The Sunday Currently #24

June was rather hectic in both work and outside work. I was able to go on a beach vacation with family which was a good interlude and broke up the relentless rhythm for a bit.


That said, I did get a few things done on the reading end, although most of them are comics.

Journey Into Mystery Volumes 1 and 2 – A story about Loki when he was resurrected into a young boy. As Kid Loki he had very little of his god powers but has all of his wits and wile. The premise was interesting, and the ending was very emotional for me. Kieron Gillen is a genius writer!

Young Avengers – Since I enjoyed Kieron Gillen’s Kid Loki story, I decided to see what came next and he appears in Young Avengers next. I did not like this as much as Journey Into Mystery, primarily because of the very confusing montage when his group was traveling through dimensions.

The Girl With All the Gifts – I had been looking at this book by M.R. Carey at the bookstores for quite some time now, and finally I decided to pick it up. I originally wanted to read this because the title (and the blurb) led me to believe that it’s a paranormal story about some girl. It turns out to be completely different, but good different, since it turns out to be a post-apocalyptic story instead (one of my favorite genres). I got my husband to read this right after I finished it, and he absolutely loved it as well!

Fantastic Four and Future Foundation – In the same thread of reading comics, my husband recommended me to read these two (series of) titles by Jonathan Hickman. If you know Fantastic Four, then basically the premise is that this is the time when they were older and the Richards had kids. The plot is quite involved and almost rather convoluted since at some point it alternated between Fantastic Four and Future Foundation, but it was awesome and I loved the entire thing.

I really like reading comics, because it seems like it takes me less time to sit down and finish stuff compared to reading novels. I’m probably going to continue going through my husband’s recommended comics reading list, while hopefully getting in a novel or two per month.


As per my last post, I’m reinvigorated with my journaling because of my decision to incorporate some creativity into it. I’m enjoying this activity a lot! Aside from that, I got myself another journal called Q&A A Day: 5-Year Journal where the idea is that you will briefly answer a question daily. There is space for five answers per question for the five years that this journal is intended to be used, and it would be interesting to see how my answers change for each question over the years. I like this journal and I’ve incorporated it into my nightly routine so hopefully I can keep up with the entries.


The biggest thing for me this month was watching Warcraft: The Beginning. As a long-time player of both Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, this movie was a must-see. I have to say that I saw it through rose-colored glasses, and loved everything! Of course there are issues such as the rather weak plot development, but I’m hoping that things will become clearer for the planned sequels.

We also saw Finding Dory with my daughter. It was an enjoyable film, and I really like how it handled the concept of disability. It gave me some insights into the disabled culture, and how families with disabled kids cope and adapt. It’s probably not going to be my favorite animated film by any stretch, but it was definitely worth seeing.


I’ve suddenly been consumed with the wish to collect reaction gifs, so I started browsing the vast reaches of the internet. Here’s a couple of my favorites, both found through

because tastes nasty


I got myself a new pair of shoes for the office, and it’s called the Yogi style from the brand Parisian. It’s a nice pair of shiny black platform shoes that go well with officewear and skirts. It gives a bit of a height boost, without the strain brought by regular high heels or pumps. It does give me footaches if I walk in it for some time, but I mostly sit at a desk while at work so it’s all good. For photo reference here’s an old post by Anagon that covered the release of this shoe.


World and local news are really quite depressing nowadays. I don’t really want to discuss them here, but rest assured that they weigh heavily in my mind.


I want to buy more stuff! I’m feeling the itch to get new traveler’s notebooks (I totally don’t need new ones!), stationery (I have too much already!), and pens (again I have too much already!). I need to find a way to not give in to this itch!


Super tired! Now that my daughter has finally started school again, that means I need to wake up earlier to help her get ready for pick up by her school bus. That means less or interrupted sleep for me! I probably just need to get used to it again, but I’m really feeling the effects of the routine change right now.

Hope you all have had a wonderful first half of 2016! Here’s to hoping that the second half will be better!


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