The Sunday Currently #16

With the new editorial calendar, I have determined that I can do one Sunday Currently per month and that it will probably happen on the last Sunday of every month. This way, I will not feel pressured to write about my personal life and at the same time I will probably have enough material to talk about for all the categories.



I’ve been on an Ayn Rand binge lately. I’ve attempted to read Atlas Shrugged before, but the small print on the book has always turned me off. Anthem and Ideal are not as thick and long as Atlas Shrugged, and I decided to start with that. I enjoyed both a lot although I like Anthem better, and I think I am ready to plunge into Atlas Shrugged again after this. If you’re not familiar with Ayn Rand, she is the one that developed the philosophical system Objectivism.


Lists, particularly my hobby wishlist. I’m instituting a “tiered” wishlist, where basically I divide the items into tiers. The idea is that if I have money to spare for my hobbies, I will be prioritizing buying the items in the top tier first. Once all of the top tier items are bought, I can then start looking at the next tier items. The idea is that I will not go crazy with buying stuff, and I can cross check if I really want an item or not. So far it’s been going fine, and I’ve managed to curtail my spending and also cross off a few items from the list.


I’m not sure when I discovered Lindsey Stirling, but I’m now hooked! She mixes two of her passions: violin and dancing! My favorite remains Master of Tides, although she has a lot of other beautiful and engaging songs.


Image credits: Heneral Luna Facebook page
Image credits: Heneral Luna Facebook page

I cannot say enough about Heneral Luna. It’s one of the best Filipino movies ever made, and one of the top five movies of all time in my book. It tells the story of the fiery General Antonio Luna, the head of the Philippine military at the time of the Philippine-American war. The movie is funny, irreverent, and does not shy away from the horrors of war, and is really a much better history teacher than the one I received in school. I’m planning to see it again!



Have I ever mentioned that I (and my husband) are boardgame players? The latest one we’ve played is Argent, The Consortium. The idea here is that you play as an eligible candidate to the chancelorship of a magic university, and you are trying to gather votes from a mysterious board of regents. It is a worker placement game where you place your mages in certain rooms so that you can take certain actions, which in turn lets you gather certain things that will convince members of the board to vote for you. It’s very fun and engaging, and the components of the game are well made.


I’m changing up the Cooking category to Creating. I don’t foresee myself cooking anytime in the near or far future so there’s no point to it. Instead, I do find myself on a roll in the creating department. In this case, I’ve discovered an interest in zentangles! It’s basically a doodling form where the use of repeating patterns is a feature. The materials used are just paper and a pen, that’s it! Here is my first attempt at zentangling.


I’ve been thinking about the psychology of hoarding recently. I really don’t like the fact that I have quite a bit of stuff for my hobbies, and yet I still feel the “need” to buy even more stuff. I need to find a way to use up my stuff first before getting more. Have you heard of the KonMari method of organizing? I might try this some time to declutter and keep only the things that I want.


The busy season of my work has begun, so now I’m really wanting some extra time. I’ve been coming home really exhausted that I just fall asleep, only to wake up and do the same thing. Weekends have never looked so good!


Excited! I’ve been trying to gather some things that are slowly coming together, which for sure I will be sharing with you here soon enough!


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