The Melting Horror

No, you didn’t accidentally stumble on a book blog or an internet horror novel. But let me tell you what happened to me recently. As a back story, I have a very small pouch in my normal everyday bag that holds my touch-up items (face powder, lipsticks/balms, perfume). If I didn’t have enough time to do my makeup in the morning, I’d throw what I wanted to use for the day in a separate makeup bag so I can do the rest of my face when I get to the office. In an unrelated note, I have very poor memory and have learned to use different cues to help me remember things.

One day, I did the routine as usual, but I forgot to bring out my makeup bag with me from the car. Now I usually have underground parking in the office so it would not be a big deal to forget my makeup in the car. That day, however, I parked above ground in a place with no shade. You can imagine what happened, in this heat we’re having recently. I had three of my favorite lipsticks in that bag, and they all came out of the bag badly damaged.


I almost cried when I saw this! My first firsthand experience with melted lipsticks, and it was horrible! I hid them in a box at home for a couple of days because I couldn’t bear to see them like that. The next day, I squared my shoulders and examined the extent of the damage. As I expected, they are all quite melted and reformed half in the original tube and half in the cap. These lipsticks are: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout (review), Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Queen Bee (review), and Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Hibiscus (review).

Bea advised to immediately depot these lipsticks to salvage them. I found a four-level screw-top plastic pots from Daiso Japan (formerly Saizen) and used three levels. It was a very sad and distressing task that I did not do prior research. I just basically scraped out the lipstick from the tube and the cap with a plastic spatula and shoved it into the plastic tubs. Here is how it turned out.


It’s not as horrible as I imagined, but it’s also not elegant. I just realized that maybe I need to re-melt them so they will go down to the bottom of the tubs and not perched on the side like evil bloody pupae. Unfortunately I do not have a hair dryer, nor am I willing to take a lighter or anything flame near this thing, so it’ll have to do. I did do a test run using a lip brush, and applied the Avon lipstick the next day. It seemed to apply as normal; the melting didn’t seem to affect the actual product. I hope the same is true for the other two.

Has anything happened like this to you? I’d love to hear your product mishaps/accidents and how you dealt with it!

27 thoughts to “The Melting Horror”

    1. I’m not sure if my tubs are microwavable. I’ll just bring them when I go to my folks’ place so I can use their hair dryer. πŸ˜€

  1. Best way is to place the lipstick on a big spoon and you heat that up with a lighter underneath. It’ll melt but remain in the spoon then you can pour it into the plastic container once it cools down enough. Then just wait for it to harden again in the container.

  2. Experienced this with one of my lipsticks. I’m ok with it not looking elegant anymore, kaso, hindi na sya as convenient to bring around because I can’t apply it straight from the tube πŸ™

  3. This is so depressing. Last year, my Clinique lipstick melted from the heat as well. It was just in my bag not exposed to any direct sunlight. When i opened the cap and twisted, naputol na lang bigla. Ang lambot na pala. Good thing I caught it before it hit the floor! πŸ™

    1. Aw :hugs: I know the feeling sobra. The heat is so unpredictable these days, kahit nasa bag lang parang exposed na yung nasa loob grabe.

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