The Sunday Currently #22

I actually had about a week’s hiatus from the blog, because I went on a week-long vacation. I did not really go anywhere; just stayed home and tried to do a lot of things that I am not able to do because I am too busy with work. That week went by awfully quickly, and there are still so much more I need to do!


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I recently finished three of Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series (The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith) and I really enjoyed it as much as most of Pratchett’s work. I’m surprised that I have not yet read this particular trilogy, since it’s basically within the witches storyline and I’ve read most of that. Tiffany Aching is a young witch (she started out at 9 years old in The Wee Free Men) in training, honing her natural skills and hoping to eventually step into the shoes of her village’s previous witch who was also her grandmother. The three books I read follows her through increasingly challenging adventures and sees her slowly maturing as she grows older and into her power. Hopefully I’ll find copies of the last two in the series to round out the reading.

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From Google Image Search

I also finished William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, and that was also a good read. I enjoyed his Neuromancer before, and it came as no surprise that I ended up liking Pattern Recognition as well. This particular story is about Cayce Pollard who has a unique trait: she reacts to brands and logos as one would to allergens. This trait allows her to be a trendspotter and is highly regarded in the marketing field. This brings her to an adventure as she tries to use her skills and experience to find out the maker of a mysterious series of short videos that was appearing on the internet. Very intriguing, and the writing is very engaging. Researching more about William Gibson, I am shocked to find out that both Neuromancer and Pattern Recognition are each part of two separate trilogies!


In an effort to prepare to watch Captain America: Civil War with my daughter, my husband and I decided to rewatch the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies starting from Captain America 1. We’ve basically gotten as far as Thor 1, and we are planning a marathon this weekend to make sure we are ready to watch Civil War as well. I’m very gratified to see that my daughter finally became a fan, as she had an adamant anti-superhero movie stance before.


Still hooked on Spellstone at the moment, while also still keeping up with my Magic Rush account.


In an effort to control the food I eat, I started signing up to a food delivery service called Gourmet Kusina. I first tried out the shortest program they had, a three-day, two-meals-a-day program that gave me healthy, 1200-calorie meals straight to my office. The food was actually delicious, although I still need to get used to smaller meals. I like that they occasionally give apples and other fruits along with the order. I was happy enough with that trial period that I signed up for another week. I’m hoping it will have a positive effect on my health!


More vacation time! There are still a lot of pending things that needs to be done around the house, and I could not attend to it while I have work.


Very tired of all the election-related posts in Facebook, so much that I uninstalled the app from my phone. I’m keeping it off my phone until at least the elections are done, which thankfully is soon.


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