The Sunday Currently #12

I’m back in the Philippines! It was quite a short trip for such a long travel time, but I loved every moment of it. I thought it was worth going, but I’m definitely happy to be home as well.


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There’s quite a few things on my reading list right now, but the one that’s staying on my mind is the comic called Chew. The story follows the life of a US FDA agent who is able to psychologically read the history of things through… eating them. The idea is very interesting, and there’s actually a lot of action (and gore!) going on. The art is great (it’s colored!) and I’m enjoying the pace as well.


I’m pretty much on a roll here, with my journals moving splendidly along. I’ve recently started to experiment with my own version of Project Life, which is basically attempting to have a photodiary-slash-scrapbook of sorts. Once I get it going well, I’m going to write about it in more detail.


Still on a Manhid high, so I’m listening to their official soundtrack on repeat. It unfortunately only contains 12 songs. I would love to get a copy of the whole thing to be honest!


My new diabetic diet has been sort of compromised during my trip because of all the eating out I did with my friends and colleagues. There weren’t always a lot of healthy options for me, so I definitely need to do a lot of catching up. The biggest challenge is really to consciously make sure 50% of my meal should be vegetables and fruits.


I got quite a few items ordered online which will not be arriving for quite some time yet, but I’m already getting quite impatient! I want to get them now!


Quite a bit thankful for some nice news I got in my life. Let me be vague for a while so that I won’t jinx it, haha!

Happy sunday to you!

2 thoughts to “The Sunday Currently #12”

    1. Switching diet is not an easy thing to do and making half your meal fruit/ veg can seem daunting. Try LCHF and see how you feel. It isn’t a difficult diet to follow but it does require a bit of planning. My favourite part of eating this way is cauli-rice. Such an easy way to incorporate more veg into a meal and minimise carbs at the same time.
      Good luck with your journey!

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