The Sunday Currently #11

As this publishes, I’m probably up in the air on my way to the Caribbean on business. It’s exciting and also quite stressful, but I actually enjoy long haul flights.


The geek in me is pretty much hooked in the Transformers comics I’m currently reading. The series is called More Than Meets The Eye, and what’s interesting about it is that the storyline centers around the events after the conclusion of the great war between the Autobots and Decepticons. There’s a lot more of intrigue than of action, if you’re familiar with Transformers.

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I’ve moved in to my Alunsina traveler’s notebook fully. I’m going to show you around it soon, but suffice to say that I’m very pleased with it. I’m also trying to catch up on my journaling prompts, and I feel like I will have a lot of time to do that while on the flight!


I love this video. Great song, great message. Every Filipino should watch it.


I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I’m hooked on a farmville-type game right now called Township on Android. There’s really not much to say about it except that it’s kinda like farmville, haha!

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Chicken, seafood, and veggies mostly. (see below)


As I’m preparing to pack for my trip, I am wearing out all the clothes I don’t intend to bring (I don’t have a big wardrobe). That means I’m usually in a skirt, blouse, and boots combo for work instead of my standard slacks and blouse.


Excited, and also apprehensive, because of my upcoming work trip. I’ve been unable to sleep well for the past few nights because of a very nagging feeling of “I’m gonna forget to pack something”.

Also feeling a bit of denial. I’ve been diagnosed as diabetic (type 2) recently, and I haven’t quite accepted it yet, going around thinking it’s not a big deal. Intellectually I know what that means, and what effect that will have for the rest of my life, but emotionally I’m not there yet. I have started changing my diet (see above) and so far I’m doing fine in that regard. I also need to start busting my ass on physical exercise, to get my body back in shape. That is what my doctor has prescribed (beyond the maintenance meds) – a more active lifestyle is the best answer.

See you soon Philippines!

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  1. Oh Pat! Good luck with the new diet and exercise… may I suggest yoga? It’s relaxing AND so good for your body. Plus once you get into yoga, a good diet will inevitably follow. πŸ™‚

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