The Sunday Currently #5

I find it a little sad that my new non-sundaycurrently posts so far have been haul posts. Inspiration is coming in, but too slowly for my tastes! I will of course still blame not having my usual camera, and now have to use a very old point-and-shoot for blog photos.


I’m currently on comfort-rereading of one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey. Do you do that as well? I find that when I’m stressed and can’t sleep, I just grab books that I’ve read a hundred times already and just let my mind gloss over very familiar words. I call this comfort-rereading.


I drive quite a lot and I rely on some good driving music to keep me focused and calm. One of my favorite things to listen to are Disney soundtracks. In particular, my always-listens are the soundtracks of Aladdin, Hercules, and Mulan as they are pretty upbeat and the progression of songs really help me reminisce on the movies.


One of my guilty pleasures is watching Radio JH Audrey on youtube. She is a toy reviewer and her videos are pretty fun to watch. The fact that she’s near my daughter’s age is no small matter, and having her brother with her in some videos is adorable too. She has the cutest shirts, and it’s interesting to see her hair dye/nail polish of the week (or something). Here’s a sample video where she opens blind bag dog tags from Big Hero 6. I WANT!


This category is becoming something like the Becoming Sleek Restaurant Recommendation of the week. It’s fine though, as it also gives me a way to track which restaurants we are liking in this point in time. This week’s recommendation is North Park, primarily because it is apparently the first time we brought our daughter there. And she’s very impressed with it! She ate pretty much everything we ordered, which is not usual.


Pets are such a welcome time sink. It’s like having really mostly self-sufficient babies! I did not really think I’d be such a pet-person since I didn’t really grow up with pets. My family is looking forward to a scheduled addition soon. Not rescue this time, as we had been planning this adoption since September. I’m pretty sure I will be talking about her soon!


In this case wishing. For less traffic this season, but who am I kidding. I need to brace myself for hours of traffic, and definitely I need to finish my holiday shopping before it gets any crazier!


Scared. A Yolanda-type storm is practically on top of us, and it’s always quite awe-inspiring to see such terrible works of nature. I hope that we are more prepared this time.

How did you do this week?

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