The Sunday Currently #19

This edition of The Sunday Currently is going to be rather massive, as it will span both December and January.


I’ve finished reading the (depending on your view) infamous KonMari book in about a couple of hours; it’s a pretty light book, both in content and in actual physical weight. It’s a book about tidying, and the biggest controversy about it is how much discarding you will be doing to achieve the best results. While I don’t prescribe to the whole philosophy, I can see the advantages to making sure that your house is kept tidy, and all your belongings are where they are because you want them to. In fact I’ve started going through some old clothes, old hobby stuff, and other things in an attempt to get a bit more organized and to reduce the general clutter in the house. It does feel good, but it is quite a lot of work involved.


Much of my holiday vacation was spent reading the entire Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer (please note, this is different from Marissa Mayer, the Yahoo CEO). The series follows the adventures of a well-known girl mechanic named Cinder, who happens to also be cyborg, and her friends in their efforts to oppose the machinations of the evil Lunar Queen Levana. It draws from a lot of classic fairy tales, and retold in a sci-fi setting which I thought was a pretty good innovation in fairy tale retellings. The story was quite gripping, and I spent several times surfacing from reading to see the sun rise as I could not put the books down once I started on them. For an author’s debut series, this is quite well done and thoroughly enjoyable.



I have to say that I attempted some kind of gratitude journaling, in the BDJ Petit Planner that I previously got. The weekly format seemed well suited to writing down a few lines per day, and I thought of penning down three things I’m thankful for daily. I got most of December, but stumbled towards the end and never came back up. I think this sort of thing might not exactly be for me.

I also recently started experimenting with creative journaling, very similar to what is currently popular in Instagram. The CBTL The Giving Journal’s weekly layout (horizontal week-on-one-page with notes on the opposite page) follows the current trend, and I thought I’d give it a shot. Here’s my first week. While it does need quite a lot of improvement, I feel like it might be something I can do on the regular. I just need to remember that mine does not need to be as pretty as the ones on Instagram, considering I just started!


December saw me playing Magic Rush quite a lot on my phone, and it’s actually rather enjoyable. It’s an MMO with elements of tower defense and rpg combat, and the character designs are pretty nice. It’s also a free-to-play with a lot of in-game optional purchases, and I have to admit that there were several times that I was tempted to get micro purchases.

Image credits: Google Image Search

In January I revisited an earlier game I had bought from Humble Bundle, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It’s also a tower defense game and I thoroughly enjoy it. Since it reminded me where I bought it, I visited Humble Bundle again and found that they are running some hefty discounts in their store, and I took that opportunity to buy three mobile games that amounted to about Php250 in total. The one I am currently playing is called Detective Grimoire, an adventure puzzler similar to Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. I’m nearly done with it, in fact, and left me wanting for more chapters!

Image credits: Google Image Search
Image credits: Google Image Search


I bought some Tomoe River paper in loose A4 sheets from Pengrafik, and immediately attempted some Tomoe River paper inserts in pocket size. I assigned one to be my prompted journal insert, and gave another one to my sister in law. I really like this paper, and I can’t wait to start my daily journaling in one!


As I mentioned earlier, I KonMari’d some of my clothes and in the process I rediscovered my stash of office wear back when I still worked for a company with a dress code. Score! I had been wanting to upgrade my work wardrobe for a while to something less casual and more suited to my station, and the discovery of this old set of clothes means I can use the money I’d been planning to spend on clothes on something else! And most of these old clothes still fit!


Having a lot of hobbies and not having enough time for all of them makes me think of which hobbies I really want to focus on. The problem is, I’m not sure if I’m willing to let go of any of them! The reason why they are my hobbies in the first place is because I really enjoy doing them a lot. The workable solution I have come up with is to rotate hobbies or scheduling them such that I can pay enough attention to each one. This way, I can find out naturally which hobbies I really want to do when I have time time and which ones I actually just think I like but am not willing to spend time on it when I do have the time.


Since I don’t need to spend on clothes, I probably will try to get a new pair of work shoes. Something that I can wear socks with, since I can’t really go around without socks anymore. Boots have always been a staple, and I might go and get myself a new pair.


Generally I feel sad that the holidays are over, and the next one will probably be during the easter weekend, when my family usually goes to the beach. It’s back to the grind, and unfortunately traffic is getting worse by the day. As always I’m in desperate need of sleep!


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