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One of Bea’s most recent posts is something called The Sunday Currently. It is apparently a tag or a weekly writing prompt (origin here) with twelve headings to show what is going on with one’s life. I’ve seen it also on Carina’s personal blog (Nothing Spaces). I really love the idea of something that briefly shows a snapshot of one’s life, and it’s interesting to see how things change over time. Many of the headings were fairly redundant (in my opinion), so I tweaked it a bit to fit into my life more. I’m calling it the Geeky Version (since that’s still what I identify as, mostly). I also wanted a way to put in some part of my personal life here in my blog, without necessarily crowding out the beauty blogging.


Dune by Frank Herbert, strangely and embarrassingly enough; I am a little ashamed to admit that I haven’t read this one before. It’s about a noble family taking over the administration of a hostile planet and finding that things are a bit more complicated than expected (talk about understatement). It’s one of the classic science fiction works, and it stands the test of time beautifully. I’m in the last part of the books and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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I was debating whether or not to include this heading, as I don’t really write outside of blogging. That could be a challenge, I thought, and see if I could actually start writing fiction again. Whenever I think of writing fiction, I’m always reminded of a time long ago when I wrote a very short scifi story for a school assignment I believe. Part of the assignment is having your work peer-reviewed. You guessed it: I had a really bad experience with the peer review, and was embarrassed beyond words. I think that was one of the biggest things that blocked me from writing again. With this weekly thing I’m hoping I can start overcoming it and start writing (and sharing) again.


This was another one of the categories I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep, as I tend to be very broad with what I want to listen to. I decided to keep it to see how my music tastes changes over time. This week I was very much into the percussive guitar genre and two of my favorites are Rylynn by Andy McKee and Passionflower by Jon Gomm. I love having my percussive guitar playlist on the background while I’m working as it’s very soothing and calming without making me sleepy.


This is one of the new categories I introduced. My geeky family and I have a looooong list of things to watch, and I thought this would be a great way to track which ones we should be finishing and stuff. Right now we’re still in the middle of watching Bleach and we’re enjoying it very much. We’re trying to finish Season 6 (The Arrancar) and I’m happy that the plot is finally moving along. We’re also aiming to watch Big Hero 6 hopefully this weekend.


This is definitely a heading I wanted to include here. I am always playing a game in some form or another, and I thought, like Watching, it would be great to see which ones I’ve finished over the weeks. The challenge here is to, well, prevent this category from overcrowding the rest of the post! Nowadays I’m very much into playing my 3DSXL, and the game I’m in the middle of right now is Bravely Default. I was looking for a modern Final Fantasy type game with a great job system, and this is it! I think I’ve just passed the halfway point, and I’m already hoping they would release a sequel.

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Now I’m not entirely sure what this is supposed to be. I click a lot of things; I practically live on the internet. What then should I share? Perhaps at this point I’ll share where I click most often: my RSS reader, Inoreader. I like it mostly because it’s the closest to the original Google Reader that I was previously using. Very clean format and no frills.


Ah, what a conundrum this is. I love eating, that’s why I included this new category! It’s gonna be hard choosing just one to share, but let me start with one of my favorite places to eat: Omakase. It’s the go-to Japanese restaurant for my husband and I, and so far we have found nothing that can beat their sushi and maki. Our favorite branch is at Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato (QC).

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Again a new category I added, as I also love cooking. There’s barely any time to cook these days, but once upon a time I cooked my baon regularly. Recently we try to have a regular home-cooked breakfast on the weekends, which my daughter really enjoys. We would usually have some fried eggs, pandesal, and either bacon, corned beef, or spam.


Sweaters! It’s nearly or even practically sweater weather, and I’m loving these right now. I want to get more! Any suggestions?


Time management, to be honest. I find it very hard to find time to do all the things I want to do (not to mention the things I need to do) and I couldn’t determine why. I would always blame travel time but I’m not sure if that’s the only reason.


I definitely want a lot of things! But right now in my immediate purchasing future I intend to buy a bigger everyday bag. The bag I am using right now cannot fit my 3DSXL and I would like to have it with me inside the same bag instead of carrying it separately.


Exhausted. I feel super stretched with no end in sight, and I’m just glad I can sneak in a bit of blogging and video gaming every now and then to keep sanity intact. I feel that once I resolve that issue with time management, the stress will be reduced automatically. Let’s hope for the best!

I’d be interested to see your sundays currently! Let me know if you’ve started your own!

2 thoughts to “The Sunday Currently #1”

  1. I like the adjustments you made! As for the writing workshop, it sucks that a bad experience had such a profound effect on your writing. Writing workshops can be such vulnerable experiences if you’re with people who have goals different from your own, and of course it’s hard to separate yourself from your work. That’s not even going into the insecure or arrogant types who ~only~ read a certain type of work and get off on belittling others! I hope you pick it up again soon, and there’s no harm in writing privately and finding your voice first 🙂

    1. To be fair it was in high school (I think), and we were kids. Kids are assholes generally. Too bad I didn’t learn this soon enough and I let it affect me. I’m over it now, thanks to support from people like yourself! 😀

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