding to move out of beauty blogging, and wrote this short article on what to do when in a blogging rut. March was when I got my very first Midori, the passport, and showed my unboxing. April was when I shared my first free printable. I hope to make more and share it with you! May was when I showed how I set up my Midori Passport. June was my slowest month with only two posts, but one of them was my initial setup of the Midori Blue. July was when I wrote about one of my favorite posts even until present, how to make your own TN accessories. August was the first time I made my own traveler’s notebook, and this was made of paper and is in personal size. September is when I wrote about a controversial topic in the TN community: Midori vs fauxdori. October was when I finally finished my haul of TNs from local makers, and wrote a round up post. Looking back, it now makes me sad to discover that my preferred size is pocket instead of regular, and I wish I knew that before I started buying up all those regular sized TNs! November‘s highlight was when I learned how to do memory keeping in a TN insert. It’s what works for me, and I hope to be able to continue doing this until I fill up the insert! December was when I got my first Zenkraft, which now houses my 2016 Hobonichi. It’s part of my EDC (everyday carry) and I couldn’t imagine being without it!

Blog Statistics

  • Blog posts published: 96 (80 are on-topic)
  • Total pageviews: 44563
  • Average pageviews per day: 122
  • Top five posts:

DIY Accessories For Your Traveler’s Notebook

Midori Passport as Wallet

How I Use My Moleskine Planner

Midori vs Fauxdori

Midori Blue Edition Initial Setup

What’s Coming in 2016

2015 has been a year of acquisition, and I feel like I have enough to go on for 2016. I will definitely be reducing the rate I have been buying stationery, and increasing the usage. 2016 will see a lot of posts about stationery and traveler’s notebook usage, and I intend to go back to doing DIY posts again as well! I would like to also introduce some printables for your TN.

I am quite open to suggestions! What would you like to see on Becoming Sleek this year?