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This month I had been trying to go back into regular reading. I finally cracked open this book given to me by my husband. It’s Except the Queen by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder. He had been a reader of Jane Yolen works since he was a kid and wanted me to experience it. I had been enjoying the first few chapters and was on track on finishing it within a day or two (my usual reading pace), that is, until my daughter spotted it and became interested. Now, I had been trying to get her into reading longer novel-length books as at her age I was already a voracious reader. Of course, when she showed the slightest interest I immediately gave way and let her have the book for the meantime!


My husband recently discovered Adele, and we’ve been listening to her songs a lot. She has a new album out and the new single Hello is not bad.


Image credits: IMP Awards
Image credits: IMP Awards

We watched Goosebumps last weekend, and enjoyed it immensely! Jack Black is really such a great actor, and he really brought on the show! The special effects were believable, and the rest of the actors seemed appropriately cast. My daughter was really into it! The whole of the ride home after the show was spent discussing alternate endings!


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We recently bought a few second-hand 3DS games at a great price. One of them is a game I had been wanting to play for some time, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. It’s a game where you play Luigi who is apparently a ghost hunter, and his main weapon is a vacuum cleaner tweaked to capture ghosts! It’s a pretty fun game that is actually mostly puzzle instead of action as the premise suggests.


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Genki Sushi is a recent favorite of ours. It is a unique Japanese restaurant in the sense that you order what you want via a tablet (Ipad, if I’m not mistaken) installed near your table. Your orders arrive via a mechanized serving tray in the shape of a bullet train running along a pre-installed track beside your table. It’s a pretty fun experience just to see that mode of serving, but actually the food is pretty good too! Genki Sushi is at BGC Stopover, and at this point it is usually full around mealtimes, so be prepared to wait if you want to eat there.


I’m toying with the idea of opening my own shop, and I’m experimenting on some products that I want to offer. I’m not sure yet what form this shop will take, but certainly it will have something to do with traveler’s notebooks and accessories.


I’ve been lately thinking about excess and hoarding. There have been recent debates about hoarding in the planner community. I am definitely a hoarder (as my recent TN buying shows) but I do believe in using what you have. I really need to remember this before buying any further, specifically in the area of traveler’s notebooks, stickers, and washi tape. I definitely have enough to last me for some time, I just need to remember it and not get caught in the hype!


More time and energy. I feel like I’m in that stage of having too many things I want to do, but not enough time nor energy to do it.


Quite a bit stressed recently due to work. There have been some unnecessary upheavals caused by a new person, and my colleagues and I have been trying to adjust to it and to some extent fix it. It’s really frustrating because none of it really needed to happen. I’m hoping that things settle down and wishing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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