The Sunday Currently #23


It has been a great month for reading! For some reason I’ve gotten so much reading in for the past month, and I love it! I wish I can sneak in this amount of reading every month!

First up! I’ve been curious about this series for the longest time since I’ve been seeing it on bookstore shelves on prominent display. That, and I’m quite attracted to the cover art. I did what I always do with untried series: I bought the first book to see if I would like it, and if so then I would buy the rest. The photo below clearly shows what happened. The day after I finished Throne of Glass (author Sarah J. Maas) I went and bought the rest of the series. I powered through the next three books within one weekend and came out really happy and itching to read the next in the series (which, unfortunately, won’t be out until September this year). The Throne of Glass series basically follows the story of master assassin Celaena Sardothien from the time that she was taken out of the prison she’s been in for a year to compete for the title of Adarlan’s Champion. There are lots of intriguing storylines and characters and the writing is fantastic and made it quite hard to put down. It is classified as Young Adult, although I think this should really be in the Adult category not because there’s a lot of sex, but because there’s just so much violence. It’s an excellent series and very engaging. For some reason I’m having trouble reading The Assassin’s Blade, which is a collection of prequel stories that go before the events of Throne of Glass.


As a fan of snail mail, it was a no-brainer for me to get Griffin & Sabine (author Nick Bantock). It’s an intriguing format in that the story is told through the correspondence between the two protagonists in the form of postcards and letters. The letters are actually in a separate paper that is inside an actual envelope attached to pages of the book, while the postcards are printed in a way that you can see both the front art and the back. I really enjoyed the first book (which is actually a 25th Anniversary Limited Edition reprint) that I went and got the other two books of the trilogy. At first it seemed like a straightforward love story, but there’s a lot more depth and intrigue that’s the story of Griffin and Sabine, and Nick Bantock makes devastating use of cliffhangers. Even if the story didn’t turn out to be engaging, just the books themselves are worth getting because of the wonderful production and art. The detail that tickled me the most is that it looks like Sabine writes with a fountain pen (and you know how much I love fountain pens!). There’s actually a second trilogy which I intend to also purchase.


I also was able to finish reading books 1-7 of the Amulet series (author Kazu Kibuishi), which is a comic book aimed for kids supposedly. We bought it for my daughter but she seemed very unwilling to continue reading it. I was intrigued, and read it for myself. The story itself is quite engaging, but is unfortunately very depressing and the setting and circumstances are quite bleak. The story follows what happens to Emily when she inher I saw almost immediately why my daughter was uncomfortable with it. I did enjoy it though, and the art is quite beautiful especially the full spreads. I’ve claimed the series for my own, and will continue getting the succeeding books.


There’s a last book I wanted to mention which is the comic Thor: God of Thunder, which I think I’ve read last month but forgot to mention. It’s a trade paperback book collecting all the issues that are included in this story arc. It follows Thor as he battles the God Butcher who is out killing all the gods. It is a really well written and well illustrated comic, and I like the fact that the book finishes the arc.


My husband and I started listening to the podcast The D6 Generation in the car again. It’s our favorite boardgame podcast and we like listening to this and helps pass the time very nicely. It almost makes the two-hour commute feel like 30 minutes.


My family watched Civil War and it was quite an enjoyable movie. The introduction of Black Panther and Spider-man is really nicely integrated, and made me look forward to their individual movies. The idea of the Sokovia Accords sparked some interesting debates and discussions. Before that, we were also able to finish watching the previous movies Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and about half of Avengers 2.


I have finally decided to uninstall Magic Rush because it was eating up too much memory. I’m still playing Spellstone of course, but I started playing a new mobile game called Zen Koi. It’s a beautifully rendered collecting game where you try to collect and breed the different varieties of koi fish, and maybe ascend them into dragons. It’s quite a relaxing game with nice music!

Boardgame wise, we have broken out a new game called Suburbia. It’s basically a tile-laying game where you build up your metropolis to be efficient and profitable and attract more population. It shines in a two-player mode, and I can see that with more players it might make the game unbearably long.


Wondering if I have swallowed more than I can handle at work.



I’ve been following @veganorganizer at Youtube and she has a nice cover for her Hobonichi Weeks that allows her to keep her wallet stuff with her planner. I want that cover!


Mostly amazed. My daughter is starting middle school this June, and I can’t believe how much she’s grown. She’s practically a teenager (well, not really) and I feel like time is running way too fast. She continues to grow in unexpected ways, and I am enjoying every minute of it!


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