Taking notes in the Project Vanity x Estee Lauder makeup workshop

A week ago I attended the Project Vanity x Estee Lauder makeup workshop hosted by Liz at her place. The makeup workshop was quite comprehensive, including both a guide to everyday skincare and a hands-on lesson on event-appropriate makeup. The model is the lovely Krissy of Krissyfied.


There were a lot of great tips that Liz shared in the workshop, and I wanted to make sure I remember them. As I have my planner-wallet with me at all times, I grabbed it and took notes in the planner half! My TN in this case is my Macata TN in passport size. I’d like to show you the notes I took.


The passport size is indeed a small size, but I find that it is enough space to take notes. The fact that it’s very portable and it is always with me ensures that I always have something to take notes in. I used my trusty Coleto to write with.


I don’t really mind that it may not be as neat as notes taken in a bigger notebook, as long as my notes are clear and understandable. A new thing I’ve tried recently is putting rough sketches in my notes, and I think it looks understandable given how quickly I sketched them out.

Check out the gallery below to see more photos of the workshop.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my notes, and big big thanks to Liz and Estee Lauder!

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