The Sunday Currently #21

For some reason, this is going to be a post full of mini-reviews. There seemed to be a lot that happened this past month or so!



I’m still on a Mercedes Lackey reread, because I want to get on and read the newest series she has of the Valdemar world. I’ve also finished reading a black little book of short stories by Ryuunosuke Akutagawa. Unfortunately I did not really like those as they seemed to tend toward the depressing side of things, but I did enjoy the little black book format. I’ve also started reading a book of short stories by Isaac Asimov, in preparation for reading the Foundation trilogy, which I confess to never have read before. Lastly, my husband discovered a new comic book called The Unwritten, which is kind of a homage to the Harry Potter universe, but takes it a lot further into the strange and exciting. We only have the first book, and I can’t wait to get the next of the series!



I was not able to include Zootopia in the February update, but we did watch it towards the end of last month. It was amazing! It is quite possibly one of our all-time family favorites! On the other hand, Deadpool was indeed enjoyable to watch as the reviews say but did not hold up to post-movie discussions. We felt that the message it was trying to say wasn’t really good (PS this is the only movie on this list that my daughter did not watch). Gods of Egypt was the next on the list, and this one was something my daughter was really looking forward to. She’s a big fan of the Egypt mythology and it was a treat for her to see the gods in action. Lastly Kung Fu Panda was great initially, but like Deadpool it did not hold up to post-movie discussions.


I’ve installed Star Realms for some time because I was told it’s a step up from Ascension, but I found that there are some specific issues with it that make it unplayable for me. Not to mention, it is rather heavy on the memory and my phone cannot really handle a lot so I ended up uninstalling it. I still wanted a game I could play offline and I found 94% and 94 degrees, which are fun puzzle and trivia games. They both remain installed as they aren’t that heavy memory wise. Lastly, I discovered Spellstone through my wanderings around the Play Store, and it got both me and my husband hooked! It’s a nice combat card game that has upgrading elements, which make it really engaging!


We’ve recently rediscovered Faburrito, a very healthy place that offers fresh ingredients in burrito and bowl formats. I feel like it had gotten a lot tastier than I remembered, and it is now a personal favorite for both me and my husband!



I love it when two of my interests combine! Recently I’ve attempted what are called box inserts, which are basically custom-built trays for boardgame components. We have a lot of boardgames with a lot of components, and box inserts make it a lot easier to organize the components for faster set up and clean up. I’ve so far made two, and there are still a lot more that I can learn about making them.


Very very guilty. This month hasn’t been really good in terms of my no-spend goal, and I spent so so much. I need to reign in my wishlists and adhere to them strictly. You’ll definitely see what I got in future haul posts.

Also feeling quite tired. I’m entering my busy season at work, and I can already feel it. I’m just relieved that I don’t have to wake up super early in the morning as my daughter is on summer break and that gives me about an hour or more of sleep.


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