The Sunday Currently #7

Happy holidays! I hope you’re having just as much fun as possible! This year has been a great one for my family, with several new additions all at once which I will write about very soon. Right now though, will be my last Sunday Currently of 2014.


In an attempt to develop a writing habit, I got myself this nice book: 642 Things To Write About, from Fully Booked BHS. It’s basically just a book of writing prompts, but with spaces to actually write in, like a school workbook. In fact the cover makes it look exactly like that! I’m hoping that having something like this will kickstart some creativity in me.



A whole lot, but mostly work related. I like HBR publications (Harvard Business School) and I’m starting a collection of HBR books that I can use for work. Right now I have On Managing People and Negotiation, and I hope to get more!


A Parisian Winter Tale by Montblanc. A four-part short film series by a fountain pen maker which is quite apt for the christmas season. Very touching and the workmanship is exquisite! Make sure to watch all four parts, and the making too!


My brother gifted my daughter the boardgame Sushi Go! by Gamewright. It’s a pick-and-pass card game (aka the drafting mechanism) and the objective is to garner the most points after three rounds. Each type of sushi or condiment gives a certain number of points based on the number of those cards you have played. It’s pretty simple and of course my daughter loves it, but there’s a surprising depth to it!



It feels slightly disloyal, but my husband and I have started liking Saboten over Yabu these days. The rice seems fresher and more authentic, and the cuts of pork seem better overall. I’m in love with the katsudon since they serve it in a hot pot and the pork is practically swimming in egg!


I baked some cookies! As was my standard for the past few christmasses, I bake huge batches of cookies for giveaways. Alas this year I was pressed for time and was only able to make one batch of Chocolate Chunk Cookies as house gifts for the relatives’ houses we’re visiting. This is the recipe I use, although I’m not really super strict about it. For example I forgot the brown sugar in this latest batch, so instead I just added white sugar at the end of the dough mixing.


2015 is coming soon, and I am looking forward to it! It’s going to be a great year and I hope yours is too!


A bit scared. My first rescue cat, Katkat, is scheduled for an operation tomorrow. Her bad eye finally gave up (she had it since we rescued her) and now needs to be excised before it affects the rest of her body. She is very fidgety right now and I’m scared she’ll hurt her remaining good eye, so we put her in a cone of shame. Wish us luck!


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