The Sunday Currently #6

You may or may not have noticed that I skipped a sunday. It was just waaaay too busy that week for me and I couldn’t get anything done blog-wise. It’s less than a week and it’s christmas already! I’ve gotten most of my shopping done except for maybe one or two, and that is driving me nuts! Hopefully a lot of people had gone out of the metro already so the traffic would be more bearable.


I could not wait until 2015 before I start using my new Moleskine planner! I printed out a couple of pages of the planner template (from the Moleskine website) and pasted it in one of the “dead” pages in front. I am in love with the stickers (bought from Toys R Us!) and the colored pens.



My daughter volunteered to sing at their class christmas party, which came as a huge shock to me because she had always been shy. I am really happy that she finally found herself in this new school enough to gain confidence for a public performance. This is the song she performed: Everytime We Touch, by Cascada.


My daughter and I finally finished rewatching Hataraku Maou-sama!, and we can’t wait for season 2 to come out!


Do you have a new puppy? Then you might be interested in enrolling yourself and your new pup in a training class! Pet Centrics offers puppy classes and beginner training classes, and has recently released their 2015 schedule. I have enrolled my dog Zelda in one of the puppy classes about a year ago and she benefited a lot from the training and socialization.


Discovered a new shawarma place at Eton Centris called Mazza (they have a facebook page! and apparently they have many branches already). Their all-beef shawarma wrap is the best!


Can I be a little lame? I was craving some instant pancit canton recently so I prepared myself some Nissin Instant Yakisoba. A little trivia: this is what my daughter was pinaglihian! I know it is totally unhealthy, but it has been months since I had some!


Excited, like a kid, for christmas! Ever since my daughter has hit the age where she started having her own thoughts and opinions, it has been quite fun seeing her during the holidays. It’s especially exciting to see how she’d like the gift/s we prepared for her. There are some challenges, of course, since she is also quite crafty and wily and can negotiate like the best palengkeras. This year we gave her a deadline to decide what she wanted to get for christmas, and she is no longer allowed to change her mind past the deadline. It worked!

How was your week?

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