The Sunday Currently #20

February has been really bad to me. Some bacterial infection swept through my family, and hit me twice! In fact I’m still recovering although I’m done with my (second) run of antibiotics. My doctor did say that my diabetes gives me a slower recovery time. This edition of Sunday Currently is going to be a really short one.



Mercedes Lackey is one of the earliest fantasy authors I became obsessed with, and I have a very extensive collection of her works, most notably of the Valdemar fictional universe. I had a craving to reread books that I’ve already read very many times, but it’s something that’s very comforting to do. These are the five I’ve finished rereading so far. I guess in a way, it’s a preparation for reading the latest series she published for that universe, which I’m just beginning to collect.

The Valdemar universe is centralized in the Kingdom of Valdemar, of which most of the stories are centered on Heralds and their Companions. Heralds serve as Valdemar’s peacekeepers, justice-dispensers, and occasionally fighters as needed. They are considered universally to be good, primarily because of how they come to their positions. They are chosen when in their teens (although some are chosen younger, or even much older) by creatures called the Companions, who are benign spirits in the shape of white horses. The reigning monarchs of Valdemar are required to be Heralds, and this keeps the kingdom to be generally honest and trustworthy. According to Lackey’s bibliography, there are already 30 novels and 7 anthologies in this universe.


Image credits: Gravity Falls in Wikipedia
Image credits: Gravity Falls in Wikipedia

It is with sadness that I watched the last ever episode of Gravity Falls. The series finally ended after two seasons, and for the most part I was really afraid of how rushed it might seem considering the episodes leading to the finale. Without elaborating further, I would say that it turned out to be much better than my expectations, and it is quite the fitting end to what will be a classic. If you have not watched Gravity Falls, I highly highly recommend this series!


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Image Credits:

I’ve gotten hooked into another mobile game. This one is called Ascension. It’s actually originally a deckbuilding card game that has been translated to a mobile app. It seems like a good translation, never mind that I haven’t actually played the real world version of this. It’s a fast time burner where each (offline) game lasts only about 5 minutes. It loads fast too, mostly! I like to play it for those times where I have to wait a bit, such as waiting for my lunch order to arrive.


My self-control has been really bad in the last week or so. I’ve been craving sweet things so much it’s scary. I didn’t really have this degree of craving in the past few months so it really took me by surprise. How I’m combating this is making sure I have the correct (and delicious!) foodstuff available on hand whenever I get cravings like this. I’m hoping that this blows over soon; it’s really very hard to resist!

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