The Sunday Currently #2

My biggest fear right now has come to pass. Having two consecutive The Sunday Currently means it’s already been a week since my last post! Unfortunately I’m on a writing block right now, but I’m hoping the upcoming week brings fresh aspects. Here’s to hoping for more blog motivations!


I’ve finished reading Dune, and it ended the way I thought it would. Very satisfying! Now I’m reading a pair of children’s comic books called Pilandokomiks by Borg Sinaban, which I got from Komikon 2014 held yesterday.


The question is more of what I should be writing. I really should be blogging, but this week was quite crazy in terms of work schedule that I couldn’t find the time and motivation for.


Recently hooked on Final Fantasy music, due to my playing of Theatrhythm on the 3DS. My favorites are the following, which are incidentally from my two favorite iterations of FF:

To Zanarkand, Final Fantasy X

Melodies of Life, Final Fantasy IX (spoilers)


We’re still watching Bleach slowly, like maybe one episode per week. We also watched Big Hero 6 at the cinemas and we all loved it.


I already mentioned Teatrhythm Final Fantasy in the Listening category. It is a musical rhythm game on the 3DS, played very similar to things like O2Jam (wow old school!). I like it so much that I’m considering buying the “upgraded” one called Teatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, which has more of everything plus extras!

Image credits: Final Fantasy Wikia
Image credits: Final Fantasy Wikia


Clicker Heroes is a great time waster, and runs on the background once you get the engine going! I warn you against clicking it, because you might get hooked!


Wings! We love wings, and our favorite restaurants that give good wings are Buffalo Wings N’ Things (Glorietta 5) and Red Buffalo (Eastwood).


This week my husband cooked Kung Pao Chicken Pasta. It’s very simple! It just consists of deep fried chicken thigh fillets (breading: Crispy Fry), Clara Ole Kung Pao sauce, and spaghetti pasta. The ultimate lazy family meal!


I’ve found nice long sleeved shirts at Cotton On. It’s perfect for the cooling weather and can be rolled up in case it gets really hot. I chanced upon a sale and got the shirts for Php600 each. It’s not quite the sweaters I was looking for, but it’s good enough!


Friendships. I’ve had an unlucky run where I didn’t realize I was being taken advantage of for a ridiculously long time. I think I just realized it when I had to deal with my daughter getting bullied at her old school (I just basically transferred her to a school that suits her better). It’s really hard when you realize that things have not been going as well as they seemed at the time. It’s even harder to consider cutting ties with what you thought were lifetime friends.


What I always want more of is time. There seems to be less and less of it everyday. Either that, or I just want to do more and more things! It might not really be a time management issue anymore, but rather, hobby management.


Still exhausted, but I took a few days off work to catch up on rest. (Un)Fortunately it got a bit interrupted when we rescued another kitten. This kitten was found alone near my car, dirty and hurt. The vet said it has a dislocated hip and was possibly hit lightly by a vehicle. It is doing much better now, and we named it Lucky.


See you again next week for The Sunday Currently!

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